30 Lovely Swedish Girl Names 


The name given to a female child is a means of recognizing or identifying them. The Swedish girl names are related to names given to females or girls by their parents.

More so, numerous Swedish girl names have their own wonderful meanings and reflect on culture, history and folktales. So many of them originate from different places, especially the Scandinavian region.

As we delve into this topic, we will understand what Swedish girl names are, the different names we have and their meanings and things to consider before choosing a Swedish name for your female child.

30 Swedish Girl Names

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The Swedish girl names has a wide range of options, which can be seen as a form of a traditional name or as a modern name for the recognition of a female daughter in the family. There are more than 1000 Swedish names, but our focus will be on the top Swedish girl names we have, which are as follows:

1. Dahlia

This is one of the top names used to recognize a female daughter, which means flower, or someone who is referred to as a noble person. It was derived from a German name called Adal. You can consider using this Swedish girl’s name as your daughter’s name.

2. Agda

This is another Swedish name you can consider giving your daughter. It derives from the Swedish name Agata, which signifies something good. This name simply means a good heart.

3. Agnes

The Swedish name Agnes is a name given to females. It originated from the Greek word chaste, which means to chaste or scare.

4. Agneta

This is a pretty name you can give to your pretty daughter. It simply means pure. Isn’t this a special name you can give to your little daughter?

5. Alice

This is one of the top Swedish names given to a female. It is a popular name in diverse countries. The name is also derived from Greek, which means truth. The short form for Alice is Aalis.

6. Alma

The name Alma is a Latin name that means soul and nurturing. Considering the meaning of Alma, it is worth naming your daughter such a name.

7. Andrine

This is a Swedish girl’s name; it is used most in English-speaking countries. Andrine means brave. You will love it if you give your daughter such a beautiful name.

8. Barbro

The name is derived from the name Barbara, which is a foreign name. One of the popular personalities who also bears this pretty name is Saint Barbara.

9. Berget

This is another Swedish name you can give to your daughter. The name means strength or an exalted one. Given your child’s name, which has a pleasant meaning, you can refer them to it.

10. Birgitta

This name has a powerful meaning; in fact, so many believe the meaning of the name has a lot of ways it can reflect in the child’s life. It means higher or stronger, which means that you believe that the person has a leadership quality.

11. Clara

The Swedish name Clara originated in Rome; it is pretty when pronounced, and it simply means bright or clear. You can give your little baby this name.

12. Ebba

This is the short form of Ebbahard. It is derived from German, which simply means strength.

13. Edit

This is an English name that is popularly known all over the world. Edit means riches or blessings. This name can be used to name your daughter.

14. Ellie

The name Elie derives from Hebrew and can be called Eleanor, which means Christ is my source of light.

15. Elsa

This name originates from Hebrew, which means joyful; it also means noble.

16. Eva

Eva is a Swedish girl name you can give your little daughter. It is derived from a Hebrew name, which means life. If you are satisfied or pleased with the meaning, then you can choose the name for your female child.

17. Flippa

This name is derived from the Greeks, Italy and Sweden. It is the feminine form of the name Philip. It means a lover of horses. Your child you can consider giving a beautiful name as such.

18. Freja

This is a name that is so common in the European part of the world. It is the short form of Freyja, which means noble woman.

19. Gunilla

This name originates from Sweden, which means battle maiden. You can give your daughter this beautiful name.

20. Helmi

Helmi is a beautiful name to give to your pretty daughter. It is a Finnish name that means pear or bead.

21. Hilma

This is also one of the top Swedish girl names. The name is very common in Germany and Scandinavian countries. The name means protective helmet. Although it is not really common, few people still give their daughter such a name, especially someone who does not like a common or general name.

22. Innes

This name originates from Portuguese, which means pure. This is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning that you can give your female child.

23. Isabella

This is a common name that originated in France. Although it is currently used in various countries to name their girls, Isabella means ‘’ pledge for God’’. People tend to give their children this name because they believe the child will be very spiritual in the things of God.

24. Jannick

This is another Swedish name from Scandinavian countries. It means God is gracious. It is used to acknowledge the wonderful works of God by giving a female child such a name.

25. Jolando

This name is interpreted from the French name Yolando to Jolando. It means a violet flower. The name sounds beautiful and charming for a pretty girl to bear.

26. Julia

Julia is the feminine form of the name Julius. It is taken from the room and it means youth. Due to its meaning and what it represents, a variety of countries now use it for their female children.

27. Juni

Juni is a popular name in Scandinavian, Finnish and Swedish. It represents the month of June with different meanings, such as June born, youth, and desire.

28. Leah

This is a popular Swedish girl’s name given to female girls. It is a Hebrew name that has references from the Bible. The name means weary, or cow.

29. Maria

This is another popular name from the Bible. Maria was the mother of Jesus. This name means a child longed for.

30. Nicole

The name Nicole is a female Swedish name that originates from French and Greek. The name means the victory of the people. The famous celebrity who bears such a name is actress Nicole Kidman. You can also give it to your female daughter as well.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Female Name

Before you make a decision about the name you want to give to your female child, you need to consider the following:

1. Meaning

The meaning of the name you chose has a lot to do with that girl. So names signify something sweet and pleasant, while some have a negative meaning. Therefore, ensure you know the meaning of a Swedish name before choosing it.

2. History

The history of the name is also an important thing to consider before choosing it. Do research on what happened in the past that led to such a name.

3. Culture

You need to reflect it in your culture. That is, does the name fit into your culture? For example, names like Alice, Ruth, Maria, Leah, and Edit are appreciated in our culture.

4. Incident

An incident or event that occurs during the period of birth can be considered to determine the name given to a female child.

The incident can be a happy or sad occurrence. In such a situation, a Swedish girl’s name can be given to a female child.

Final Word

The Swedish girl names are modern and traditional names that have significance and meaning to enable you to decide which Swedish girl befits a female child.

Moreover, the name you give a female child has a lot to do with her life; therefore, take time and read through it again for better understanding.

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