The Quiet Woman, Newport: Newport Fancy Restaurant

The Quiet Woman, Newport

On the colorful coastline of Newport Beach, there is a restaurant that breathes elegant everyday dining: The Quiet Woman, known for its professional approach to both, the Quiet Woman in Newport Beach is a popular restaurant for those who appreciate a nice meal. Since its establishment, it has continued to be a local and tourist favorite due to a combination of traditional and modern American food.

What Awaits You at The Quiet Woman Newport Beach?

1. Charming Atmosphere

The first thing you’re likely to note the minute you step into Quiet Woman is the luxurious space. The interior design, which is derived from traditional Scandinavian and Anglo-European designs with a touch of contemporary, makes the dining experience feel like art. The Quiet Woman menu consists of different foods prepared with fresh ingredients to provide the best experience to the customers.

2. Signature dishes

It is said that food served in The Quiet Woman simply exceeds the ordinary list of meals expected in a restaurant. These include the exotic choice as well as the variety of meals that include both traditional and unique options.

It means that each dish in the restaurant is cooked with the greatest concern so that every bite shows guests that the restaurant values it. The restaurant distinguishes itself in its specialties like the ‘Filet Mignon,’ ‘Seared Ahi Tuna’ and the delicious ‘Quiet Woman Burger’.

These dishes are well-admired by patrons due to their delicious taste as well as their arrangement. For further information regarding the menu, you can access their website or check out their menu on OpenTable

Apart from the main menu, visitors of The Quiet Woman Newport can taste various sorts of fine wines and various types of craft cocktails. The informed waiters are always ready and willing to choose the right wine that compliments your meal and the socialization of a lifetime.

3. Vegan Menu

It does not state that it is a vegan restaurant; however, the restaurant mainly offers non-vegan food but customers can order some specialized vegan meals. It is possible to make certain of these traditional dishes by excluding meats, casein, or egg products.

4. Vibrant Bar Scene

While the restaurant’s name suggests a place especially suitable for a quiet dinner, there is also the more popular bar section. The bar area for its social nature, provides the ideal setting for chilling out after work or a sociable evening with friends while enjoying fabulously crafted cocktails.

The quiet woman, Newport is famous for its exquisite restaurants as well as its glamorous and lively bars. Here, the mixology is given value that brings the customers cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages (mocktails) that match the culinary service the restaurant provides. Here are some highlights of their cocktails:

  1. The Quiet Woman Old Fashioned: A classic that never gets old, it comprises bourbon, bitters, sugar, and a touch of orange rind. It is a well-balanced, properly strong drink that, at the same time, has its roots in tradition but is not a relic of the past.
  2. Newport Sunset: This stemmed from the views of Newport Beach and is made from vodka, elderflower liqueur, grapefruit juice and finally a squashed soda. The contents give it a Scandinavian, almost pirate-like feeling and it goes very well with being served in a large glass with ice and an extravagant garnish like lemon slices, mint and orange peel to give the feel of a beautiful sunset by the sea side.
  3. Spicy Margarita: As for a spicier variant, the Spicy Margarita would make any customer’s taste buds tingle. This cocktail is a blend of tequila, fresh lime juice, agave nectar, and jalapeño peppers fresh from the muddler.
  4. The Quiet Woman Martini: The Martini kind of cocktail is a refined cocktail made out of some gin or vodka with a very small portion of dry vermouth, accompanied by a touch of lemon peel, olives or an onion. This one is a pure legend, a true symbol of the cocktail’s golden age and high society.

5. Delightful Mocktails

Knowing that not all people consume alcoholic products, there is a great range of non-alcoholic beverages that might also be enjoyable, with equal attention to details.

6. Events and Live Music

In the evening, after dinner is served, The Quiet Woman becomes a lively pub complete with live entertainments. Depending on your taste, you may prefer Jazz, Blues, pop or Rock; the atmosphere is charged all throughout. There is also live music played in the restaurant by different artists, especially from the immediate region. These events are surely a plus point to enhance the overall eating experience and, thus, make The Quiet Woman, Newport as one of the best options for having a great time.

Tips on How to Get The Most out of a Visit at the Quiet Woman Restaurant

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Happy Hour: The Quiet Woman also offers the guests the opportunity to order happy hour, which entails a cut in the price of some drinks and foods.

Live Music: A live music band performs on stage on selected days and sure adds to the ambience while you dine.

Outdoor Seating: Pick the outdoor table as you will be able to enjoy the splendid weather in Newport Beach and views of the place.

Location and Hours: The Quiet Woman is conveniently located at 123 Coastal Avenue, Newport. It opens its doors from 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM from Tuesday through to Sunday.

Visit The Quiet Woman Newport

If you live in Orange County or just visiting for a short trip, this is a place that you surely should not miss: The Quiet Woman, Newport.

It is claimed that the influence of this legendary restaurant, with its warm welcoming atmosphere, gourmet dining, and active schedule of events, remains high among the  inhabitants as well as the guests of the state.

Come to The Quiet Woman, Newport today and see for yourself why it continues to be one of the most favored restaurants in Southern California.

For reservations, visit Quiet Woman’s official website  or call them directly at (949) 640-7440. You can also find them at 3224 Pacific Coast Highway, Corona Del Mar, CA 92625.



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