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Trenton Line

(Was R7 Trenton )

West = to Downtown Center City

East = to Trenton




 Trenton has the station building over the tracks and offers a train spotter’s dream view of trains from NJT, SEPTA and Amtrak. The waiting room is on the west side and there is also an exit on the east side. The track level is located in an open cut, and has island platforms for tracks 4 and 5 and tracks 1 and 2, and a low platform for track 3. There are two center bypass tracks used by Amtrak trains not stopping in Trenton and several storage tracks used to lay up SEPTA trains to the west of track 5. In order from north to south, the layout is as follows: two storage tracks, track 5, High platform, track 4, westbound bypass, eastbound bypass, track 1, High platform, track 2, track 3, Low side platform. An unusual feature at Trenton is the dual use of track 5. Trains from both SEPTA and NJT will platform at the same time, with 1-2 car lengths between the front of the NJT train and the rear of the SEPTA train. The main Trenton platforms can hold approximately 18-20 cars! Transfer can be made here to the SEPTA Regional Rail to Philadelphia and the River Line to Camden(upstairs and across the street.) We leave Trenton on Track 5 and merge to track 4 and cross the Delaware River near the famous "Trenton Makes" Bridge (The Bridge is named after the neon sign reading Trenton Makes—The world Takes). The bridge is located to our North. From here to Philadelphia all platforms are low unless stated. Trenton has been fully renovated. 



 Levittown is the first stop in Pennsylvania. It has four tracks and two side platforms with a crossunder. A station house made of stone is on the westbound platform. The Burlington Bristol Bridge is to our South. SEPTA has plans to add high platforms to this station.



 Edgely No further information available but was listed in the 1954 public timetable. 



 Grundy No further information available but was listed in the 1954 public timetable.  



 Bristol has been moved from its original alignment through downtown Bristol and is now on a high embankment with two side cantilevered platforms which give the station the feel of an el. The platforms are very short and barely hold four cars with creativity—the front of the first car ands rear of the fourth car are off the platform. The station house is at street level eastbound. It has four tracks. 



 Croydon has four tracks and two high side platforms. A crossunder is via the street.  



 Eddington also has four tracks and two side platforms. Many trains skip this station and many serve it only as a flag stop. 


Cornwells Heights

 Cornwells Heights has been improved with the moving of the westbound station to the west and the addition of a huge park and ride lot with shuttle bus service and a partial entrance and exit to I-95. There is now a station house westbound. The original westbound platform with trailer now serves the office space for the  Trenton Line. When opened, some Amtrak Trains (Clocker service) stopped here but with New Jersey Transit taking over the this service and truncating it at Trenton only 1-2 Amtrak trains still stop here, but for how long remains to be seen! It has four tracks and two side platforms and mini high platforms at the front of the train  



 Andalusia has four tracks and had two side platforms. All that remains is the street stairs without their handrails. It was closed due to low ridership. 



 Torresdale has four tracks and two side platforms. It has a crossunder and is located on an embankment. Careful examination of the eastbound platform reveals some painted over Pennsylvania Railroad Keystone Logos. It has concrete side and rear walls eastbound. A station house is on the westbound platform. Your webmaster rode twice with a SEPTA conductor who called this station the "high rent district." Your webmaster extends thanks to this SEPTA conductor for two pleasant rides 


Holmesburg Junction

 Holmesburg Junction has four tracks and two side platforms. A two story station house and tower is on the westbound platform. A freight track is to the North of the westbound track, on the other side of the station house/tower. The eastbound platform has a herringbone brick pattern. There is a trackway to the South of the eastbound track and a view of the Tacony Palmyra Bridge. 



 Tacony has five tracks and two side platforms. The outermost eastbound track is not electrified. It is on an embankment at the west end and at grade at the east end. The only amenities are bus shelters on each platform 



 Wissinoming has five tracks and two side platforms. The outermost eastbound track is not electrified. It was closed due to low ridership. Concrete bus shelters remain westbound. 



 Bridesburg has five tracks and two side platforms. The outermost eastbound track is not electrified. It has bus shelters. 



 Frankford was closed for safety concerns 


Frankford Junction

 Frankford Junction was closed for safety concerns. What remains Is a low island platform. Just east of here,. The Atlantic City Line turns off toward New Jersey 


North Philadelphia

 (Amtrak) North Philadelphia is an ever changing picture of tracks. As of 1/29/2006 there are two high island platforms. Westbound SEPTA trains use the express track since the local track is removed. There is one bypass track in the center (the second one is being removed). To our north is a view of the (SEPTA) North Philadelphia Station served by  Trains to Chestnut Hill West. Westbound has a removed bypass track to the south of the local track. There are platform area enclosed waiting areas to the station house at street level to the south but they have been heavily vandalized. This  station has been renovated and shortened. We now pass through the massive Zoo interlock with its numerous flying junctions and the Schuylkill River on a sweeping curve over a stone arch bridge and see the Zoo. 


30th Street

 30th Street Station is discussed on a separate page 


Suburban Station

 Suburban Station is discussed on a separate page 


Market East

 Market East is discussed on a separate page

Special thanks to www.pennsyrr.com for furnishing the public timetable on CD (not included on this site.)



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