8 Top Online Travel Agencies in South Africa


You don’t have to be overwhelmed with travel arrangements, as there are certain agencies that want to take that stress off you and ensure you experience your dream travel.

This article seeks to cover the top online travel agencies in South Africa, how to connect with them, their price range, and packages, including how to know the legit ones.

Top Online Travel Agencies in South Africa

Below are the top online travel agencies in South Africa to help you make informed decisions.

1. Sure Travel

Sure Travel is an online travel agency in South Africa known for their excellent customer service, which they have not failed to deliver for years now and still counting.

Their services may cost within R66, 980 pp and above depending on the nature of the trip you desire. Their destinations include Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Egypt, Morocco and Ethiopia. It has interesting travel packages like holiday specials, tours, family specials, etc. that would make you have a wonderful experience in your dream trip country. They can be easily contacted with this line: 0861474849 (SA) and +27(0)214105700.

2. Pentravel South Africa

Pentravel South Africa has been in existence since 1983. It is a highly-rated online travel agency in South Africa. They offer a wide variety of packages, like honeymoon packages, anniversary packages, family holidays, youth and student travels, etc. Their packages may cost from $180 dollars and above. However, the price they charge is dependent on the level of assistance you’ll need.

Pentravel South Africa travels as far as Europe, Maldives, Mauritius, Thailand and Turkey. They partner with Norwegian Cruise Line, MSC cruises and many other renown travel-related companies. They’ve gathered many reviews since they began operation.

Douglas N, Oct 2023, has this to say about Pentravel:

“They restored my faith in travel agencies, being very attentive and responsive.”

3. Ibex Travels South Africa

Ibex Travels South Africa is an online travel agency in South Africa known for offering custom-made packages for their customers, such as car rental services, visa processing, flight and hotel bookings, etc. They travel to countries like Hungary, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Morocco, UK, Turkey, Russia, Switzerland, etc including both private and group tours. Their services may cost an approximate of $180. You can contact Ibex travels with this number: +2711838085460.

4. Love Africa Travel

Love Africa Travel is where you can book your bespoke African travel tours, holiday packages, safari tours, island, diving, and swimming holidays, beautiful accommodations, etc. They offer their clients personal services to tailor a perfect holiday that meets their budget and preferences. Love Africa Travel goes to countries like Botswana, Malawi, Namibia and Tanzania, and their services may be between the range of $180 to $3200.

To book your African holiday travel, you can contact them easily with this number: +263777605754.

5. Thompsons Holidays

Thompson’s Holidays offers top holiday themes like beach holidays, adventure, bush getaways, cruise holidays, family holidays, romantic getaways, spa holidays, train trips, etc. Their top destinations include Mauritius, Maldives, Zanzibar, Thailand, Seychelles, Greece, Middle East, Bali, etc. Their services may cost from $75 to $150 per booking. To plan your next exciting holiday, you can contact Thompson’s Holidays using this address:

  • WhatsApp chat: 0631423758
  • Email: travel@thompsons.co.za
  • Emergencies: 0633812185

6. Webtours

Webtours is another amazing online travel agency in South Africa. Their price range is $250 to $2000. The tour types offered by this agency include customizable private tours and fixed group tours. They travel as far as Asia, Australia, Thailand, the Caribbean, and the UK. They can easily be contacted on (tel.) 0315394311 or 0833250070. It also offers a wide variety of itineraries.

7. Travelstart

If you’re looking for cheap flights to countries like London, Istanbul, Amsterdam, etc, Travelstart is your go-to. They’ve got the lowest prices on all the most popular destinations. You can plan your trip for Corporate Travels, custom Holiday Packages, Group Bookings, hotel reservations, etc. Furthermore, if you’re a South African passport holder, you’re lucky, as you can visit visa-free countries with Travelstart. From tropical islands to historical cities, you don’t need to apply for a visa in advance.

You can connect with a Travelstart agent for further assistance with this number: +27 21 468 4300.

8. South African Travel Online

South African Travel Online is a renowned online travel agency in South Africa. They offer a wide variety of services, which include rental cars, travel insurance, accommodation, etc. They travel to destinations such as Mexico, Caribbean, United States, South America, Central America, and Europe.

You can contact them at:

  • 0027 12 818 3000,
  • +27 11 703 1056
  • or you can send them an Email at travel@southafrica.to

Benefits of Using Online Travel Agencies

If you want to know why you should book your next dream trip with a travel agency, they offer various services, like helping their clients:

  • Book flights without having to be there physically.
  • Apply for a visa.
  • Check for available flights and times of departure.
  • Book hotels.
  • Rent cars for use throughout your stay in a particular country
  • Plan your tours according to your needs and budget.
  • Get vacation rental homes directly from their suppliers according to your preference.
  • Online platforms to enable you to secure your bookings.
  • Manage reviews and communicate directly with you.

How to Know if a Travel Agency is Legit in South Africa

First, you need to check if the travel agency is  an accredited member of Association of South African Travel Agents (ASATA). You can look for the ASATA logo when you book your trip. The members of the association are known to adhere to a strict Code of Conduct and Constitution.


One importance of these online travel agencies is that they relieve you of the stress of planning your travels yourself or having to come down all the time physically to book your tour packages. These companies are just a dial away and you’re sure to have one hassle-free vacation.


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