31 Popular Scottish Boy Names


Scottish boy names are a unique and significant cultural heritage that reflects the characteristics of Scotland, its people and their language.

These names are related to masculine children, and their names hold meaning in Gaelic language or dialect. It is related to its strength, nature, valor and bravery. Your choice of a Scottish boy’s name determines what such names mean.

In this article, we will delve into what a Scottish boy’s name is and the top Scottish name.

Scottish Boy Names

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To understand the Scottish name, you need to have a large knowledge of the name, especially its meaning, so as to decide the best name for your little son. Although there are diverse Scottish names, we will focus on the top names among them. These top names include:

1. David

This is one of the most popular Scottish names given to male children in diverse countries, although it was originally found in Hebrew, which means beloved. The name is a biblical figure and has been used by so many people.

2. Donald

This is another name every parent can give to their child. The name is derived from the Gaelic environment, which means world ruler.

3. Kennet

This is a Scottish name that represents strength, which means born of fire. The name has been in existence for a long time and is still increasing in population.

4. Malcolm

Malcolm is a unique boy’s name that originates from Mael Coluim. It was used mostly by the king of Scotland throughout its history.

5. Tasgall

This is another Scottish boy’s name, which is derived from an old nurse, meaning God’s helmet. Tasgall is one of the Scottish names you can give to your handsome son.

6. Tavish

This is a special way of naming your son beyond the regular name. Tavish is derived from Thomas; therefore, if you really like the name Thomas and need something with a unique flavor, Then Tavish is really for you.

7. Padraig

This name is of Irish origin; it derives from the name Patrick, which means noble. This is a common name used in Scottish and Irish environments.  If you love the name Patrick and need to change it to a unique Scottish name, then Padraig is for your child.

8. Sawney

This is a Scottish name in Scotland, but it is not really common because only a few people bear the name. It derives from the name Alexander, which means defender of men.

9. Gillespie

Gillespie is a name derived from mac Gille Easbuig, which means servant of the bishop. It is usually not common as a boy name but is used as a surname in Scotland. This can actually be helpful, especially for those who do not want a common Scottish name.

10. Fife

This is a Scottish name that has its historical country of origin in Scotland. This is the country that had its center of power in medieval Scotland. You can consider giving your child this name.

11. Daibhidh

Daibhidh is a unique Scottish boy name that is derived from David, which is a Hebrew name. The name means beloved. You might be a lover of the Bible name but want it in a unique Scottish flavor.

12. Alpin

Alpin is also related to the Scottish Gaelic name, which means white or fair. It is a name with a rich Scottish history. It is not common though with  a unique history.

13. Arran

This is a unique name from Ireland on an island.  Arran is from the Gaelic eireann, meaning Ireland. The name is related to the Scottish clan; therefore, if you are a lover of both Irish and Scottish, these names are for your child.

14. Ailean

This is a Scottish boy name  that originated from Gaelic origin, that is it derives from the Gaelic word allin, meaning bright and handsome. It can also be spelled as Alan or Allan. Using a name that has a special complement makes you more special and unique.

15. Thomas

Thomas is a Hebrew name that means twin. It is usually used for twin children by adding another name to Thomas so as to differentiate them. For example, Thomas Edinburgh and Thomas Jefferson.

16. Freddie

This is derived from the name Frederick; it is also the short form for Frederick, it simply means peace ruler. The name is a very common and popular name that you will love to give to your child.

17. Finn

This originated in Irish and derives from the name Floren, which means white. It is a special and popular name for men. You can also consider this name for your male child.

18. Archie

Archie is of German origin.  It is the short form of the name Archibald, meaning genuine or bold. This is perfect for your little child.

19. Charlie

This is a unique and charming name for your cute baby boy. It is the short form of the name Charles, which means free man or warrior. Your child can have such a wonderful name and portray the attribute of an independent personality.

20. Theo

The name Theo is a Greek name given to a male child. This name is a popular and common name used around the world. It is the short form of the name Theodore, which means gift of God. Understanding the meaning of this name is enough to give your child such a name.

21. Brodie

This is a modern name that kept on increasing in popularity in Scotland. This name is a place name in Moray.

22. Alfie

It is a cute and popular name, which is the short form of the name Alfred, meaning of counsel. According to history, those who bear such a name are usually cute.

23. Lewis

This name is in medieval English, while the French form of it is Louis. The French name Louis is commonly used worldwide, but if you like the name but want something unique, then you can give your little one Lewis.

24. James

This is a common and popular Scottish boy name used over the name. A lot of big personalities are given the name James, like Scottish king James and Scottish inventor James Watt.

25. Rocky

This name has become a popular name in Irish, English, and Scottish due to its uniqueness. Your little boy will definitely like this name when he grows up with it.

26. Harris

The name originates from an English surname; it is the short form of Harry, which means home ruler. Although Harry is well known around the world compared to Harris, if you want something that isn’t common, Harris is for you.

27. Oliver

This name is one of the most popular Scottish boy names around the world. It is derived from French, Germanic, and Frankish, which mean olive trees. You can also give your little boy this name.

28. Gordon

Gordon is a Scottish surname, which means mound or hill. This name is a popular one among the Scottish nobility.

29. Graeme

This is a traditional Scottish surname. This is a popular name in Scotland; it means scholar and homestead. This is a unique name you can consider for your little boy.

30. Hamish

This is a boy name from the Scottish Gaelic name suemas, which is the name James. This name is a popular one in Scotland.

31. Keith

This is also one of the top Scottish boy names, which means forest. You can also give your little boy this name.

Final Word

As a parent looking for a charming and unique name for your little boy, you can also look into Scottish culture by going through the top Scottish names for an exceptional choice.

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