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Myrtle Wyckoff Complex

Myrtle Avenue (L) features an island platform. It is a transfer point for the "M" line, which is reached via an escalator link to the elevated line above. The mosaic band is set at eye level, rather than high up on the wall, with brick red, yellow, tan and light blue offset by indigo and maroon. Unlike the other island platform stations, the walls do not have girders showing. The ceiling is also lower than those at the other island platform stations. This station complex is currently undergoing renovation (2004) by Judlau until 2007. Myrtle Avenue opened December 14, 1928. New lights are being installed in the lower Mezzanine and L platform.

Wyckoff Avenue (M) Has two tracks and two island platforms which appear to be in the process of being converted to a single island platform. Joe Cunningham has advised that the center trackway once was used for M trains to Jay Street. After the M was cutback wooden plans were used to cover the space and replaced with pipe rail when the wood wore out. Now it remains as two island platforms with a railing at the center trackway with concrete connections at both ends. The station once had a separate exit to the street at the South end. Current design suggests a possible exit was from the crossunder at the North end.

The station also has a mini bus terminal area

Artwork is by Cadence Giersbach and is entitled From Earth to Sky and was installed in 2006.

According to the MTA web site  this art work "...depicts a fantastical view from the station as if one were looking up through a canopy of foliage filled with birds and butterflies beneath a sky that shimmers when light hits the glass mosaic tiles. The imagery fills the overhead circular ceiling, providing the viewer with a joyful visual escape at this busy transit hub. Within the center, the view is reversed and we see a birds-eye map view of the city within an "oculus". The location of the station is pinpointed, surrounded by the vastness of New York City."

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