British Airways PCR Test: Everything You Should Know


Since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019, traveling by air has become quite stressful with the many rules and regulations that have been introduced into the system. COVID-19 has changed not only the aviation sector but almost every sector in the world.

It is a very deadly disease that has put many to their graves and affected the world.

One of the many requirements common to international transportation is the need for every passenger to take the COVID-PCR test before departure.

British Airways passengers are no exception, as all passengers are required to be confirmed negative before they can be allowed to get onboard.

The UK government is very strict about dealing with pandemics, so you can get into the UK if you can show PCR test results.

In this article, we will discuss how to navigate the British Airways PCR test and provide answers to every detail you may want to know about the PCR tests.

What is the British Airways PCR test?

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The British Airways PCR Test, otherwise known as the polymerase chain reaction test, is a medical test taken to detect the presence of any type of virus in the system of an individual.

The test is usually 99% accurate and is not limited to COVID alone, as it can detect other forms of virus inside an individual. It is done by taking a swab of the inside of your throat or nose and taking it to the lab for analysis.

How many days does it take for the British Airways PCR Test results to be out?

After the sample has been taken from you, you should expect the British Airways PCR Test results to be out within 48 hours after the test was taken.

Once the test results are out, you will be notified via email. If it comes out negative, then you can travel.

Unfortunately, if you are positive, you cannot be allowed to, and you are advised to go on for at least 10 days in isolation to avoid spreading whatever virus it is.

The UK government has put up a light system that indicates the risk level of COVID-19 in different countries, grouping them into categories.

Passengers coming from the red category of countries into the UK are mandated to go on a 10-day self-isolation in a government-approved hotel.

To lessen the number of quarantine days, they need to purchase a release test package, which demands that they take the PCR test on day 2 and possibly day 8. If both come out negative, they can leave self-isolation early enough.

While passengers arriving from the green light category are not compulsorily required to go for quarantine, it is required that they also purchase a release test package, which will have them take the PCR test on day 2 as well, and if it turns negative, they don’t need to take another test or go into quarantine.

When do I need to take the PCR test?

It is mandated that all passengers on the United Kingdom Transit Corridor list take the PCR test at least 72 hours before departure.

The test must be taken and paid for in advance, and the results must be tendered before boarding at the airport.

How do I book for the British Airways PCR tests?

The British Airways PCR test can be booked online through their official website. You must provide your flight details, including your departure time, arrival time, and other personal details.

When you are done booking for the test online, you will be mailed information containing the location and time of the appointment, along with other relevant details.

What if I have taken PCR tests before?

If you have taken PCR on your own, you should specify the specifications of your test and the time. Usually, the UK government requires that passengers take a PCR test within 72 hours after they arrive in the country.

If your test was taken more than 72 hours before you arrive, it is deemed invalid, especially for travel purposes; hence, you are required to take a new PCR test when it is almost time for your departure, at least 72 hours.

How much does it cost to take British Airways PCR tests?

The British Airways PCR tests come at an extra cost if you have not been tested recently. Its cost varies and depends on the country of delivery or the test lab you wish to patronize for the test.

However, on a normal basis, the cost is usually around £60 to £100. On some occasions, it can be included in your flight ticket.

So, it is advised that you check the British Airways website to see the intended provisions for it in your intended flight ticket.

What happens during the PCR test?

The test is conducted by licensed health professionals at a recognized laboratory or testing center. What they do is take a swab of the inside of your throat or nose with a clean cotton bud.

Then, the swap is put into a sterile container and taken for laboratory analysis. The process does not actually take more than a few minutes, so there is no need for any special preparation whatsoever.

What next after the PCR test?

When you have been tested, you are given a reference number, which you will be asked for when checking in for your flight. If your test results are out, you should receive an email containing the results.

If it comes out negative, you can travel to the UK, but if it comes out otherwise, you are to follow the UK government guidelines, which require that you go on a 10-day quarantine.

Bottom Line

The British Airways PCR test is a very important requirement for international travelers coming to the UK. These are government approaches to tackling the COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the set rules and regulations, you can have a stress-free trip to the United Kingdom. However, individuals who tested positive are not allowed to travel and are advised to go on a 10-day self-isolation and seek treatment.

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