The mastermind behind North Korea’s propaganda, who faithfully served under three generations of leaders, has passed away.

In North Korea, Mr. Kim held great power His job was to tell stories that made the leaders seem like superheroes, while also making people scared of outsiders. Think of him like Joseph Goebbels, who did similar things for Nazi Germany. Kim Ki-nam, also known as “North Korea’s Goebbels,” passed away at the age of 94, according to North Korean news. He had been very sick for a year before his body stopped working.Kim Ki-nam worked hard from the time of Kim Il-sung until 2017 to keep everyone loyal to the leaders. He was especially loyal to Kim Jong-il, even attending parties with him and making official visits to South Korea.When Kim passed away, it marked the end of an era where he played a big role in keeping the leaders in charge. He ensured people stayed devoted to the Kim family and the Workers’ Party. An expert named Michael Madden said Kim had a huge influence that went beyond just storytelling. He was really close to Kim Jong-il, and they enjoyed spending time together.

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Throughout his life, Kim Ki-nam shaped the narrative of North Korean society, crafting a version of reality where the Kim family was revered and any threats to their rule were magnified. His efforts in propaganda extended to educational materials and cartoons, portraying the leaders as benevolent guardians while instilling a deep-seated fear of external adversaries, particularly the United States. This narrative, carefully woven over decades, helped solidify the Kim regime’s control over the minds and hearts of the North Korean people.

Kim’s passing has left a void in the inner circles of power in Pyongyang, signaling the end of an era where his influence was paramount in shaping the nation’s political landscape. Despite his departure, the legacy of Kim Ki-nam, “North Korea’s Goebbels,” will endure as a testament to the formidable power of propaganda in maintaining authoritarian rule.


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