New York City Transit A Division

The A division consists of numbered IRT lines that are nine to twenty-four feet shorter, one foot narrower, and have three sets of doors per side as opposed to four sets per side on the B division. IRT was constructed by August Belmont, who intended for “his railroad” to be devoid of freight service and thus devised narrower clearances to prevent freight trains. As of now, A and B division cars remain distinct, and only A division cars are operational on either A or B division circuits, albeit with specific adjustments or procedures in place (ignoring the significant divide).

Three connections exist between the A and B divisions:

Bullet from the Jerome Avenue Line to the Concourse line via Jerome and Concourse Yards.

(1) bullet
As a result of the former dual BMT/IRT operation of the Astoria line (now BMT) and Corona line (now IRT), Queensboro Plaza features a complete diamond crossover.

(1) bullet
From the center track of the New Lots Line at Junius Street to the Linden Yards and Canarsie Line (third rail not available).

The IRT is the oldest of the three subway divisions, with the exception of sections “inherited” from defunct elevated lines, the majority of which have been demolished or extensively rehabilitated.

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