Where to Buy Pikolinos Shoes: Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Pikolinos Shoes


Are you looking for fashionable leather footwear to complete your look? Pikolinos might be able to fill your needs with their classic and modern designs.

Pikolinos has mastered the art of blending comfort, craftsmanship, and style into every pair of shoes they create. With a rich history that spans over three decades, it has become synonymous with quality footwear, adored by men and women.

Pikolinos boasts an impressive array of footwear categories to suit every occasion and preference. For those who love timeless classics with a touch of elegance, Pikolinos offers a stunning collection of boots. From ankle boots to knee-highs, their designs are crafted to perfection, elevating your style no matter the season.

When it’s time to embrace the warmth of the sun, Pikolinos sandals come to the rescue. With their chic designs and comfortable fit, you can effortlessly add a dash of summer charm to any outfit.

Where Can I Buy Pikolinos Shoes?


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Pikolinos shoes can be bought online and the list of where you can buy these shoes are countless, but we will list a few here. In these stores you can find varieties of pikolinos shoes for both men and women respectively, and you can also go to their website @Pikolinos.com

  • Amazon store
  • Charles Clinkard
  • Shoe Fly
  • Styletread
  • Robin ELT Shoes
  • Shoe Mill
  • Mountford
  • Peter Sheppard Footwear
  • Mikko Shoes
  • Tradehome Shoes
  • Nordstrom

Different Types Of Pikolinos shoes

1. Pikolinos Gala Womens Leather Lace  Up Shoe

This stylish and casual laced blucher shoe will surprise you by how comfortable it is. It is crafted with a 100% calfskin leather upper, and 100% pig skin leather lining.

The lightweight, synthetic sole unit provides traction underfoot, while the cushioned insole adds comfort. The shoe is complete with lace up closure for a secure and adjustable fit.

2. Pikolinos Folly Women Sandals

You won’t have to choose between being comfortable and looking nice because with these sandals you get both. The Pikolinos Folly is crafted with a 100% calfskin leather upper, and pig skin leather lining.

3. Men’s Tarifa

The perfect model for summer. One of the key designs of the pikolinos of the men’s collection. Made of leather with hand sewn stitching and velcro closure to fit your foot perfectly.

4. Men’s Berna

Leather source from a tannery that achieved a silver rating, add style to your casual look and make a statement wearing pikolinos shoes.

5. Pikolinos Boots San Sebastian

These ankle boots have a flexible rubber sole along with some tread so you can get a good grip while strutting the streets during colder months.

The San Sebastian boots are designed with a 2-inch heel, adding a bit of flair to your outfit. And, for an extra comfortable fit, the shoes have a cushioned inner sole and collar so they can fit around any ankle.


1. Is Pikolinos Worth It?

Pikolinos has been around for a while, and they definitely know what they’re doing when it comes to shoemaking. Their handcrafted shoes carry on a Spanish tradition that can still be appreciated today.

They have classic and contemporary styles available, and their materials are high-quality. They could last a long time with the proper care. Plus, they’re involved with many social causes, and it’ll feel good knowing that you’re helping people in need.

Despite mixed reception, it’s safe to assume that Pikolinos representatives work hard to rectify any rising issues. Still, if you end up with a pair that doesn’t suit you, they offer solutions like free domestic returns.

2. What is Pikolinos’ Shipping Policy?

Pikolinos offers free shipping within the US. Costs for other locations are calculated at checkout. Processing and delivery times may vary depending on your location, but generally, it can take between 2 to 7 business days.

There are no additional shipping methods, but the carrier will get everything ready as soon as an order is placed. Once the package is shipped out, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking number in order to monitor the delivery.

3. Are Pikolinos good shoes for walking?

One of Pikolinos’ unique selling points is their dedication to comfort. Their shoes are designed with ergonomics in mind, incorporating cushioned foot-beds and arch support to provide the ultimate walking experience. With Pikolinos, you can stride through your day with ease, knowing that your feet are well-cared for.

4.Are Pikolinos sandals comfortable?

These Pikolinos are, without a doubt, the most comfortable shoes ever. The leather is very soft and instantly conforms to the foot. Many slides and flip flops cut into the feet when they’re new, these don’t do that at all. No break is needed.

How to Contact Pikolinos

If you have any questions beyond this Pikolinos review, you can contact their customer care team via an online contact form or through the following channels:

  • Phone: 1 (877) 745-4872
  • Email: pikolinosusa@pikolinos.com
  • Product inquiries: info@pikolinos.com


Pikolinos is a brand that has been making stylish and high-quality footwear since 1984. A lot of the shoemaking process is done by hand, which means each pair is unique and crafted with great attention to detail.

Plus, the company works in a very responsible way  not only does it partner with more than 70 NGOs to improve the lives of people across the globe, but it also ensures all of its processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. So, when you buy a pair of Pikolinos boots or sandals, you won’t just be getting a great pair of shoes, you’ll also be contributing to some fantastic causes.




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