Best Podcast For Road Trip: 8 Top Selection


Have you wondered why so many feel bored and fall asleep on a road trip? Not just because they are tired but because there’s nothing to spice up their journey. However,  with the best podcast for road trips, your journey would be spiced up and less boring.

When planning for a road trip, especially a lengthy one, you can take along some exciting podcasts, which include the Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me podcast, the Atlas Obscura podcast, Travel Tales by AFAR, a serial podcast and lots more.

In this article, we’ll get to understand what a podcast is, the best podcast for road trips, the best podcast for kids, which will help them remain calm and excited throughout the journey, and the benefits of listening to a podcast on a road trip.

Podcast: Meaning

It is very necessary to know the meaning of a podcast because many people mistake a podcast for a radio broadcast. Now the difference is that a podcast is not usually a live program; they are pre-recorded and are available for download or streaming on several apps, while radio broadcasts are live and follow a scheduled pattern and can only be listened to while they are live.

Also, podcasts do not include music; they are talk shows, while radio often includes music. With these differences, it will be difficult to mistake a podcast for a radio broadcast.

A podcast program could be an audio or video recording, which could be a themed series, quiz, stories, interviews, spoken words and lots more. It can be downloaded from a website and listened to on a media app or computer.

Podcast stories are of two types: the serial, which builds a story on another and must be listened to chronologically. The episode tells a different story from the previous episode. Other types of podcasts are business, monologue, conversational, comedy, panel, history, and road trip podcasts.

8 Best Podcasts For Road Trips

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There are numerous podcasts for road trips but we’ll focus on the 8 best podcasts for road trips that can entertain you and remove boredom. These podcasts include:

1. The Atlas Obscura Podcast

The Atlas Obscura podcast, hosted by Dylan Thuras, has been one of the best podcasts for road trips. It is an audio podcast that focuses on discoveries. Are you interested in and curious about discovering new and hidden places in the world? This podcast is for you. It will take you through a journey of strange facts about unusual destinations around the world.

An exciting fact about this podcast is that they uncover hidden places in the world and underworld, share histories and stories behind their existence and also identify individuals who made such places remarkable.

2. The SmartLess

The SmartLess podcast is hosted by two American actors, Jason Bateman and Sean Hayes  and a Canadian actor, Will Arnett. It is a comedy podcast that interviews its guests and has won Best Comedy Podcast of the Year 2022.

The SmartLess podcast, as of February 19, 2024, has released about 189 episodes of their show, which are available for download. If you are the type of person who wants to keep his or her journey alive and laugh throughout the trip, then the SmartLess podcast is for you.

3. Travel Tales By AFAR

Travel Tales by AFAR is another great podcast for road trips that centers on traveling around the world. This podcast will take you on a journey to explore the world without going there in person.

Furthermore, this podcast will give you a bigger picture of the world at large and will change your perspective about the world.

Additionally, this podcast is designed in such a way that each week a different person gives a transformation story about a trip. If you are someone who loves to explore the world, then Travel Tales by AFAR is for you.

A review by T Minin 

“I absolutely loved Emma John’s episode on traveling with a teenager in Venice. It was relatable and her storytelling made me feel like I was actually in Italy. I’ll definitely keep listening.”

4. Unpacked

Unpacked by AFAR is another podcast targeted at examining life as messy people. They dialogue with leaders of industries, storytellers, and counselors, sharing their past failures and how they gained strength to move on.

Additionally, this podcast releases new topics every Thursday that deal with some of the most satisfactory places to spend your holidays, some tips to make money, how to budget and manage your finances, and traveling well.

5. Welcome To Night Vale

This podcast is hosted by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. It is another best podcast for road trips that is unique in its style, presenting mysterious lights in the night sky and dark-hooded figures with unknown powers.

This podcast is full of myths and cultural events.  If you want your trip to be spiced up with a strange and unusual story line, this podcast is for you.

A review by a listener “One of those podcasts you’ll get wrapped up in. Great mythology, full of wry humor and great surrealist bits. Makes you wish you could visit Night Vale, only to run away screaming.”

6. Maintenance Phase

Are you interested in your health and well-being? This podcast is for you. It is hosted by Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes.

They aim to expose the false science behind health, weight loss and wellness. This is an interesting podcast as you begin to learn new ways to do the right things. Stay tuned, as new episodes are being released every Tuesday.

7. Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me

This podcast is a weekly quiz and it is hosted by Peter Sagal. Wait Wait… Don’t tell me it will help you crack your brain while on a road trip; your knowledge capability will be tested.

This podcast features comedians and celebrities. If you are someone who loves to know about current events and wants to stay informed, this podcast is for you.

A review by Kenya Dreaming “Listener for two decades. This show has traveled with me around the world and brought me so many laughs. My kids are now fans and ask to listen to “our podcast” together. Thank you for all the joy, weird stories, and actual news! Love this show.”

8. Zero To Travel

As the name implies, Zero to Travel is a podcast that will take you from newbies to nomads. This podcast is hosted by a lover of travel, Jason Moore. He has traveled the planet and spent more than 16 years on the road.

Furthermore, this podcast will inspire you to travel more and help you discover new ways to travel endlessly. If you are someone who loves travel and adventure, this podcast is for you.

A review by a listener “Amazing podcast full of inspiring stories of travel and alternative lifestyles!” Great resource!”

Best Road Trip Podcast For Kids

Here are some best podcasts for road trips for your kids to be entertained.

1. Story Pirates

The Story Pirates is an amazing road trip podcast for your kids. It contains inventive stories and creative activities that can boost your child’s cognitive abilities.

2. Brains On!

This podcast is specifically for curious kids, with tricky questions for each episode. It is educational for children and teenagers, although adults can listen to it.

3. Circle Round

The circle round podcast for kids is characterized by fairy tales, myths, and legends around the world. It is engaging because the podcast is told with famous voices that are understood by children.

4. Wow In The World

Wow in the World is a science-based podcast that helps kids and families achieve their dreams through exposure and exploration.

 5. The Big Fib

The big fib podcast was formerly known as the pants on fire. It is a game podcast for kids where they discover which person is telling and who’s lying.

Benefits Of Listening To Podcasts

There are several benefits of listening to podcasts while on a road trip. They include:

1. Improve Mental Imagination

Podcasts are known to improve your mental imagination. As you try to imagine what the speaker is talking about, you are building and helping your brain. This will also help you maintain focus while on your trip.

2. Reduces Eye Strain

You listen to podcasts with your ear and not your eyes, thereby reducing your screen time and eye strain.

3. Learn New Things

Listening to podcasts on road trips will give you a better chance of learning new things, having new ideas and exploring your world.

4. Vocabulary Boost

Constantly listening to podcasts can improve and boost your vocabulary in both native and secondary languages. It will also expose you to a wide variety of topics.

5. For Entertainment

Podcasts can be a means of entertainment. To lighten up your trip, try a comedy podcast.

Final Words

Selecting the best podcast for a road trip has been made easy through this article. I’ll recommend you go through this article again so as to get the best. You can download these podcasts from websites and listen to them on Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcast.


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