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World Trade Center Complex

This complex consists of three stations, each with two tracks and an island platform. This complex connects with the World Trade Center and received damage from the 9/11/01 disaster. The complex features an artwork entitled "Oculus " and features over 200 eyeballs through out the common mezzanines and IND platforms plus a floor centerpiece near the main booth. While no real eyes are present, real eyes were used as a model. Oculus is Latin for eye. The entire complex was renovated. Contractor name and date of renovation is not known. Most I-beams in the passageway and IND platforms are tiled. The PATH station has reopened in November of 2003 and has regained the title of busiest PATH station. A permanent PATH station is planned. Entrances and locations are as follows:

bulletE Train Park Place to Vesey Street
bulletA/C Train Park Place to Chambers Street
bullet2/3 Train Broadway to Church Street

World Trade Center (E)) this stationís south exit connects with the World Trade Center mall remnants of which the ramp, floor tile (on the mall side of the complex) and doors remain from the original World Trade Center. The booth is boarded up and is currently (at least) replaced with HEETs and MVMs and MEMs. There is also a street exit to Church Street and Fulton Street. The stationís former west side platform was added to the free passageway to the A and IRT, the location being shown the by the I-Beams. There is a north exit (up from platform) via HEETs to the common Mezzanine and leads to Park Place and Church Street. Entry is via two sets of turnstiles (either to the IRT or the A/C trains or via a free entry from a specific stairway on the A /C platform. (Use the Last stairway for the IRT and next to last for the E train.) The passageway has a closed (since 9/11) exit to Vesey Street and an open exit to Barclay Street which leads to the 90 Church Street Post Office. The passageway takes a jog after the booth and continues to Murray, Warren and Chambers Streets (all under church Street.)

Chambers Street (A, C) has numerous exits to the Mezzanine along with exist to the passageway to the World Trade Center. An interesting feature is vent gratings from the Mezzanine passageway.

Park Place (2, 3) had separate fare controls before the World Trade Center was built and retains a south exit to Park Place and Broadway which has a closed entry to the Woolworth Building..