Church Attires In Italy: 7 Attires For Both Men and Women


Are you visiting Italy for the first time and would like to attend some religious gatherings? If you are, then this post contains all that you need to know about church attire in Italy.

Italy is one of the many countries that welcome millions of tourists every year. Being where the Vatican City of Rome is situated, most tourists go to explore religious sites and artifacts.

For example, St. Peter’s Basilica is one place to visit in the Holy City of Rome, which is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and various other sites.

Here is the big question: What do I wear to those places?

As they often say, when you are in Rome, act like a Roman. Italy is a religious country, so if you are visiting a church or any religious site, there are outfits you are not supposed to put on.

It’s not like a taboo, but it’s best if you obey such  rules to avoid any form of embarrassment.

In this article, we discussed Church Attires in Italy and explained the appropriate dress code you are expected to wear when visiting a church in Italy.

The Importance of Appropriate Dressing in Church

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Churches are a sacred place to reconnect with God, pray, and reflect. When you dress appropriately for the church or other religious gathering, it’s a way of showing respect for God and the activities.

Aside from these reasons, there are many other reasons why appropriate dressing is important, even in our day-to-day activities.

Church Attires In Italy for men

1. Suits

The suit is the most common church attires in Italy, especially for men. The reason is that it is suitable, cool, and covers the body better.

It simply consists of a jacket, a shirt, and a trouser. You can add a tire if you so desire. You are not also restricted to black suits alone; you can mix colors or wear other colors like red, tan, white, blue, and other appropriate colors and watch it with a fitting shoe.

2. Dress shirts and a tie

It is very common to see men in Italian churches in this type of attire. Italy is a place of fashion, especially men’s fashion. typically wearing a shit, a tie, and trousers.

Collared shirts can also be recommended, but the tie should look conservative in styling.

3. Sport coats

Another alternative to a suit is a sports coat. It is actually less formal, but it is still appropriate and conveys a sense of dignity and respect for the liturgy. It’s basically a combination of a dress shirt and pants.

4. Button-down shirts and dress pants

This is also church attire in Italy, which is popular among men. It is actually appropriate for men who like to appear casual and have a gentlemanly look. It is recommended that you dress in style and look more responsible.

5. Traditional attires

Even though Italy is a very conservative country, one is not restricted to only Italian dresses. You can still dress in your native attire and attend church gatherings.

Inasmuch as your traditional attire is conservative and not complicated, it is acceptable.

What You Should Not Wear as Church Apparel in Italy

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Above all the recommended outfits to attend Italian churches discussed above, you can actually wear many other outfits as long as they are not culturally inappropriate and unsuitable for religious activities.

Below are some of the dresses you should try wearing to an Italian church to avoid any embarrassment of any sort:

1. Ragged trousers (Crazy jeans)

The church is basically a place of worship, not some place to display fashion or ruggedness. Italian churches are very against this form of dressing.

To avoid any issues with the ushers, don’t wear this to an Italian church, especially the churches around Rome or any other big cities.

2. Shorts

Shorts or baggies are not allowed in most churches; you should consider something else instead.

3. Cross-dressing

If you are a crossdresser, you may need to change your style for that day. Wearing the other gender’s attire is considered impolite and shows the utmost disrespect to God and faith.

If you are a man, wear men’s clothing only. You can continue your cross-dressing outside the church premises.

Church attire in Italy for women

1. Skirts and blouses

You can actually achieve that look with a beautiful skirt and a good skirt. This dressing is considered one of the most appropriate for women for various religious functions, not only in Italy but beyond. It is considered the most conservative and appropriate for women of faith.

2. Casuals

You want to command that madam title from other Italian worshippers, right? Casuals are a great dress that makes you stand out and look even more responsible. It is accepted for all religious functions.

3. Corporate

Corporate wear is also recommended for liturgies in Italy. It makes you appear decent, responsible, and respectful, and the career woman vibe is seen.

4. Traditional attires

As a woman, you are not limited to corporate and casual. You can put on traditional wear like round necks, tops, denim, and others.

If you are coming from a cultural community like Asia, your traditional clothing is allowed as long as it conforms to the rules and is culturally appropriate.

What You Should Wear as Church Attires in Italy as a Woman

In most religions, women have many dress codes that are often not allowed. As a woman, clothes that expose your body may not be allowed in an Italian church.

1. Mini skirts

Mini skirts are considered inappropriate, tempting, and disrespectful to the liturgy. The rule is that whatever skirt you are wearing should at least reach the knee. If you must wear this, let it be outside the church environment to save your face.

2. Clothes that expose the body

As a woman, clothes that show your private bodies are not advisable for religious services. It is seen as disrespect for God and the liturgy.

Putting on show-backs, going braless, bikinis, or any other clothes that are explosive are really frowned at.

You can put that on during your visit to the beach or other leisure places, but not at the church, to avoid raising eyebrows among the congregations.

3. Ragged and skimpy dresses

Churches want you to come looking good, but slaying in one of these is deemed inappropriate. You may not even be allowed in most churches, especially around the vatican.

There are other places to slay; in those, the church is exempt. You can still look slay in casual and corporate dresses anyway.

Note: It is important that you do not go against the dress codes to avoid any embarrassment.  Actually, it is not like they will call you out or something, but the ushers might meet at your seat and ask you to leave or give you something like a scarf to cover up.

Bottom line

Italy is one of the best places to visit for religious tourism, especially. The Roman Catholic Church is the predominant church in the country, even though there are a few others too.

It is necessary to dress appropriately if you will be attending an Italian church during your visit. Religious sites and houses do not allow clothes that expose the body or make you look rascal; it is considered a disrespect to God and the liturgy. Good luck on your visit.

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