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Pascack Valley Bullet
















NJT Pascack Valley Line   

By Peggy Darlington


The Pascack Valley Line Is a one track line with passing sidings to allow two way service.  In this discussion North will be used to refer to trains heading to Spring Valley New York Unless stated all platforms are low and all stations are at grade level.



 We leave Hoboken ,described on a separate page, in our diesel train .


Secaucus Junction

The new Secaucus Junction station officially called the "Frank Lautenberg Rail Station," a 312,000-square-foot station which opened for full service December 15, 2003. This new station, visible from the New Jersey Turnpike, functions as a transfer point between ten New Jersey Transit rail lines, with emphasis on transfers to the Northeast Corridor and North Jersey Coast , allowing those passengers from the Main, Bergen, Meadowlands, and Pascack Valley lines easier access to New York City and points south. The upper level of this station has one island platform, two wall platforms and four tracks. Based on track numbers (A, B, 2 and 3 for the NECL Level and E, F, G, H for the lower level) it appears that room is available for tracks C,D,1 and 4.

The lower level has two high island platforms and four tracks. There is  a $250 million interchange of the New Jersey Turnpike, Exit 15X,  designed especially to serve this rail station." The Portal bridge replacement project and ARC Tunnel will add additional tracks and a loop track connecting the lower level and upper level  tracks to this station's south end for future added service to New York.



We  soon arrive at our first stop, Wood- Ridge which is at grade and has a low 0 inch asphalt platform on the East side.



Williams Avenue

 Next up is Williams Avenue in Teterboro. this station has an identity crisis- The map and timetable refers to the station as Teterboro while signage now shows Teterboro   Williams Avenue. The low 0 inch asphalt platform is on the east side of this at grade station.


Essex Street

 Next up, Essex Street in Hackensack  which has a mini high platform on the west side. A freight siding was observed to the East. of this at grade station which includes a grade crossing.


Anderson Street

 We arrive at the second station in Hackensack, Anderson Street, which had the second oldest station house in the NJT system but it was destroyed in a fire which according to rail fans is possible arson. It had arched windows and was done in the craftsman style-- A moment of silence for the station house.  (pause) Thank you. Your staff hopes NJT will rebuild the station house to replicate the destroyed station house. We will keep you updated.


New Bridge landing

 This station was formerly named North Hackensack and is located on a low embankment with a bus shelter on the West side. It has a 0 inch low platform.  A picturesque meandering river was seen to our East.


River Edge

We arrive at  the aptly named River Edge  featuring an old station house on the East Side which is now a coffee shop and is being repaired. there is a 0 inch low a gravel walkway. A river is to our East of this at grade station which includes a grade crossing.



Oradell is next and features an old station house, currently being restored on the West Side. The station house is of the gingerbread design and is located at the north end of the station which is at grade. The scenery includes a wide river with a dam or spillway. the platform is a 0 inch low platform.



Emerson is next and features a nice stone station house on the East side which also includes a commercial establishment.



Westwood has a mini high platform near the South end and is at grade with a grade crossing.



 Hillsdale features a two story Tudor station house on the East Side. It has a  0 inch low platform.


Woodcliff Lake

Woodcliff Lake follows and features a scenic lake on the West side of the station which includes a grade crossing and 0 inch low platform.


Park Ridge

Park Ridge has a closed station house on the West side at the North end. the Station house is brick and is surrounded by a gazebo and brick edging on the 0 inch low platform.



Montvale is next and is the last stop in New Jersey. The station house on the East side is made of brick. there is a mini high platform at the South end.


Pearl River

We enter Rockland County, New York and arrive at Pearl River which features a a nice canopy and station house used by a commercial establishment on the East side. The platform is a 0 inch low platform.



Nanuet Follows. The station is on a slight embankment and is located on the West side. There is an enclosed bus shelter and min-high platform at the South end. Leaving the station we encounter a steep climb up a mountain with a view of houses below on our East and more mountains on our West.


Spring Valley

We then make a high speed descent and enter Spring Valley with it's  mini-high platform at the South end.

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