12 Top Crocs Alternative

Without a doubt, Crocs are among the most comfortable shoes on the market. It provides excellent comfort.

The distinctiveness of the croslite substance made it even more appealing. But Crocs are not cheap, they are quite expensive.

While you wish you could add Crocs to your wardrobe but cannot afford them, there are cheaper Crocs alternatives.

Even as less expensive options, they are not inferior to Crocs clogs. It simply means that you won’t have to spend up to $50 for a decent pair of rubber clogs or slides.

Below is a list of the top Crocs replacements you can acquire for yourself. They include:

Top 12 Picks for the Best Croc Alternatives of 2024

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The full list of our top recommendations for the finest Croc dupes is below, but first, consider Crocs’ incredible popularity.

Crocs are made of a non-toxic, patented EVA foam that is extremely lightweight, practically unbreakable, odor-resistant and antibacterial.

Crocs are worn by chefs, children and hikers as camp shoes; I once wore a pair while riding a cross-country motorcycle.

There are several additional ways to rock ’em. Not to mention the numerous Crocs collaborations, which keep the footwear fresh with each seasonal release.

As we approach peak Crocs, we want to help you get in on the activity without feeling like you’re merely joining an ever-expanding bandwagon.

Since the Crocs craze began, several other brands have created their own take on the slip-on adventure clog, resulting in an entire market of Croc alternatives.

The 12 Best Crocs-Style Shoes for Adventure and Everyday Wear

1. Chacos Chilos Clog

Chaco, another footwear manufacturer with a strong following, has introduced an alternative to Crocs with the Chillos Clog.

Chacos are well-known for their support, which is shown here with an integrated Luvseat insole, and they thrive in slippery conditions, even with their non-lugged, non-marking EVA outsole.

These slip-on shoes have adjustable webbing that runs over the tops of the feet and behind the heel, allowing you to customize the fit.

The Chillos, with ventilation holes only over the instep, may be better suited to city wear than to water activities.

2. Merrell Hydro Moc

Merrell owners are a loyal bunch, so it’s no wonder that the Hydro Moc has swiftly gained a cult following due to its superior performance in and near water.

The Hydro Moc offers large air holes for breathability that also allow for drainage after submersion, and the articulated heel ensures they stay stable regardless of terrain, especially with the heel strap.

The Hydro Mocs even appear to have sprung from a swamp itself, which, depending on your fashion choices, may or may not be a good thing.

3. Muck Boots Muckster Lite EVA Clog

A serious disadvantage of the Croc mania is that those massive chunks of foam will outlive us all in a landfill someplace.

The good news is that Muck Boots manufactures a biodegradable Croc replacement that is both attractive and functional.

The one-piece Mock Boots clog is an eco-friendly alternative with a textured sole for grip on wet areas and water drainage holes that increase ventilation.

It is also easy to clean, quick to dry, and extremely lightweight.

4. Suicoke MOK

Suicoke’s MOK Injection Sandal, looks more like clog shoes than sandals, like a Croc who has finally grown up and obtained a degree.

The profile is less whimsical and more sleek, and the price point ($139) reflects this design upgrade.

The MOKs are great for regular wear, but they won’t be the clogs you take on a wilderness adventure.

5. Vans Slip-on Mule TRK

Vans took their basic slip-on silhouette and built a version out of a single piece of injected rubber with breathability to resemble the trademark checkered pattern.

It has now tweaked the design to make an easy-wearing mule that can be walked into like a pair of Crocs, resulting in a very fashionable option in the water-resistant shoe category.

The Mule TRK, like super-functional loafers, is suitable for casual ventures on land and water, however, the sole is thick and lacks the support that a genuine adventure shoe would provide. When going off-road, you can feel the rocks underfoot but at a seaside bar, they stand out, especially with the slip-resistant outsole.


OOFOS have obviously decadent support that my parents swear by, which, like many things my parents wear, makes me skeptical.

However, with the OOcandoo, they’ve created a highly useful and compelling offering that incorporates the brand’s signature comfortable footbed and, unlike the Crocs original clog, a security strap.

They may be the least fashionable on our list but if Crocs are any indicator, they will be in roughly a decade. This could be your opportunity to go ahead of the pack!

7. Oboz Whakata Coast Slip-On

Oboz is known for manufacturing extremely comfortable hiking boots and the Whakata Coast Slip-On is no exception, with lots of plush squish to match.

The slip-on, clog-style shoe features Oboz’ unique insoles for further comfort, is made of bio-based EVA and has an eco rubber outsole for more traction.

8. Kane Revive

What happens when you cross a Croc and a running shoe? For the past two months, I’ve been wearing the Kane Revive, a unisex shoe that is part slip-on, part recovery sneaker.

The Revive is manufactured from sugarcane-based EVA foam, which is environmentally friendly, and it was designed by an orthopedist to aid rehabilitation.

The padding underfoot is great for running about my kid on the playground and the anatomical design secures the heel in the same way that Crocs’ heel strap does.

These need a little more work to slip on, but they’ve kept my feet comfortable during long, hot, active days.

9. Keen Yogui Arts

The Keen Yogui Arts are slip-on clogs with ample space and good arch support. These are a fantastic choice for casual activities but the lack of straps may cause them to slip off when the going gets rough (or the river flows). Yogui Arts has a unique style, similar to that of a toddler’s work, but it is very great.

10. Birkenstock EVA Arizona

Okay, these aren’t clogs, but Birkenstock makes an excellent sandal and the vegan EVA Arizonans deserve a special mention for accompanying me on a surprising number of travels.

They’ve recently gained popularity among thru-hikers and bike packers as a camp shoe because of their weight of nine ounces per pair.

They also feature the basic characteristics of Crocs—they’re really quick to dry—and they look great in my local coffee shop.

11. Ales Grey Rodeo Drive Slip-Ons

Ales Grey’s Rodeo Drive is another ultralight and breathable slip-on clog, but this time you can feel good about your purchase.

That’s because it’s made of 100% XL extra-light foam, which contains 51% recycled materials and is completely recyclable.

They are also manufactured in a solar-powered facility and shipped in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

12. Bedrock Mountain Clog

We’re moving away from Crocs’ benchmark of an all-EVA or rubber build, but Bedrock’s recently released Mountain Clog meets the majority of the other comparative requirements and thus makes the list.

These, like Crocs, have an adjustable heel strap that may be used for true adventure or slipped on and worn casually.

They also have a broad toe box, making them roomy and comfortable. They’re also lightweight, so you might consider taking them camping or bibackpacking. In addition, the Mountain Clogs feature a sticky Vibram rubber sole, so you won’t slip. They also come in two different styles: synthetic and leather.

12. Hoka One One Hopara Sandal

Speaking of outdoor adventures, Hoka has entered the game with a purpose-built sandal that could certainly outperform many hiking boots on an ascent while crushing most river shoes around the water.

The Hopara provides ample support, ventilation, and security, and even has a toe cap to protect against debris.

Unlike Crocs, it has a lugged outsole that is extremely non-slip on practically any surface you step on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are knock-off Crocs as good?

In general, knockoff Crocs are inferior to the original. However, for the money spent, they are usually an excellent deal, and many people are extremely satisfied with them.

Why are Crocs so expensive?

Crocs are expensive due to the unique Croslite substance that they use and are made from. It is not inexpensive to produce, and they must recoup their development costs.

Is there a cheaper version of Crocs?

There are dozens of cheaper Crocs, one of the most similar being the Amoji slippers. They have the most similar form and holes to the original Crocs, and they are also fairly robust and comfortable.


In conclusion, finding the ideal pair of Crocs replacements does not have to be a difficult effort.

With so many alternatives available, comfort, style, and affordability are all within grasp. When looking for new shoes, look for qualities like a perforated, breathable top, a well-cushioned footbed, strong arch support, secure heel straps, and a pleasant EVA midsole.

These characteristics keep your feet comfy, healthy, and elegant all day long. Remember that a true alternative to Crocs should provide the same degree of comfort and functionality without the high cost!

Now that we’ve provided you with all of the required information, it’s time to begin your shoe-shopping experience.

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