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NYC Minimum Curve Radius

by R36 #9346 on Wed Oct 5 16:20:35 2005

Here's that table I mentioned earlier. Please note that I have only considered IRT and BMT lines in this table, since my data for the IND lines does not show curve radii.

Curve Radius (Ft)  
City Hall Loop 147.25  
East of Crescent St 147.5 CL
D4 at portal north of 36 St/4 Av 165  
South Ferry Station (inner) 178  
West Farms Junction (North of E. Tremont) 180  
North of Park Place 190  
149 St Loop 190  
South Ferry Station (outer) 191  
North of Fulton St/William St 195  
West of Marcy Av 197  
South of Queensboro Plaza 200  
North and South of Grand Central (4)(5)(6) 200  
West of Cypress Hills 200 CL
North of Fulton St/Broadway 200
Malbone St (O1-264) 200  
South of 45 Rd Station 215  
Southbound N north of Queensboro Plaza 218  
North of Simpson Street 240  
Malbone St (O1-261) 240  
South of Wall/William 250  
South of Graham Avenue 254 CL
South of Clark Street 272  
Compass-North of Wyckoff Av 275 CL
Northbound 1 north of Times Sq 276  
North of Saratoga Av 286  
West of Bowery 295 CL
South of E. 180 St 300  
North of 9th Avenue/West End 300 CL
North of Brighton Beach 300 CL

CL indicates that a non-track centerline of survey was used to determine this radius. This means that the inside track of curves so marked has a radius smaller than that shown.

Last revised 01/21/2011

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