Animal YouTube Channels: Top 13 Channels For Pet Lovers

Animal YouTube Channels

My animal and pet lovers are certainly going to love this one. YouTube channels have always been an amazing platform where lots of creativity, impact, and beautiful videos are reeled out daily.

The good news is that there are diverse channels for whatever you are looking for on YouTube. Isn’t that amazing? 

Animal YouTube channels help to give you a better understanding of the planet you live on and the different species of animals that reside here with us on Earth.

You will be baffled when you get to see animals, mostly wildlives you’ve never thought existed. 

In today’s article, we will enlighten you on various animal YouTube channels for your viewing pleasure. You can’t imagine the many interesting animal YouTube channels you’re going to discover as we take you on this journey.

Hop in now and let’s take you on a ride in the world of animals!

13 Top Animal YouTube Channels to Explore in 2024

danielsfotowelt, Pixabay

Here are some interesting animal YouTube channels you should check out:

1. Nat Geo Wild

Nat Geo Wild is a very popular animal YouTube channel that will leave you spellbound as you view the unimaginable lifestyles that animals exhibit. Nat Geo Wild will take you on a tour of the animal life and planet we live on.

It explores wildlife and engages you through the storytelling, histories, and behavioral nature of various species of animals. You can stream Nat Geo Wild live on YouTube TV from FOX, ABC, and other cable networks.

2. BBC Earth

The BBC Earth channel can be called “compared to none” when it comes to displaying wildlife and nature.

This channel offers podcasts, documentaries, intriguing stories, and films on wildlife. It is owned by BBC Studios.

They intentionally display jaw-dropping shows and videos about animals, their space, and their lifestyle. Furthermore, the channel features a whole lot of habitat on Earth.

3. The Dodo

The Dodo is an Animal YouTube Channel that displays the work of animal organizations, rescuers, etc. To some extent, their focus is largely on animal welfare.

If you love looking after the well-being of animals, then you should watch the Dodo channel. One of the things they work to achieve is making animal care a vital cause. 

4. Animalogic

Analogic is one of the animal YouTube channels that aims to enlighten you about the different species of animals.

It’s a channel recommended for anyone who wants to learn more about animals. Danielle Dufault is the in-house illustrator and main host of the zoological YouTube channel, Animalogic.

As some people will say, Animalogic is a field directive to the natural world.

5. The Slow Mo Guys

Just like the name implies, the Slow Mo Guys display animals in their slow-motion videos. It is a science-and-technology web series from Thame, England, created by Gavin Free.

Due to the nature of their display, they capture even the smallest detail using the slow motion pattern. 

This series constantly films wildlife in extreme slow motion. They achieve this using a Vision Reserve Phantom high-speed camera. These cameras were reportedly said to have shot over 1,500,000 frames per second.

6. The Pet Collective

This is a platform where animal lovers come together to have fun and have a good life. In this channel, captivating stories that could trigger good laughter are being displayed.

Viewing this channel gives life and energy to your pet’s lifestyle, and animals are seen as the priority.

7. AFV

Also known as Animals Friends of the Valley. It is a compilation of animals performing funny incidents. The show is a humorous one, hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro.

This channel is dedicated to promoting the care of animals through education and animal service programs. This YouTube channel also creates a room for the adoption of animals and makes it easy for one to go for animal adoption. 

8. Maymo

Dog lovers will certainly like this one. Maymo is an animal YouTube channel that stars in nearly all videos due to its popularity.

Let us give you a brief history of Maymo. Maymo is a lemon beagle dog born on January 15, 2011. His favorite drink is coconut water, and his favorite toy is a battery-operated mouse.

Maymo is a funny beagle dog known for starring in humorous and cute videos on YouTube. Watching the video of Maymo on YouTube will give you a better comprehension of what we are trying to relate to you.

9. Animal Planet

Animal Planet is an animal YouTube channel that is focused on producing videos related to all kinds of animals.

Their videos are channeled mainly to animal welfare and animal-related content. They also go the extra mile to display or point out the importance of conservation efforts.

Are you looking for a way to immerse yourself more in the animal world? If yes, then you should check out Animal Planet.

10. Brave Wilderness

You should see Brave Wilderness if you want to have a change of taste and view the adventurous and educational Animal YouTube channel.

Brave Wilderness is an exciting, fascinating, and high-spirited animal documentary. It is a wild world, full of jaw-dropping adventures. 

The adventurous animal expert named Peterson Coyote and his crew embark on a wild-world adventure. There, they meet and encounter various species of animals and learn lots of new things from the different wildfires as they always come close to them.

You have to go see it yourself on the channel. I bet you don’t want to be told about it.

11. VlogAfterCollege

Every pet lover will love this. This animal YouTube channel portrays the life of a man named Ryan and his numerous pets.

Ryan, having lived with and been associated with these pets for quite a long time, dishes out tips on how to handle and care for them. His pets include reptiles, cats, dogs, etc.

Just like some animal YouTube channels, this channel has a strong focus on animal welfare and adoption. All thanks to Ryan, who has made himself an advocate.

12. Cole and Marmalade

This animal YouTube channel is for cat lovers. You need to see these cats, highly photogenic, unlike certain cats. Just like other channels, this one focuses on giving tips and daily lifestyles for cat owners.

Cole and Marmalade are black ginger-tabby cats owned by Chris Poole.

Watching the video will be one of the beautiful things you should do, especially seeing Cole and Marmalade play with their toys and having a good time with Chris Poole.

13. The Birders Show

This animal YouTube channel originated in Bogota, Columbia. This country is said to be the highest in having the most species of bird. The podcast is particularly about birds and birds’ evolution.

The channel was pioneered by Chris Bell and Diego Calderón-Franco. One of the things featured by both men is an interview about the world of birds.

They bring along with them those who have gone far and know the pros and cons of the world of birding.

Why should I watch the Animal YouTube Channel?

Animal YouTube Channels
Arcaion, Pixabay

Watching the Animal YouTube Channel will help you understand the natural world around you and the animals that dwell on the same planet as you.

This doesn’t have to do with whether or not you love pets. There’s certainly something educational about these wildfires and their daily activities.

And if you’re an animal lover or a pet owner, it’s certainly going to be an advantage to you, as watching these animal YouTube channels will help you understand how to treat your pets and animals generally.

Do Animal YouTube Channels Make Money?

Yes! Many people have built and are living successful lives just by producing animal-related content on YouTube. It may also interest you to know that some have turned it into a full-time job.

However, some factors should be considered to determine whether you can make good money out of animal YouTube channels. Some of these factors include:

  • The type of content you put out.
  • The number of your subscribers.
  • The level of engagement from your viewers.
  • Your niche when it comes to putting out content.
  • Your consistency in creating content.

You have to sit down and ask questions. Make enough research to know which animal appeals to your audience the most.

Last Words on Animal YouTube Channels

We have come to the end of animal YouTube channels! If you’ve read to this point, then I’m sure you have learned quite a few things regarding animal YouTube channels.

What next? You can check out these channels and see which you find more interesting. Animals are beautiful creatures, and watching how they live their lives and exhibit certain lifestyles is an exciting thing to do, whether you love animals or not.

Watching animal YouTube channels helps to give you a better understanding of the planet you exist on, including the different species of animals that live with us on planet Earth.

I bet you will be surprised to see wildlife animals; you’ve never thought that existed. If you’re looking to launch an animal YouTube channel, here’s an opportunity to start, as I’m sure you’ve learned one or two things that will be beneficial to you.

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