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New York Penn Station

By Peggy Darlington


New York Penn Station is currently owned by Amtrak and shared with NJT and LIRR.   Tracks 1-12 are shared between NJT and Amtrak and Tracks 13-16 and sometimes 17 are shared by NJT, LIRR, and Amtrak while LIRR has exclusive use of 18-21.

The Station has Island platforms, odd numbered track to the South.

Track 17 is unusual in that while it shares an island platform with track 18 , in practice only track 17 is used for that platform due to an extremely wide gap at Track 18.

 The parade of platforms resumes with the even track being on the South rather than the odd track which was used for tracks 1-16 and track 17.

LIRR has their own waiting room and has renovated the North portion of the lower level. Leaving Penn, four tracks continue to Queens. NJT has also built a station within a station on the Seventh Avenue side. This area can be accessed from the upper or lower level and also has a small intermediate level connecting the two levels. NJT has plans for another waiting area to the south of the central corridor used for LIRR exit to be called the "Central Concourse" along with renovation of the "Hilton Corridor" which is between tracks 11-12 and 13-14 and connects the Eighth Avenue end with the IRT South lower mezzanine.  LIRR also has a small exit area West of Eighth Avenue which accesses tracks 13-19 only and is to the West of the Eighth Avenue subway and requires passing through the lower IND mezzanine to access the main part of Penn Station.

Periodic discussions call for a new Penn  Station to be located in the Farley Post Office across Eighth Avenue (Moynihan Station). It remains to be seen if it will be built. If built  NJT has expressed interest in using this space which would include longer platforms and more retail space, as has Amtrak.

Penn Station Track Access
Location Tracks
Upper Level
8th Avenue Amtrak 3-17 (1-2 Via stairway to Lower Level)
7th Avenue NJT 1-12
Lower Level
 LIRR West End 13-21 (proposed extension to also serve 1-12)
8th Avenue 1-19 (20-21 via East West Connecting corridor)
7th Avenue NJT 1-12
LIRR Central 13-19 (20-21 via connecting East-West Corridor)
LIRR Main 13-19 (20-21 via connecting East-West Corridor)
NJT Central-Proposed 1-12  (connects with LIRR Central for 13-19. 20-21 via connecting East-West Corridor  )


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