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Grand Central Complex

The original station at this location is the Shuttle (S) station. The original subway ran from City Hall Station (a loop station south of today’s Brooklyn Bridge Station) on the east side (today’s 4, 5, 6 trains) to just north of 33rd Street where it turned unto what is now the Shuttle tracks and ran to Longacre Square (the original name of Times Square before the New York Times built their building at the location) using today’s Shuttle stop as the station and then turned up the west side on today’s 1 train route to 145th Street and Broadway with a branch to the Bronx zoo (Today’s 2 and 3 trains). When the lines were extended South on the West side and Northward on the East side today’s configuration of Grand Central IRT was born. This entire complex has been renovated including the railroad terminal which was saved from being demolished after the public outcry over the destruction of Penn Station Railroad Station in favor of office buildings and a newer Madison Square Garden and a three level basement railroad station.

Ignoring the railroad, the IRT 7 is the deepest and the shuttle the shallowest of the lines a this complex

Grand Central (4, 5, 6) has two island platforms and multiple crossovers and crossunders . The crossovers connect to the shuttle to Times Square and Metro North as well as the 7 line while the crossunders connect to the 7 line. This station is unique in having the only air conditioned subway station in the NYCT system thanks to a renovation of the railroad Station and a new cooling system having the extra capacity for the chilled water. The chilled water is piped into air handlers where a fan blows the cooled air into the subway via noisy overhead units. The ambient temperature is reduced by ten degrees and is a popular waiting spot during hot summer days. The Mezzanine also has escalators to the railroad terminal above and features a compass on the floor which is geographically accurate. The passageway to the Shuttle platform as well as the Mezzanine features shops and newsstands. Artwork just inside the shuttle passageway and facing the mezzanine "Fast Track and Speed Wheel" by by Dan Sinclair depicts stylized steam locomotives in the tile band with brass 4,5,6, and 7 numerals evenly spaced. Accessing the 7 via the crossunders lead to a lower Mezzanine and then two escalators (with a landing) to the 7. The 7 can also be accessed via a single long escalator from the upper Mezzanine. The station also has vent chambers in the track walls and a low tiled curtain wall separating northbound and southbound tracks. Columns are also tiled.

Grand Central (7) has two tracks and an island platform. Artwork here is in the design of the light fixtures in a zigzag pattern which also feature fans (no chilled water).
www.mta.info/mta/aft/pa/tour/7line/gctlight.htm for more information on the lights Exits are at either end plus near the center. This platform also has a newsstand. A street level booth is at the third avenue end.

Grand Central (S) has three tracks and two island platforms. Normally trains use tracks 1 and 3 with track 4 storing an extra train however the extra train on track 4 is used for passenger service during AM and PM rush hours. Track one also connects to the Lexington Avenue line and remains from the original route and rejoins the Lexington line local just north of 33rd Street. This track is usually gated shut with a supervisor required to open the gate when service is required to use this connection. A highlight of this station is the booth over the tracks at the geographic East end allowing a view of the trains. Art work is in the passageway. Track side walls also feature the stylized steam locomotives. The shuttle platform was used in the French Connection movie and as usual Hollywood got it wrong! There is no food service at the Shuttle platform!

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