Do hotels do laundry?


Do you want to know if you can wash your clothing while staying in a hotel? Whether traveling for business or pleasure, many travelers find themselves in the position of needing to do laundry while on the road.

If you’re pressed for time, here’s a fast fix: Most hotels provide onsite laundry facilities for guests to use, but availability, pricing, and specific amenities vary widely.

We’ll go over everything you need to know about doing laundry at hotels in this detailed guide. You’ll learn about the many types of hotel laundry services, what to expect in terms of cost and convenience, how to identify hotels with laundry, and alternatives for washing clothes while staying in a hotel.

Do hotels do laundry?

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Guests can utilize the laundry rooms in most hotels. These rooms are usually on the ground level or in a specific sector of the hotel.

You can find the laundry facilities by asking the front desk staff or looking for signs or directions in the hotel’s communal areas.

Types of Hotel Laundry Facilities

Laundry Rooms with Guest Access

Many hotels include laundry rooms with guest access, allowing guests to wash their laundry while staying. These laundry rooms are equipped with washers, dryers, ironing boards, and detergent dispensers.

They are usually found on each floor or in a specific location of the hotel.

For travelers, especially those on long trips or with limited packing capacity, having access to a washing room can be a huge advantage.

It saves them the trouble of finding a laundromat or paying for laundry services.

Guests only need to gather their dirty clothing, follow the directions, and they will have clean and new clothes in no time. For individuals who like to wash their own laundry, it’s a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Valet and Dry Cleaning Services

Many hotels provide valet or dry cleaning services for people who would rather not do their  own laundry. These services are typically supplied by hotel staff or through collaborations with local dry cleaners.

Guests who use valet or dry cleaning services must leave their soiled clothes in a designated area, and the hotel staff will take care of the rest.

Within a certain duration, the clothes are collected, washed, and returned to the guest’s room or a predetermined pickup point.

This is a popular alternative for business travelers or people attending formal events who need their garments professionally cleaned and pressed. them ensures that guests’ clothes are clean and wrinkle-free without the inconvenience of cleaning them themselves.

In-Room Laundry Amenities

Some hotels go out of their way to provide in-room laundry facilities for their customers. A washing machine and dryer, an ironing board, and detergent are examples of amenities.

In-room laundry amenities, which are typically featured in suites or extended-stay hotels, provide visitors with the convenience of doing their laundry in the comfort of their own room.

This option is especially appealing for families or individuals staying for an extended period of time because it allows them to keep up with their laundry routine without leaving their room. Many people love the sense of privacy and convenience it affords.

Hotels that provide in-room laundry services frequently provide thorough instructions on how to use the machines and may even provide additional materials upon request.

Using on-site hotel laundry rooms

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It’s fairly uncommon to find yourself in need of clean clothes while vacationing at a hotel. Using the on-site hotel washing facilities might be a useful alternative, whether you’re on a long trip or simply prefer to pack light. Here are some things to keep in mind when using these facilities.

Locating the laundry facilities

Guests can utilize the laundry rooms in most hotels. These rooms are usually on the ground level or in a specific sector of the hotel. You can find the laundry facilities by asking the front desk staff or looking for signs or directions in the hotel’s communal areas.

Larger hotels may have many laundry rooms spread across multiple floors or wings.

Hours of Operation and Availability

Hotel laundry rooms are available, depending on the hotel’s policies and size. Some hotels feature laundry rooms that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing guests to do their laundry at any time of day or night.

Smaller hotels or budget motels, on the other hand, may have limited hours of operation for their washing facilities. When checking in, ask about the hours of operation or phone the front desk for more information.

Laundry supplies are needed

It is important to bring your own laundry supplies while utilizing the hotel’s laundry room. While some hotels may provide guests with detergent and fabric softener, it’s always a good idea to bring your own. Bring your own washing detergent, dryer sheets, and any other supplies you might require.

Having a laundry bag or basket to transfer your clothes can also help make the procedure easier and more orderly.

Cost to Use Hotel Laundry Machines

The cost of utilizing hotel laundry machines varies depending on the establishment. Some hotels provide free laundry services as part of their amenities, while others may charge a fee.

It is critical to verify with the hotel ahead of time to see if there are any fees involved with utilizing the machines.

If there is a charge, it could be per load or based on the length of use. To use the devices, certain hotels may ask you to purchase tokens or use a prepaid card.

The on-site hotel laundry room can be a quick and inexpensive method to keep your clothes clean and fresh during your stay.

You’ll be well-prepared to use these facilities during your hotel stay if you’re familiar with their location, hours of operation, and any necessary supplies or prices.

In-Room Laundry Amenities

Washer/Dryer Units

In-room washer and dryer machines are one of the most handy facilities that certain hotels provide.

These units are usually found in suites or extended-stay lodgings, and they let visitors do their laundry without leaving the comfort of their rooms.

Having a washer and dryer in your hotel room can be a game changer, especially if you’re traveling with young children or for a lengthy period of time.

It eliminates the need for customers to look for a laundromat or wait for hotel laundry services, allowing them to wash their laundry at their leisure.

Laundry Bags

Even if a hotel does not offer in-room washing and dryer equipment, they frequently give guests laundry bags to use. These bags are typically strong and roomy, allowing visitors to quickly collect their dirty laundry and deliver it to the hotel’s laundry services.

Simply drop your items in the bag, complete the laundry request form, and hang or leave it at the front desk. When your laundry is clean and folded, hotel workers will collect the bag and return it to you.

It’s a convenient way to have your laundry done while you’re away.

Ironing boards and irons

In addition to laundry services, hotels also offer ironing boards and irons in their rooms. These are necessary for business travelers or anyone who wishes to appear their best while on the road.

Having access to an ironing board and iron can save you time and money, whether you need to press your suit for a meeting or touch up your clothing for a night out.

There’s no need to go to a nearby dry cleaner or pay for pricey hotel pressing services.

It’s worth noting that not all hotels provide in-room laundry services. It’s always a good idea to check with the hotel ahead of time to see if they offer laundry services. These features may not be accessible in all budget hotels or smaller companies.

Many upmarket hotels and extended-stay accommodations, on the other hand, prioritize giving these amenities to their visitors.


As we’ve seen, most hotels have some sort of laundry service, whether it’s onsite laundry, valet service, or in-room appliances. With so many possibilities, you can usually find a method to renew your wardrobe even during short hotel stays.

You may travel with peace of mind knowing you’ll have clean clothes no matter where your adventure takes you if you understand the many sorts of hotel laundry services and prepare ahead.

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