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74th and Roosevelt Complex

This complex is undergoing major renovation and will include a mini bus station .The contractor is Slattery Gottlieb. The complex will have glass block, natural ventilation and be partially solar powered.

74TH street/ Broadway (7) has three tracks and two wall platforms. Exit is at either end or the center to the new street level booth and to the IND mezzanine. New lights are  installed. A crossunder is at either end and houses the escalators to the IND.

Lexington Avenue (E, F, Orange M, R ,  and former V) has four tracks and two wall platforms. New floor tile and wall tile and lights are present on the platforms and IND Mezzanine.

Roosevelt Avenue Terminal Station is located to the east of the open IND station and is accessed from the IND Mezzanine. It has never been used but has tile and fluorescent lights. For more information see www.nycsubway.org and Brennanís page

Artwork is entitled Passage and was installed in 2004. The artist is Tom Patti. According to the MTA web site "...Passage was designed in tandem with the architects, FX + FOWLE, as an integral part of the station. It features trapezoidal-shaped windows fitted into the steel so they can be opened and allow air into the platform. The laminated, impact-resistant security glass is layered with a plasma composite material to break up light into the colors of the spectrum. The artist has said that Passage is influenced by the markets, flowers, and colors on the nearby streets. Tom Patti pioneered the integration of industrial and architectural glass into art. "The ability of glass to occupy several physical states - transparent, opaque, dense, solid, weightless - all altering our spatial boundary - challenges me," he says. All of Passage's components were handmade in his studio. This act of craftsmanship is critical, says Patti, to ensure the integrity of all elements."

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