15 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World

15 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World

Vending machines have progressed far beyond simply dispensing snacks and beverages. Vending machines throughout the world provide a wide range of unusual products.

How amazing would it be to be able to grab a freshly prepared pizza from a machine, get a hot bowl of ramen on the go, or even buy a nice blanket during a chilly matinee play at a multiplex?

The unique vending machines on display demonstrate the inventiveness and convenience that contemporary technology adds to everyday life.

Here, we’ve gathered images of some of the most unique vending machines from around the world. Check them out now!

1. Crab Vending Machine.

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Sean Gallup, GettyImages

Where to Find It: China

Why stand in line at the grocery store when you can get your crab from a subway station vending machine?

It is true. Live, hairy crabs are presented in a vending machine at a major subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. The machine, which is restocked every day, offers crabs for about 20 RMB ($3.27), complete with the necessary condiments (crab vinegar and two bags of ginger tea).

2. Kratom Crazy Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Sean Gallup, GettyImages

Where to find it: Beverly Hills, CA

Kratom Crazy Sprinkles serves cupcakes all day and night. The Sprinkles Vending machine can hold 600 freshly baked, individually packed cupcakes at once.

Now you can satisfy your midnight cupcake cravings without relying on chemical-laden boxed mixes from the grocery store!

3. Gold-to-Go Vending Machine

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Sean Gallup, GettyImages

Where to find it: Dubai

The Gold to Go machine is the first gold vending machine and can be seen in Dubai Mall, UAE.

This machine is constantly guarded by armored guards, which is entirely appropriate. This sparkling ATM dispenses 24-karat gold in 320 different forms, including gold bars, coins, and jewelry.

4. Let’s have a pizza vending machine.

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
picture alliance, GettyImages

Where to find it: Italy

Microwave pizza just met its equal. Why settle for soggy pizza simply because you’re in a hurry? Now you can deposit money in a vending machine, press a button, and three minutes later, you’ll get freshly baked pizza.

The Let’s Pizza machine can be filled with enough ingredients to make 100 pizzas from scratch! Not joking, it even creates the dough!

5. Burrito Box

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Burrito, GettyImage

Where to find it: West Hollywood, California.

Behold the burrito vending machine. Burrito Box marks a new high for food distribution technology (and possibly a new low for Mexican cuisine). “The world’s first automated burrito kiosk” is housed inside a Mobil gas station in West Hollywood, California.

6. Raw milk vending machine.

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
picture alliance, GettyImages

Where can I find it? Europe.

Raw milk vending machines are attracting a lot of European customers. This delicacy is really popular right now, but it has also sparked a lot of controversy. Is raw milk really safe to drink?

See what happens! Next time you’re in Europe, stop by a raw milk vending machine and get a whole jar of raw milk.


7. Moet & Chandon Champagne Vending Machine

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Randy Shropshire, GettyImage

Where to find it: London

Finally. Moet & Chandon recently designed the most elegant vending machine to date! A Champagne vending machine. This one-of-a-kind vending machine, located in London’s Selfridges department store, sells small champagne bottles.

8. The InstyMeds Pharmacy Medication Dispenser

14 Unique Vending Machines From Around the World
Sean Gallup, GettyImages

InstyMeds, the newest pharmacy vending machine, dispenses antibiotics, inhalers, cough syrups, and pain relievers at hospitals and clinics across the country. This instant, round-the-clock access is designed to reduce the pressure on emergency rooms for diseases that do not require immediate action other than acquiring medication.

9. Save Our Solez

picture alliance, GettyImages

Where to find it: Toronto, USA

According to Metro News, two Toronto men have built a shoe vending machine that will provide flats to women who need a break from high heels. Save Our Solez, based in Canada, will sell the flats for $14.99 and include a bag to store the user’s other shoes.The Save Our Solez machine costs $2,500 and can accommodate 80 pairs of shoes.

Flat Out Of Heels, an American startup founded in 2011, offers attractive vending machines that deliver ’emergency flats’ for women on the go.

10. Mashed Potato Vending Machine by 7-Eleven

Randy Shropshire, GettyImage

Apparently, slushies aren’t enough for 7-Eleven convenience stores, which are now serving something a little different. Mashed potatoes. From a machine that resembles our beloved slurpee machine…

The machine was developed by Maggi, a firm that offers powdered mashed potatoes. It mixes the powdered potatoes with hot water.

Yum…..?? I won’t endorse it, but you can try it for yourself.

11. Kirin Beer & Sake Vending Machine

Bloomberg, Gettyimage

Where to find it: Japan

The name tells it all. One of the most popular commodities sold in Japan is two-dollar beer and sake. Unfortunately, it is becoming less common due to concerns about underage drinking.

12. FEBO Restaurant Vending Machines.

Sean Gallup, GettyImages

Where to Find It: Amsterdam

Fast food is speedier in Amsterdam because to FEBO, a chain Automat that serves meals through a vending machine. Some of the most popular dishes include croquettes packed with veal or beef. Everything in these restaurants costs less than $10. Not bad!

13. Farmer’s Fridge

Heritage Images, GettyImages

Where to find it: United States & Canada

Why should junk food be so readily available but nutritious food is not? Who says healthy food can’t also be delicious? No, sir. Not us. Our big goal is to make slow food available quickly. To offer a fresh perspective on fresh. To convert the vending machine into a vegetable machine. Make access to healthy, enjoyable food the norm, not the exception.

It powers the Farmer’s Fridge. “They use as many local and organic ingredients as possible (mother nature determines availability).” [They] do not compromise on quality, taste, or nutrition. Ever.”

14. Breathalyzer Vending Machine.

Randy Shropshire, GettyImage

Coming soon to your local pub! This is how it works. The user inserts payment (cash, coin, or credit card) into the Boozelator®, and the Smart LCD Ad Monitor walks them through the BrAC (Breath Alcohol Content) testing process. In a nutshell, grab a straw, stick it into the testing hole, blow hard for 2 seconds, and check your results on the enormous monitor! The Boozelator® may be designed to speak any language and accept virtually any currency from any country. We have customers on six continents and over 20 nations.

15. Clean Water ATM Vending Machines

Eric Lafforgue, Gettyimage

Where to find it: Nairobi, Kenya

Residents of Nairobi now have easy access to clean water! This week, the Kenyan government collaborated with a Danish business to build a network of water ATM vending machines in this underprivileged region. The project’s goal is to provide clean, inexpensive water to the people of Nairobi.

The community can access these unique vending machines using smart cards that can store water credits and be used to purchase clean water. The procedure is straightforward: simply swipe the card, and the machine will automatically supply clean water.

Clearly, these water vending devices will improve people’s lives in Nairobi by lowering dehydration rates and waterborne infections. The water is also extremely inexpensive, which adds to the appeal. In reality, it’s the finest value in town: for only half a Kanyan shilling (5 cents in the United States), these machines can dispense up to 20 liters of water.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the 15 unique and unusual vending machines from around the world. What was your favorite? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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