Car Shipping From Dubai: 10 Important Things to Consider


There are lots of reasons why anyone would want to know how to go about car shipping from Dubai. People ship their cars for lots of reasons.  It could be for business purposes, which could include the movement of cars from one country to another for sales and most times these are very expensive or luxury cars and racing cars too.

Apart from business purposes,  some people may also get involved in car shipping from Dubai due to personal reasons. Maybe they are going on a vacation or traveling to another country for work-related purposes and they may stay longer there, To reduce the cost of transportation and for comfort, they may choose to ship their cars from Dubai. 

It is important to know that Dubai is home to a lot of luxury and very expensive cars, whether it be for personal or business purposes. With the right information, planning and knowledge engaging in car shipping from Dubai will be an easy piece of cake. In this article, we’ll look at some of the processes involving car shipping from Dubai.

10 Things You Need To Know About Car Shipping From Dubai

With the right information, car shipping from Dubai isn’t as difficult as it sounds and that’s why in this article we’ll be giving you six things you need to know about car shipping from Dubai and the requirements you need to have before shipping a car to Dubai.

1. You Must Have a Valid Passport and UAE Visa

The first important requirement that shouldn’t be neglected that you need to meet is that you must have a valid passport and UAE visa.  If you don’t have a valid passport, you won’t even be able to leave or enter the country and you won’t be able to ship anything, not even your car, from Dubai.

If you wish to engage in car shipping from Dubai, you must double-check to make sure your passport hasn’t expired,  it is up-to-date and you have your visa ready. Once you have all these documents ready, you’re one step closer to the finish line.

2. Find a Reliable Car Shipping Company

The next thing you need to know if you wish to have more information about car shipping from Dubai is that you need to find a reliable car shipping company.  There are lots of car shipping companies in Dubai since Dubai is known for its expensive yet beautiful cars.

Asking proper questions would help choose a reliable car shipping company so you won’t be scammed, disappointed, or lose your money or car. Finding a car shipping company that knows their onions would make the process quicker and easier for you.

So it is very important for you to ask questions,  do the necessary research and read the reviews of others before choosing a car shipping company to ship your car from Dubai.

3. Find Out The Different Shipping Methods And Choose The One Which Best Suits You

After choosing a car shipping company that is reliable and has excellent results, the next step on your journey of car shipping from Dubai is to find out the different shipping methods and choose the one that best suits you.

The two most widely used shipping methods are the container shipping method and the roll-on or roll-off shipping method. Each of these shipping methods has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s best that you ask the proper questions,  seek guidance and choose the one that suits you.

4. Check Out For The Insurance Coverage Of The Car That Should Be Shipped

The next thing you need to know about car shipping from Dubai is that you need to make the necessary findings for the insurance of the car.  Finding the insurance status of your car is very important because it helps to save on additional costs and unnecessary worries. If your car has insurance, it would save you from emergency expenses and additional costs. If, during the shipping process, your car gets damaged or gets lost, insurance will ensure that you are indemnified for the loss. Not having insurance means you could be left with a damaged or missing car and there would be no way for you to recover your losses.

It is very important to find out the insurance status of the car to be shipped, although there are some shipping companies in Dubai that provide insurance services along with the shipping services that they offer. Before the shipping process, it is best that you spend quality time with the insurance provider to ensure that your car is fully covered and also to find out the process and the policies of the shipping company, especially in cases where your car is being managed or lost.

5. Prepare All The Necessary Paperwork

The next point on things you should know about car shipping from Dubai is that you need to find out all the required documents and prepare the necessary paperwork. Some of the documents that would be asked for include your vehicle registration, customs declaration form and insurance certificate.

Getting information on all the necessary documents and having them prepared is one way to ensure that your car is shipped without any queries from the authorities.

6. Prepare Your Car For Shipping

The next step here is to prepare your car for shipping. Preparing your car for shipping is a very important step because it helps you know the current condition of your car before shipping and also ensures that your car arrives at its destination in good condition.

The first step here is to take your car to the car wash for proper cleaning.  Before taking your car to the car wash, you have to remove any of your personal items that are in the car (shoes, clothing, files, keys, etc).   After removing your personal items, you have to detach any items that have been installed in the car that could be damaged during the shipping process.  Items like GPS devices, air fresheners, babysitters and car chargers.

The next step is to assess the different parts of the car, like the engine, tires and batteries, to ensure they are in good shape before shipping. Just as mentioned earlier, Dubai is home to very expensive and luxury cars,  so if you’re shipping a luxury car that has special features and unique designs, it would be best if you used covers like tire covers and car covers to protect them during shipping.

7. Take Note of the Condition of Your Car Before Shipping

If you don’t know the condition of your car before shipping, how would you know something has been damaged or something went wrong in the car after the shipping process?  It is very important to take note and document the condition of your car before shipping.

Look around, observe, take notes and take pictures of the insides and outsides of your car. Note any damage or scratches that have been there. You also have to disable your car alarm system if it has one to prevent false alarms during the shipping process. You also have to fill your car’s tank with the right amount of gas since the car would be moved around during the shipping process; it’s not necessary to fill your tank to the brim.

8. Choose The Port of Departure and Arrival

When you’re car shipping from Dubai, one important thing that you need to consider is the port of departure and arrival. Although the shipping company would be there to guide you on this decision. Most times, the port of departure will be in Dubai, while the port of arrival would be the port that is very close to your final destination.  This would help you in your preparation process so you can make the necessary arrangements that you need to make on how to get your car when it gets to the arrival port.

9. Choose the Date For Shipping Your Car

For you to make the necessary plans,  you’ll have to choose the date for shipping. When you drop off your car at the shipping company, it’s not going to be shipped immediately. There is a waiting period where the car is being examined with all the necessary documents and the shipping company is getting ready for the shipping process. Weather conditions can also have an impact on the date of the shipment of your car.

10. Find Out About The Cost of Shipping Your Car From Dubai

The last point here is you have to find out the necessary information about the cost of shipping your car from Dubai. The cost of shipping your car from Dubai is not fixed. It varies depending on the shipping company, the size of your car, the port of departure and arrival,  the type of shipping service you use and the time of the  year since weather conditions also play a major role during car shipping from Dubai.


In conclusion,  car shipping from Dubai is quite an easy process with the necessary information and planning. It is important to ask questions and do research about the shipping process so you won’t make any mistakes.

Every step listed above is very important, from choosing a reliable car shipping company to finding out the insurance status of your car, to preparing your car for shipping, All these processes are crucial to ensuring your car arrives at its final destination free from any obstruction and obstacles on the way.




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