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Q is For Queens

These stations on the IRT # 7 train feature extensive art installation of life in Queens including places, events and culture by Yumi Heo. Several letters remain a mystery and feedback is encouraged. The letter highlighted in BOLD Large red type


Station Letter Description
33rd street/Rawson Street A Aqueduct Race Track
33rd street/Rawson Street B Queens Botanical Garden
33rd street/Rawson Street C Colombia
33rd street/Rawson Street D Dragon Boat Festival
33rd street/Rawson Street E Ecuador
33rd street/Rawson Street F 1964-665 World's Fair
33rd street/Rawson Street G Ganesh Temple
33rd street/Rawson Street H unknown
33rd street/Rawson Street No letter
33rd street/Rawson Street No letter  
40th street/Lowery Street I Isamu Noguchi Museum
40th street/Lowery Street J Jamaica
40th street/Lowery Street K Korean Harvest Festival
40th street/Lowery Street L Queens Public Library
40th street/Lowery Street M American Museum of the Moving Image
40th street/Lowery Street N Lunar New year parade
46th street/Bliss Street O Onerdonk House in Ridgewood
46th street/Bliss Street P P.S.1
46th street/Bliss Street Q Queen Catherine of Braganza (possibly but need further info )
46th street/Bliss Street R Rockaway Beach
46th street/Bliss Street S Shea Stadium
46th street/Bliss Street T Thalia Spanish Theatre in Sunnyside
46th street/Bliss Street U United States Open Tennis Tournament
46th street/Bliss Street V unknown
46th street/Bliss Street W Weeping Beech Tree in Flushing (no longer in existence)
46th street/Bliss Street X unknown
46th street/Bliss Street Y Unknown
46th street/Bliss Street Z Queens Zoo
46th street/Bliss Street No letter  
46th street/Bliss Street No letter  


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 Last revised 1/21/13

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