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Broadway Nassau/ Fulton Street Complex

This station is slated for transformation into the Fulton Street Transit Center  (FSTC) which will speed transfer and simplify the layout at the expense of the charm currently found in this station. The Transit Center will eventually link to the PATH, Broadway BMT subway, and even the World Financial Center and ferries to NJ. The complex has ramps on both the 2/3 and 4/5 ends of the complex with the IND platform used to connect the two IRT pieces. The BMT line in the middle necessitates the use of the IND platform. This station complex’s design is prime evidence of how the IRT and BMT did not get along with each other in spite of the dual contracts which supposedly was to foster cooperation. When the Transit Center is completed a new page will be added describing the transit center

Fulton Street (2/3) has two tracks and a narrow island platform.. Exits are to William Street and Fulton Street It is currently being renovated by Citnalta.

Fulton Street (Formerly Broadway- Nassau)  (A, C) also has two tracks, in a tube design, and an island platform. The transfer to the 2/3 and J to Broad, M to Bay Parkway are at the System South end of the complex while the 4/5 and J/M over the Williamsburg Bridge is at the center and North end. There is a newsstand on the platform.

Fulton Street (J) has two single track platforms due to the narrowness of Nassau Street. This portion has been renovated to include the Grecian key band common to the Nassau Street line. Exits are to Nassau Street and Fulton Street. The trains over the bridge are underneath the trains to Broad Street and Bay Parkway. There is a south exit to John Street that is open only during the PM rush and a sealed north end  with ghost booth and exit to Ann Street and passageway to Beekman Street and Pace University to the far North. This passageway was out of system and was more than one block long.

Futon Street (4/5) has two tracks, a crossunder and features ornamental doors on the southbound platform to a commercial building. A newsstand is near the northbound platform. Exits lead to Broadway and Fulton Street and John Street/Broadway to the south end as well. The original IRT mosaic is the Fulton Steamship and is preserved nicely. The Fulton/Broadway exits on the downtown platform also have the original IRT dual  contracts shell. There is a artwork in lights under a steel grating which represents constellations. The lights have recently been replaced with compact fluorescents rather than the original incandescent. It is entitled Astral gratings and is by Nancy Holt. It was installed in1987. It will be reinstalled after the FSTC opens

The ramps on both side features artwork rescued from a building near 34th and Broadway which is now demolished. They are maritime themed and are highly appropriate for this station located near the South Street Sea Port. NYCT won an award for saving these art panels which are in archways which have sea creatures gasping in shock over the transformation of the shipping industry.

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