8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New

8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New

Nicole Newkirk is an interior designer, who exudes coolness, and we’ve long appreciated the popular designer’s ability to create lived-in homes that feel organic and natural rather than overly stylized. Consider this stunningly modern San Francisco home.

Newkirk selects colors, mixes, and matches textures, and arranges everyday objects in ways that inspire us to appreciate her style, envy her clients, and double-tap her Instagram photos.

Newkirk was asked to show us the tips to redo your interior without buying anything new, and yes, she did not disappoint. Her professional recommendations, from Marie Kondo-style cleansing to home shopping for actual treasures, demonstrate that a little imagination goes a long way when it comes to making the most of what you currently own.

The interior designer will lead us through the tips to redo your interior without buying anything new. Continue scrolling to see how it is done.

1. Declutter

8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New
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When your décor is feeling stale, rather than adding anything new, the greatest solution is to pare down what you already own.

According to Marie Kondo, the best approach to deciding what to retain and what to discard is to hold each thing in your hand and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy?” When it comes to removing décor pieces, Newkirk recommends asking yourself, “Is this item contributing to the story I’m trying to tell in my space?” If not, get rid of everything and simply show off your favorite pieces.

For others, parting with our stuff is easier said than done, and it may necessitate more reflection than simply questioning whether or not an item makes us happy. Anxiety, anxiety, and deprivation are all significant obstacles to cleaning a room.

Choose one aspect of a room and focus solely on it before moving on to another. “Decluttering allows us to clear out and refresh our environments, as well as to clear and refresh our minds,” he explains.

2. Rearrange furniture.

8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New
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Sometimes the simplest approach to improve the cool factor of a location is to just change its arrangement. “Try something different,” says Newkirk. “Rearrange the furniture in different rooms. “Move your bed to the opposite wall or separate your sectional sofa,” she suggests.

Take it a step further and apply feng shui design concepts to bring abundance into your area.  Consider these techniques for expanding your space (yes, even if you have a limited room) or these suggestions for transforming your home into a soothing hideaway. Rearranging your existing furniture is a free method to refresh what you already own.

3. Deck the walls.

8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New
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Previously underutilized locations may require some attention. Place a piece of art that provides you joy in the room where you spend most of your time. If you have an heirloom collection of your great-grandmother’s Royal Worcester china, bring it out of hiding and display some pieces on the wall.

You may not have an extra picture or mirror lying around, but you most likely have one of each hanging somewhere in your home. Swapping them will give both areas a new look.

4. Shop Your Home.

Take a step back and consider your possessions in a new perspective. Channel your inner fashionista and “experiment with items in new ways you might not have considered before, like using a stack of books as a side table or a small side chair as a nightstand,” according to Newkirk.

In the same vein, go over any décor or collectibles you have stored away. This time, they could be the inspiration for your room’s new design. For example, do you have any old posters stashed away in the back of your closet?

Unroll them and display them on a wooden pants hanger. Or have you been collecting glass bottles and other objects to use as vases? Can you use wallpaper scraps to embellish boxes and magazine holders in your home office?

Experiment with items in unexpected ways you may not have imagined previously, such as using a stack of books as a side table or a small side chair for a nightstand.


5. Play around with accessories.

8 Tips to Redo Your Interior Without Buying Anything New
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Don’t be afraid to shift accessories from one room to another. “Rework those decorative pillows in your bedroom by styling them on your sofa, or place the table lamp from your living room on your bedside table,” Newkirk said. “Moving these items around can really change the feel of the room,” the designer explains.

Other items that can be moved include books and objects in your bookcase, as well as art and images on your walls.

Have any outside furniture that might function well indoors? Repurpose the patio stool indoors as extra seating or a side table. If your drapes are long enough, consider relocating the curtain rod to the ceiling to increase the height of your space.

6. Organize your bookshelves.


Some people’s shelves are visually pleasing, while others are disorganized. If yours falls into the latter category, you have a few options. First, get rid of ragged, musty, or mildewed paperbacks you’re unlikely to reread, as well as other clutter that doesn’t belong on a bookcase.

Remove outdated travel and restaurant guides, self-help books, unused cookbooks, popular light fiction, and anything purchased on a plane trip. Next, decide how you want to order the remaining books.

7. Display Everyday Items as Art.


Getting that desirable, lived-in look is usually as simple as it seems. Use ordinary everyday items as art to create a setting that oozes effortlessly cool emotions.

In other words, go ahead and lean your cutting boards against the backsplash. Display your jewelry in your bedroom, or your regular mugs in the kitchen.

Want more ideas? Remove the dust jackets from your hardback books and set up a tablescape with your “new” books.

Create a vignette with family photos that have been stashed in a drawer, and refinish existing frames. You may also go all out and remove the cabinet doors in your kitchen to showcase your favorite dishes, cookware, and pantry items.

8. Display Pretty Towels

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Towels are a bathroom essential, but they may also be an adornment with proper arrangement. Layer towels in different colors or patterns to add interest to a powder room or primary bath. Display colorful embellishments with bathroom basics like soaps and lotions for a fun and functional way to decorate with what you already have.

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