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14th Street 6th and 7th Avenue Complex

6th Avenue (L) has an island platform with connections to both Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue lines. A long corridor leads to the Seventh Avenue line, while two winding stairs leads to the Sixth Avenue line. These stairs were built in 1968 , as the tiles and handrails do confirm the 19060s pattern. This is a new transfer connection between the L Line and the F/V Lines  The east entrance has a full mezzanine, which has a  corridor leading down from it. Earthy tones of green, brown, ochre and tan make up the mosaic band, which is barely visible at platform level due to age, grime and electrical conduits. 6th Avenue opened September 21, 1924, one island platform. This station is a transfer point to the IND 6th Ave. Subway. The connection to the IRT is at the geographic West end and originally was  an out of system passageway

14th Street (F, V) has two separate wall platforms and two separate tracks. A PATH employee volunteered, as did NYCT Track employees that while the PATH tracks are between the F tracks, hey are at a lower level than the F tracks and above the IND Express which does not stop here although a provision exists to add an express station here. The connection to the L is via a stairway down at the south end and also serves as a crossunder to get to the other F platform

14th Street (1, 2, 3) has four tracks and two island platforms with exits and crossovers at 12th, 13th, and 14th Streets. The north end has a full time booth, newsstand and the passageway to the L and IND. The passageway also contains numerous employee offices and an art installation of gold plated track worker tools near the L mezzanine where the passageway ends. The passageway was outside of fare control as built in 1931 (the 6th Avenue IND tile sign is evidence of this.) Free transfer from the IRT West Side to the BMT  14th Street Line was not instituted until the late 1970s. In addition, another passageway from 7th avenue to 8th avenue is present, however it is behind locked doors. This passageway was also out of system and leads to the 14th Street/8th Avenue complex

This complex has not been renovated.