21 ways to wear an infinity scarf


Why shouldn’t everyone have one? Infinity scarves are fashionable, comfy, and simple to wear. No more knots or straining to keep your regular scarf on! They are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and fabrics.

They’re ideal for a comfortable winter beside the fire, but they can serve as a fashionable coverup on the beach. Their adaptability extends beyond that. People are starting to get imaginative now. The infinity scarf is much more than just a scarf. It’s a useful fashion item!

What is an Infinity Scarf?

An infinity scarf, as opposed to a standard scarf with separate ends, is a garment created in the shape of a connected loop or circle. This scarf type has enough fabric to wrap twice around the neck, producing a layered cowl-neck effect, but a snood—another looped neck warmer—is considerably shorter and fits tighter around the neck, similar to a turtleneck collar. Infinity scarves are available in a variety of materials, including cashmere, cotton, silk, wool, satin, and linen.

21 ways to wear an infinity scarf

Here are 21 different ways you can wear an infinity scarf!

1. The Single Loop

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We’ll begin with the basics. If you own an infinity scarf, you’ve probably worn it in this manner. It’s laid-back, comfortable, and stylish.

2. The Double Loop

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And once you’ve completed the single loop, you’ve completed the double loop.

3. The Shawl

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Getting more imaginative, a light or more ornate infinity scarf can be transformed into a lovely shawl! You also don’t have to worry about pulling it up!

4. Head Wrap

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This hippy look is simple to achieve, although it helps if you don’t have a large or thick scarf.

5. The Sweater Vest

Isn’t it warm and inviting? This outfit can become cutting-edge and incredibly stylish with a slimmer scarf.

6. The Capelet

This design is a cross between a sweater vest and a shawl, and it’s perfect for those chilly spring days.

7. The Halter Frock

You can make a halter frock out of a really long infinity scarf! Simply safety pin the top and tie a belt around it.

8. The Knot

A straightforward variant on the single loop.

9. The Maxi Skirt

Thin infinity scarves are stylish and sleek, and they make simply stunning maxi skirts.

10. The Halter

This stomach-baring outfit is ideal for a day at the beach!

11. The Hood

We’ve all seen this one, but it’s also a terrific method to keep the sun off your face!

12. The Baby Sling

Instead of spending money on an expensive baby carrier, use your infinity scarf!

13. A Tie

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Who would have thought it? It also looks fantastic!

14. Summer Coverup

A light and fun infinity scarf is ideal for wearing over your bikini. It will keep you cool, stylish, and will help avoid sunburn!

15. The Twist

Another interesting and lovely way to wear your infinity scarf.

16. The Vest

It also works as a simple vest!

17. The Attached Headband

This look is cozy, cool, and collected, and it’s a fantastic unplanned method to get your hair out of your face.

18. The Nursing Cover

It’s simple and far less expensive! Why would you not?

19. The Sash

Another stylish look that everyone can achieve!

20. The Mini Dress

Before you go outside, make sure this attire is safe!

21. The Shirt

The infinity scarf shirt comes in a variety of styles that are both surprising and stylish.

How not to style an infinity scarf

Infinity scarves will be quite popular in the coming season. That doesn’t imply you should wear your scarf the same way you did in 2010. When it comes to wearing an infinity scarf, the first thing you should avoid is the single loop (via MasterClass).

Loop your infinity scarf twice or more, and if it’s too small to loop twice, leave it out of your ensemble. The only exception is if the single loop is particularly thick and hefty. Similarly, avoid using a flimsy infinity scarf composed of thin cloth.

This style of scarf was formerly fashionable, but nowadays we want our scarves to look like they’re utilitarian rather than just an ornament. Scarves are an excellent winter accessory, but they’re also an excellent way to transition into fall (via Stitch Fix).

If you do decide to wear your scarf before the cold weather arrives, don’t just throw it on over your t-shirt. Instead, layer it over a cardigan, a pullover sweater or a sweatshirt.

You should also avoid overmatching your scarf with your clothes and other accessories; overmatching might make your style appear antiquated.


Q2. How do you wear an infinity scarf?

Wear it around your neck in a variety of ways, such as twisted, doubled, draped once around your neck, or pulled through the loop for a cozy fit under a coat. These scarf designs are ideal for keeping us warm on cold days. A pocket-infinity scarf is what it sounds like.

This is a modern take on the classic infinity scarf. It now has a concealed zippered pocket! It’s the ideal size for storing your phone, keys, or anything else you’d like to have with you but don’t want to require a purse or extra hand.

Q2. What is the name of an infinity scarf?

An infinity scarf, also known as a circle scarf, is a multipurpose fashion accessory that can spice up any outfit while also keeping you warm in cold weather.

Q3. Do you make an infinity scarf with a twist?

When worn long around the neck, the scarf already has a twist in it. You can then wrap it around the neck a second time to produce the “infinity” around the neck.

Q4. What is the distinction between an infinity scarf and a regular scarf?

Regular scarves are frequently non-stretch and woven, making them more formal, especially if they have a smooth texture. Infinity scarves can also be extremely bulky, whereas normal scarves might be thin or lie flat against the body.

Q5. What is the significance of the term “infinity scarf”?

The term “infinity” refers to either the scarf’s never-ending circle or the fact that when you wear it, you twist it once to produce an infinity symbol, then wrap both loops around your neck.

Q6. What is the best material for an infinity scarf?

Infinity scarves can be made from either woven or knit textiles. Stick to lightweight to midweight linen, cotton, and chambray if you’re going with woven. Try double knits, ponte, and jersey for knits. Heavy fabrics, such as twill, corduroy, or canvas, lack the drape required for a scarf.

Conclusion: Make your infinity scarf look updated

When it comes to infinity scarves, there’s one easy guideline to follow: the chunkier the knit, the better (via MasterClass). Your scarf should make you feel and look warm and cozy.

Make sure your scarf is integrated into your outfit rather than just thrown on top. Layer your infinity scarf with your coat or jacket to achieve this look, and if the weather is just starting to cool down, a huge, oversized cardigan would also suffice.


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