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Brooklyn Bridge/ Chambers Street Complex

Brooklyn Bridge (4, 5 6) has two open island platforms and four tracks. There is also a closed wall platform to the west of the southbound local track which is now used for a tower. The platform extends to the North with a new lower level mezzanine area and crossunder, with exits to Lafayette and Reade Streets. Because of this extension Worth Street Station to the North was abandoned.

Chambers Street (J, M). Has four tracks and a maze of island platforms plus a closed wall platform to the east of the Queens bound track and a sealed off closed wall platform to the west of the Broad Street bound track. A big faux pass is the mosaic of the Brooklyn Bridge showing straight suspender cables rather than the radial cables actually found. Trains arriving on any track could open doors on two platforms but it is not done. Only the westernmost and second from the east island platforms are used. This complex has numerous crossovers and crossunders. The complex has full ADA to the IRT section only.

Artwork: Cable Crossing by mark Giban (1996) is located at the IRT main entrance in the form of a section of bridge suspender cables and is correct in depiction of the radial pattern.

The extra platforms were used while the Nassau Street Loop was in use. Behind the f/t mezzanine area is a passageway to an exit to the  Brooklyn Bridge pedestrian/bicycle ramp. This area saw very heavy foot traffic when the BRT Park Row Terminal was in active use nearby.

For more information see www.nycsubway.org and Brennan's Page