16 Top Travel Agencies for Iran in the US


Have you decided to fly to the United States through the travel agencies for Iran? It’s fascinating to see a historical country and its breathtaking scenery.

Now is the time to plan your US visa, itinerary, lodging, transportation and meals. Isn’t it easier to delegate these responsibilities to an Iranian travel agency in the US?

Now you just need to consider locating a reliable travel agency. It may seem like a difficult endeavor at first.

When searching for an Iran travel agency, you will come across numerous websites and businesses. So, which is best? Which travel agencies for Iran in the US best suit you? Let’s look at the travel agencies for Iran in the US.

Travel Agencies for Iran in the US

1. Friendly Iran (FI)

Based in Shiraz, they try to plan their travels “as a friend would”. With over 20 years of expertise, FI specializes in developing ties with agencies and organizations to reach a worldwide audience.

They provide package trips with large groups, a VIP bus for all transportation and a dedicated leader who will accompany travelers during their vacation.

Aside from serving as the operating arm for global resellers for incoming visitors, they also serve domestic and outbound markets, providing travel to places such as China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in the Far East, as well as Switzerland, Spain, France and Italy in Europe.

2. Med Iran Company (MIC)

MIC, a worldwide tourism and medical services firm founded in 2017, was founded by a group of doctors who wanted to help patients explore healthcare options.

They provide treatment and package tours in the form of all-inclusive organized getaways. After completing their online diagnosis, you will be connected with one of their partner medical and accommodation providers.

MIC provides cosmetic procedures for the eyes, teeth, hair, face and body, as well as complex surgery including hip and knee replacements.

3. TAP Persia (TAP)

TAP, based in Isfahan, offers individual excursions with local guides around the country. TAP’s English-native professionals form the backbone of their award-winning support team, which prides itself on dependability and lightning-fast response times.

Built for travel in today’s content-rich and web-savvy world, they have over 200K followers across all networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest).

Since its inception in 2017, TAP has risen to become the top Iran tour operator on Trip Advisor, with over 800 ratings. They use passionate guides, drivers and hosts to provide meaningful experiences, and they collaborate with one-of-a-kind boutique hotels known for their old charm and dedicated management.

It collaborated with locals to provide one-of-a-kind experiences (homestays, Persian meals, nomadic migrations, sand dune camel rides) and to offer education in Persian culture.

They also host VIP guests, including ambassadors and diplomats from Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Qatar, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United Nations.

TAP focuses solely on incoming guests, providing them the advantage of being completely focused on Iran and its rich legacy.

4. Surf Iran (SI)

SI, based in Tehran, provides a variety of package trips as well as customized private excursions. They specialize in classic cross-country itineraries with large groups.

They collaborate with archaeologists, mountaineers, conservationists, photographers and others to take visitors deeper into their destinations.

They only work with incoming travelers and offer their services in English and French.

5. Lets Go Iran (LGI)

With over 20 years of expertise, LGI is a full-service destination management organization with interests in a range of travel industries.

They focus on incoming markets, outgoing markets, education and ticketing. They are also a major provider of inexpensive domestic flights.

LGI provides leisure, commercial, educational and corporate travel packages for a wide range of group sizes. They also provide courses in guide training, business management and hospitality management.

6. Up Persia (UP)

UP was founded in 1998 and has made significant investments in destination promotion and tourism infrastructure. They also own and run other properties, including boutique hotels & ecolodges.

They provide planned, packaged and small-group excursions that emphasize native contacts and authentic experiences, including travel with nomads, homestays with locals and Persian culinary workshops.

UP provides services in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Farsi, serving both incoming and domestic tourists.

7. Pasargad Tours (PT)

PT was established in 1987 and is one of the country’s oldest tourism companies. They are the recipients of numerous national honors.

They work with international agencies and organizations to resell package tours. PT incorporates current operational standards and painstaking care into each tour.

Along with their broad global network, they collaborate with a variety of academic and experienced guides, regarded at the top of their area and the best in the country.

They provide services in English, Italian, German, French and Chinese.

8. Iran Safar Tours (IST)

Since 1994, IST has concentrated on tailor-made inbound tours that take passengers to off-the-beaten-path locales, unique national phenomena and much more.

They also offer package excursions that focus on culture, archeology, architecture and wildlife. IST experiences include lesser-known roads, historic boutique hotels and privately guided trips conducted by local experts (Iran tours).

9. HI Persia (HP).

HP was founded in 2014 by experienced and professional travelers and guides who are committed to socially responsible and ecological trips.

They provide active and historic trips throughout the nation in both English and German. HP serves inbound and domestic travelers, as well as the country’s developing outbound sector.

10. Rashin Travels (RT)

With over ten years of expertise, RT was founded by a group of travel aficionados. They offer experiences that go beyond the highlights of each site, emphasizing local encounters and assisting visitors in discovering the real Iran.

11. Taste Iran (TI)

An adventurous pair founded TI after being inspired by their international trips. Their objective is to promote Iran’s forgotten heritage, nature and culture through a combination of economic acumen and marketing skills.

They offer locally led excursions that promote genuine cultural engagement between visitors and locals. Their team consists of eco-tourism enthusiasts, passionate locals, conservation advocates, and web developers.

TI employs cutting-edge technology and intelligence tools to find and develop underutilized places and attractions in rural areas, promoting sustainable tourism. They have offices in Ottawa and Tehran.

12. Eavar Travel (ET)

ET, a specialty agency established in Tehran, offers vacation packages ranging from economical to luxurious. They provide ski, food, historical, eco-cultural, adventure and nomad packages that promote local relationships.

Their trips promote local contacts, allowing visitors to participate in daily rituals and experience an authentic Iranian lifestyle.

ET has a bilingual team that provides services in English, French, Spanish, German, Turkish, and Russian. They focus on incoming passengers and often attend fairs such as Mitt Russia, Fitur Spain, Iftm France and ITB Germany.

13. Welcome To Iran (WTI)

WTI was founded in 1973, six years before the Iranian Islamic Revolution and is Iran’s first responsible and sustainable tour operator, as well as the leading provider of internet travel services.

They prioritize low-impact, environmentally responsible activities to increase travelers understanding, awareness and respect for species, landscapes and local populations.

WTI hand-picks their guides for proficiency and expertise in Iranology and offers their services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and German.

They are also the top provider of domestic and international flight and train tickets in the country.

14. Termeh Travel (TT)

TT, which launched in 2019, is an online platform that offers comprehensive services to incoming Iranian visitors, with a concentration on Europe and Southeast Asia.

They provide eco-friendly and sustainable trips with local guides and drivers. TT also provides a variety of free walking tours that introduce visitors to a location for the price of a tip.

They provide package excursions across the country and include an itinerary generator for simple planning.

15. Kalout Tour (KT)

KT was founded in 1998 and is named for the towering geological structures of the Lut desert, which is one of the hottest regions on Earth. They were among the first eco-tour firms to introduce tourists to isolated natural treasures and secret historical sites.

Their committed crew of aficionados is always identifying, assessing, and exploring off-the-grid destinations for future excursions. KT teaches locals how to manage and market their tourism potential.

They focus on both inbound and domestic travelers, transporting them side by side through desert settlements, mountain villages, archeological sites, and nomadic tribal pathways to stimulate cross-cultural engagement.

They frequently attend international events and have lately begun operating in the overseas market.

16. Cheetah Adventures (CA)

Named after the Iranian Cheetah, which is a severely endangered subspecies found exclusively on the Iranian plateau.

CA, founded in 2015 by travel lovers and environmental activists, specializes in hiking, climbing, and adventure tours throughout Iran that help visitors learn about and appreciate the country’s natural ecology.


As of 2023, there are 42,711 travel agency businesses in the United States, a 2.6% decrease from the previous year. There are many options to check out in the US but the agencies listed in this article remains the top on our list.



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