51st And Lexington Avenue Complex

This complex is being renovated by Slattery Gottlieb /Skanska Gottlieb to add a full mezzanine to the IND station rather than the existing Lexington Avenue and Third Avenue Mezzanines. Full ADA to the IND is underway.

51st Street (6) has two tracks express underneath) and two wall platforms. Wall tile is beige which is over the original white tile. A crossunder is at the north end (with elevators) and connects to the IND via passageway built by Citibank when the Citigroup Center Building was built. This passageway has lots of glass and leads to a lower level of the office building

Lexington Avenue (E, V) has two tracks and an island platform .

Artwork is entitled Tunnel vision and was installed in 1988. The Artist is Nina Yankowitz. According to the MTA Web Site  ” …Tunnel Vision consists of handmade tiles that line the 51st Street and Lexington Avenue subway underpass. The 1,000 square-foot ceramic tile installation contains a series of wide cracks that appear as deep indentations in the form of lightning bolts ripping through the site and exposing bright blue marbleized water tiles. Revealed within are seascapes that offer a view to another realm. A ceramic relief architectural frieze of the New York City skyline in red, black, and white wraps around the top portion of the walls, and column-like forms appear as pillars supporting the ceiling. The passage is made to feel more expansive as the view Yankowitz provides adds dimension, detail, and interest.”

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