60 Cute Russian Male Names


Would you like a name with Russian heritage for your baby boy? Names are an excellent way to reflect a person’s identity and origin.

There are many Russian names you can give to your baby and they transcend traditions.

A lot of them are from Orthodox Christianity, but there are some interesting exceptions, such as names from Russian ethnic minorities, pre-Christian Slavic names and Communist names.

This varied mixture of naming customs is a reflection of the country’s complex cultural fusion and history.

Russian boy names have a specific vibe to them and they are becoming more and more popular, either because of the attraction of a baby name that sounds so strong and impressive or because of a link to Russia and its culture and heritage.

However, there are so many Russian male names that it may be overwhelming to choose one for your baby boy.

But we’ve got a great selection of name ideas with their origin and meanings to make it easier for you to select one for your baby boy.

Russian Male Names

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Here are some Russian male names to give your baby boy.

1. Adrian

One of the most common boy names for Russians is Adrian. Adrian means “man of Adria” and has Latin roots.

2. Akim

One of the popular Russian first names for boys that derives from the Hebrew name Jehoiakim is Akim. “God will establish” is the meaning of the Biblical name Akim.

3. Andrey

The Old Greek name Andrey is Russian-Slavic in origin. The adorable name, which translates from Greek to “Warrior,” is a play on the English name Andrew.

4. Anatoly

The Russian kid Anatoly’s name means “sunrise.” The name is of Greek origin and is a well-known Russian name.

5. Andrian

Both boys’ and girls’ names can be Adrian. In Latin, Adrian means “son of Adria.” Its Greek origins translate to “rich.”

6. Arkadi

Arkadi, a Russian child with a distinctive name, means “Arcadia” in Russian.

7. Bohdanko

Bohdanko is a common name for Christian boys, mostly of Cornish ancestry. “God’s gift” is what bohdanko means.

8. Boris

Boris is a common name that has Slavic roots. The elements boru, which means “fight” and “battle,” and Borislav are the sources of the name.

9. Czar

For boys, the name Czar is of Russian origin. Pronounce it “Zar,” which means “Caesar, emperor.”

10. Damir

Damir is a Slavic given name for men, with da denoting “give” or “take” and mir denoting “peace.” It could be a variant spelling of the Turkish name “Demir,” which translates to “iron.”

11. Damien

Damien is one of the most well-liked Russian boys. The name Damien comes from the term “daman,” which means “a tamer.”

12. Danyl

Another well-liked Russian boy’s name is Danyal, which means “God is my judge.” The name is a variant of Daniel and comes from the Hebrew language.

13. Daniel

Daniel is a given name for men and a Hebrew surname. That implies, “God is my judge.”

14. Denis

One of the common names with ancient Greek origins is Denis, which means “from Dionysius.”

15. Dima

The English term Demetrius, which originated in ancient Greek, is the source of the unusual Russian name Dima. The name translates to “Demeter’s follower.”

16. Dimitri

One of the most common male Russian names is Dimitri. The name is a Slavic riff on the Greek fertility and agricultural god.

17. Eriks

One of the charming and gentle names that means “eternal ruler” for men is the unusual Russian name.

18. Edmon

Edmon is a common Old English boy’s name. “Prosperous protector” is its meaning.

19. Fedor

A boy by the name of Fedor. It has Russian origins and means “God’s Gift.”

20. Gedeon

The male given name Gedeon, along with its surname, is derived from Hebrew and means “feller” or “hewer”—that is, “great warrior” or “Destroyer.”

21. Gennady

The traditional Russian name Gennady has its roots in the Old Greek language. The name translates to “generous” and “noble.”

22. Hedeon

The Russian spelling of the Hebrew name Gideon is Hedeon. “Hewer or having a stump for a hand” is what Gideon signifies.

23. Igor

One of the most common male Russian names is Igor. The name, which is pronounced “ee-gor,” is a Russian word that signifies “warrior.”

24. Ilias

The name Yahweh/Yahu, which has Hebrew and English roots, means “my God is.”

25. Ioann

One of the common English names, John, is a variant of the Russian name Loann. The name Yochanan, which means “favorable by God” in Hebrew, is the source of the name.

26. Ivan

“God is Gracious” is the meaning of this ancient Russian name of Russian descent. The name is widely used in Russian society.

27. Jeremie

The traditional Hebrew name Jeremiah is pronounced in Russian as Jeremie for men. The name translates to “God appointed.”

28. Jasha

Jasha means “supplanter,” “may God protect,” and “holder of the heel” in Russian. Russian in origin, Jasha is a boy’s name.

29. Krugan

The name Krugan is given to men. In Russian, Krugan is first described as a burial mound.

30. Karlin

The name has German origins and translates to “free man or man.”

31. Kirill

The Russian form of the Slavic name Cyril is Kirill. Both German and English have the name Cyril. The name, which has Greek etymology, means “lord.”

32. Konstantin

A variant of the English name Constantine, which means “Constant,” is the name. The name is Constantia, spelled masculine.

33. Lenin

Lenin is a Russian male given name. “One who belongs to the river Lena” is what it means.

34. Lev

Lev is a Russian boy’s name that means “lion” or “heart.” The Hebrew origin of this one-syllable name suggests that the bearer has a lion’s heart.

35. Leonid

The traditional Russian name Leonid means “lion” and has its roots in the language.

36. Ludis

Ludis is the Russian word for Louis, the common surname. The name translates to “warrior renowned.”

37. Makari

Baby boys of Greek descent are given the name Makari. “Blessed” or “happy,” Makari is sometimes combined with the Spanish name Macario and the Russian name Makariy.

38. Maxim

This is a common Russian name that is popular, derived from the diminutive of  Maximilian

39. Maximilian

In Latin, the term Maximilian means “great.”

40. Mikhail

In Hebrew tradition, Mikhail, one of the most well-known or popular male names in Russia, means “who is like God.”

41. Melor

Melor is a Russian and Celtic boy’s name that translates to “Iron Man.”

42. Nikolai

Nikolai is a variant of the Greek name Nicholas, which means “victorious people.”

43. Natan

The boy’s name, Natan, which means “God has given,” has an old origin.

44. Okb

Okb is a Russian baby name that is given to boys. It portrays a calm, collected and happy individual.

45. Oleg

This striking and original Russian name translates to “holy.” The name is unique and denotes a strong character.

46. Olezka

The name, which translates to “saint,” suggests a valiant character.

47. Pavel

One of the most well-known and distinctive names in the former Soviet Union is Pavel. The name is a Russian rendering of the Latin Paul, which means “small.”

48. Panas

Panas is a Russian boy’s name that translates to “immortal.

49. Platon

A variation of the Greek name Plato is the boy’s name, Platon. The definition of the word “Platon” is broad-shouldered.

50. Puskin

The Russian name Puskin means “cannon,” and it is derived from the Russian last name Pushkin. It is the name of baby males.

51. Rahil

Rahil is a feminine Hebrew name that sounds similar to Rachel. This biblical name means “one with purity,” “female sheep,” and “ewe.”

52. Rodion

Greek and Russian ancestry combine to create the unusual Russian boy named Rodion. “Song of the hero” is what the name signifies.

53. Rolan

A modern take on the traditional name Roland is the well-known Rolan. The name suggests a life of fame throughout the region.

54. Ruslan

This well-known Russian boy’s name, which means “lion man,” is Turkish in origin.

55. Sacha

This unusual Russian name carries a powerful meaning of “defending warrior,” despite its pleasant and welcoming tone.

56. Sergei

The word’s Latin root means “servant.” The name suggests a gentle and loving nature and is connected to Saint Sergei.

57. Samvel

Samvel is the name of a boy with Hebrew heritage. According to Ecclesiastic Greek Shmuel, its meaning in Hebrew is “name of God, God has heard, more of a religious connection to God heard of God, inquired of God.”

58. Slava

Sometimes, male Slavic names ending in “-slav” are reduced to “Slava.” It is of Slovakian descent and signifies “Glory.”

59. Vas

The diminutive of Basil is this one-syllable name, Vas. The name means “regal” in Russian.

60. Vasili

Greek ancestry gives the Russian male name Vasili its origin. The name, which sounds exotic, signifies “royal; kingly.”


There you have it. These are cute Russian male names for baby boys. You don’t necessarily have to be a Russian to give these names to your child, parents can give these names to their boy to show their connection or appreciation of the Russian heritage.



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