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4th Avenue/ 9th Street Complex

This complex currently serves the IND F line as the elevated Fourth Avenue station, with the BMT R and rush hour M trains downstairs as the underground 9th Street station. The station complex is another example of a lost era in the INDís history, as the description for the F line platforms will show you. This complex sits at the end of Park Slope.

IND F line-Fourth Ave (West side of 4th Ave between 9th and 10th Streets) opened 7/1/1933: This station is a classic example of forgotten IND system; it currently has 2 side platforms on 4 tracks and is elevated. At the south end, the F train dips into a tunnel instantly. It is considered a local stop, as the southbound express track is used to relay G trains back to Smith-9th Street. When the station first opened, the archway over 4th Ave had huge windows, affording one of the best views in Brooklyn, and a platform canopy on both sides. The station also had 2 platform level entrances, one on each side on 4th Ave between 9th and 10th Streets. Today, the station is in need of TLC as all windows are covered with paint, or boarded up. There is no view anywhere along either platform, except for the sky. The platform canopies are deteriorating, some areas have gaping holes. One of the 2 original entrances are sealed, east side of 4th Ave would have ghost booth now. The F/T IND entrance is on the west side of 4th Ave, with access points to 4th Ave, and on 10th Street. Transfers to either BMT platform are divided into 2 sections, the first section to the north of 4th Ave (on the west side and the F/T booth area), has 3 stairs to an intermediate level, and 1 staircase down to street level. Off to one side at fare control is the staircase to the Bay Ridge/Bay Parkway bound side of the R and M lines, respectively (the D and N trains stop at this station when the R is not running north of 36th Street during late nights.). The second section is at the far southern end of this platform and has 1 staircase to each side down to the sealed mezzanine and staircase to the Manhattan-bound BMT platform. Outside both stationhouse entrances are the classic IND Victorian style designs with "SUBWAY" in vertical letters. On each platform, there is 1 up staircase; it is for NYCT employee use only. An active tower is to the north of the Manhattan-bound IND platform and controls the switches north of this station, including G train relay movements to and from Smith 9th Street. A little know fact at this station, inside both fare control areas at the wall between the up staircases are former locations of special light bulbs, one for each side. They are the equivalent to todayís LED Next Train Indicators as when a train approached this station, the light bulb would be lit.

BMT 9th Street station (On 4th Ave at 9th Street) Opened 9/13/1915: This station is underground, the refrigerator tile is yellow and is a local stop on the 4th Ave line with 4 tracks and 2 side platforms. The S/B side has ghost booth and HEET access, before the HEET was installed, it was exit only and the only access to the S/B platform is from the F/T street level IND booth. The N/B side is full time and both sides have 1 street stair. The BMT mosaic is "9" and the platform extensions are to the north. In order to crossover at this local stop, you would have to walk all the way upstairs to the either F line platform then descend down the other staircase opposite 4th Ave.

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