11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, but it is also a time for extreme temperatures. There are also sunburns. And did we mention heat?! Today, I’m presenting my favorite summer staples to help you get through the season in style and ease!

Summer is a season that requires “essentials,” don’t you think? From a favorite beach towel to a favorite sunscreen, we all have items that help us get through and enjoy the season.

These ten things we tried, loved, and would absolutely recommend for summer, and they all make the season a little easier and a lot more enjoyable!

1. Supergoop’s super-smooth, undetectable sunscreen! It not only provides SPF 40 but also functions as a cosmetic primer. A bonus? It doesn’t smell like sunscreen, so there’s no excuse for “forgetting” to include it in your summer skincare routine.

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Diana Diep / Via BuzzFeed

“This protects my skin all summer with a matte finish! I generally dislike sunscreen since it is difficult to apply and often thick, but this one glides on like butter.” — Diane D.

2. These lovely multi-colored cocktail glasses are the sweetest (and most stylish) way to spruce up your bar cart. They appear even more bright in the sun, making them ideal for celebrating summer.

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Victoria Hoang / Via BuzzFeed

“I’m now obsessed with the color green and had to acquire these lovely coupe glasses from CB2 right away. They are the perfect addition to my drinkware collection and a must-have for all of my get-togethers.” — Victoria H.

3. On hot days, this YETI drink insulator will keep everything cool, including strong seltzer and Diet Coke ICE. The twist-on lock holds everything in place even on the bumpiest of cottage boat journeys, and it comes in a billion different colors.


11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Leanne Vanderham / Via BuzzFeed

“Perfect for those hot summer days; whether I’m sitting out in my backyard, going to the beach, or having a BBQ with friends, I no longer have to worry with a sweaty drink and damp hands!!! And just for your enjoyment, my dog is a professional actor!” —Leanne V.

4. This outdoor pizza oven is the most delectable method to impress your guests and family during the summer. The oven is portable, allowing you to make wood-fired pizzas while cottage-hopping; it also includes all of the accessories need to run a pizzeria from your own backyard.

Christine Orlowsky / Via BuzzFeed

“I enjoy cooking and eating outside all summer, so when I saw this outdoor pizza oven, I knew I had to get one. Although it took some practice, preparing pizza is now really simple and quick—in a matter of minutes, I can have fresh, hot pizza with whatever toppings I choose. Rolling the dough and creating the pizza is also a lot of fun, and it makes for a terrific group activity with friends on a summer night.

It’s certainly a splurge, but I cook pizza at least once a week now, so I believe it’s well worth the cost!” — Christina O.

5. These adorable rainbow earrings are one of a kind—literally. Not only do they look great with all of your summer outfits, but they are also responsibly handcrafted by artisans in Kenya.

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Jordan Stothers / Via BuzzFeed

“I don’t wear earrings very frequently, but when I do, I choose this set from JustOne! People constantly stop me and ask where I acquired them. They literally go with anything, making even a mundane dress while running errands look smart and stylish. Despite being a statement item, they do not feel heavy or drag down my ears. Plus, JustOne collaborates with craftspeople in Kenya and Uganda, who are typically single mothers or former child soldiers, to manufacture the pieces and break the cycle of poverty. — Jordan S.


6. While we’re splurging, these 70s-inspired sunglasses will make you look like you just returned from a European vacation (even if you’ve been staycationing all summer).

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Irene Tsiliverdis / Via BuzzFeed

“I was inspired by the Netflix show Griselda when I bought these Gucci frames! I love the 70s vibes, and they look great with so many of my summer designs and linen dresses.” —Irene T.

7. This wide-brimmed fishing hat offers all-around sun protection, which we might all use given, ahem, worsening climate change. It also includes a removable face flap to keep mosquitoes out. Pretty cool! (pun intended).

11 Things We Tried, Loved, And Would Absolutely Recommend For Summer
Zain Ladha / Via BuzzFeed

“Summer is my favorite season, yet the sun can burn you to a crisp. As a result, I adore my wide brim hat, which my spouse affectionately refers to as my Jim-Jam Bonks hat.

The hat’s neck flap protects my neck from sunburn and is easily removable. It also comes with a chin strap that can be tightened to keep it in place. This is an excellent feature for boating, as the open water may be very windy. I have not yet utilized the removable face flap, but I can imagine it being incredibly beneficial for keeping midges out of your mouth while bicycling or running. 10/10, definitely recommended.” —Zain L.

8. If you live in a tiny place, this little dehumidifier is ideal for combating summer humidity. It’s also very peaceful, so running at night isn’t an issue!

Isabella Torchia / Via BuzzFeed

“My flat does not have air conditioning (BOOOO), so it gets rather sticky in here during Toronto’s humid summers. Even with the fans turned on, I’m continuously feeling damp. I like that it’s portable, so I can transfer it from room to room. Despite its small size, this dehumidifier makes a significant difference. “I love her!!!” — Isabelle T.

9. Back to the necessities, like this Clear Gel Deodorant, which will keep you feeling fresh no matter how sweaty you become in the heat. It is invisible, so there will be no white residue on your summer looks.

Abby Zinman / Via BuzzFeed

“If I were to define July in one word, it would be: sweaty. Because, while summer is filled with pool parties and cottage weekends, the majority of us spend our days sweating in the city. However, as someone who wears a lot of black clothing, I loathe deodorant stains and seem to acquire them all the time, despite doing everything I can to avoid them. This specific deodorant is gel, so it not only does not leave stains on your clothes, but it is also quite refreshing. I’ve been using it for years and will never use another deodorant again.” —Abby Z.

10. These UNIQLO shorts, which are very lightweight and elastic, are a summer wardrobe classic. They’re also created with quick-drying technology, making them an excellent addition to any outdoor activities you have planned this season.

Kyle Richmond / Via BuzzFeed

“These shorts with a 5” inseam are ideal for lazing at home, going to the beach, or working out. It has sweat-wicking fabric and won’t make you too overheated. I purchased them in two different colors because they were so inexpensive. They’re also unisex! They look wonderful with my no-show socks. “Take that, Gen Z!” Kylie R.

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