The Quiet Woman Reservation: Securing a Table at One of the City’s Most Sought-After Restaurants


Dreaming of the evening out at The Quiet Woman? Getting a table at this place is something that can sometimes be a bit of a challenge which is why making a reservation is important. Whether you’re visiting for the first time or an old-timer who needs a recap on ‘how to make a reservation at The Quiet Woman,’ then keep reading for your complete guide.

Why Make a Reservation at The Quiet Woman?

The quiet woman restaurant has gained popularity because of its warm atmosphere, friendly staff and good food. The quiet woman has relatively high turnover since many customers visit the restaurant especially in the evenings and during the weekend. It helps you secure a place by booking in advance and means you can relax during your meal without waiting ages for your table.

How to Secure a Quiet Woman Reservation

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It is advisable to make a reservation at Quiet Woman due to the high demand for services in the restaurant.

1. Plan in Advance

Of all the rooms, the Quiet Woman is the most preferred on weekends and other holidays. A word on this: it would be advisable to make your reservation at least a week ahead of time. If you are planning to take a group on a special dinner, or if you need a table for a big group, be sure to book even earlier to avoid being disappointed.

2. Choose Your Booking Method

Online Reservations: For those who prefer convenient online reservation, you can do it on Quiet Woman Newport Beach website ( Online the availability is based on your choice of date, time and the number of people in your party.

Phone Reservations: The most efficient and straightforward means of contacting the restaurant is through the phone and the restaurant’s phone number is 949-640-7440. The friendly staff will do the bookings for you and also they will ascertain that they meet any other wants that you have.

Walk-in Reservations: The Quiet Woman restaurant can be visited to reserve a table since its website does not provide a direct link for that. As with the walk-ins, the reservations are also flexible to the times that are available; however, it is more effective to make a call or order online, especially at peak periods.

3. Confirmation

Afterward, one receives either an e-mail confirmation or a telephonic confirmation of the booking. See that you must revise all bookings, and then make changes if necessary with the restaurant.

Special Reservation Options

The Quiet Woman restaurant offers special reservation options for various occasions:

1. Group Reservations

Planning a celebration or gathering with friends? The Quiet Woman can accommodate larger groups with advance notice. Be sure to mention any special requirements when booking.

2. Private Events

The Quiet Woman is also available for private events. For birthdays, work events, or any other reason, we offer the option for you to shut the restaurant or just a section of the restaurant down for you.

3. Special Requests

If you are vegetarian or have any other preferences regarding your seats or perhaps planning to propose or are celebrating a special occasion during the time of the dine, then it is always best to inform the restaurant during the time of booking. Further, the staff at the Quiet Woman restaurant will try to meet all your requirements about food and service.

Insider Tips for a Quiet Woman Reservation

To maximize your chances of securing a “quiet woman reservation”, consider the following tips:

  • Book Early: This means that if you have a particular date and time you want to reserve a table especially on the weekend or special occasions like banquets, then it should be done in advance.
  • Confirm Details: To prevent any confusion that may lead to misunderstandings, ensure that you clear all the aspects of time, date, and number of persons to be served.
  • Arrive on Time: Since The Quiet Woman Bar presents an array of services, it is advisable to arrive on time as per the agreed time for a reservation. If one expects that they will be coming in late then it is good to inform the staff before that.
  •  Cancellations: In case you decide to cancel or alter your reserved extension kindly do so in good time to allow others an opportunity.
  • Continue following the restaurant on social media and subscribing to their newsletter so that you can be aware of opening on arrival of the next bookings.
  • For those occasions where the food must be served to a large group, it is advisable to make a reservation and book a private dining room. These spaces are generally populated and one may need to schedule in advance of a particular event or time.
  • Consider slightly earlier or later reservation times, like 5:30-6:30 PM or 8-9 PM.
  • Average working week nights can be more effective in terms of time compared to over crowded weekends.
  • Put your details including your name and contact in the waiting list as they always have a high tendency to get canceled.

What to Expect When You Arrive

The ‘quiet woman reservation’ at The Quiet Woman contains a small and calm dining area, lower occupancy, tailored service, and the quiet woman menu  has a variety of options.

The Quiet Woman dress code is formal, where most visitors wear well-ironed dress shirts, slacks, and blouses/nice dresses for ladies. The service is outstanding and highly formal which makes your dining experience as special as the food

The “quiet woman reservation” at The Quiet Woman restaurant entrenches women to a more limited and isolated area of the restaurant and is normally between 30-50% higher in price as compared to normal eating out experience because of the quality of service, extra services and quality food.


The philosophy behind the ‘quiet woman reservation’ is to offer the pure essence of an incredibly exclusive, peaceful dining experience that will cater to the peculiar needs and wants of the woman customers. This way, there is an added sophistication, comfort, and able to enjoy personalized services that are a notch at The Quiet Woman experience. It is quite easy and hassle-free to reserve a table in The Quiet Woman because it guarantees very important places among all interested people

Book your “quiet woman reservation” today and behold the wonder of one of the city’s favorite places to dine.

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