Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol?


Qatar Airways is undoubtedly one of the best airlines in the world, known for offering one of the best on-board services to its passengers in the aviation industry. It is a national airline owned by the government of Qatar. Qatar is a highly conservative country, with the majority of its citizens being Muslims, a religion that frowns at alcohol consumption. These circumstances surrounding one of the best airlines in the world make the question of whether Qatar Airlines serves alcohol a frequently asked question by its potential passengers who drink alcohol.

Does Qatar Airways Serve Alcohol?

Yes, despite the airline being owned by a Muslim-conservative country, it serves a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, such as wine, spirits and beers. It also serves non-alcoholic drinks to its passengers. This service comes with some restrictions.

It has a well-stuffed bar on its aircraft to ensure passenger satisfaction. Notwithstanding, it does not encourage excessive alcohol consumption on its flight. On Qatar Airways, alcohol is not available to local travelers and passengers who fly short-haul flights.

How much does it cost to take alcohol on Qatar Airways?

Known for its special passenger-oriented services, does Qatar Airlines serve alcohol? At what cost does Qatar Airways serve alcohol on its on-board flights? This is also one of the many questions prospective passengers ask. Qatar Airlines offers alcoholic drinks to its passengers at zero cost.

This is available for both business, economy, and first-class passengers. Qatar Airways is an airline that abides by the laws of the countries it flies to, which means that alcohol consumption may be prohibited if the laws against it are against it.

Does Qatar Airlines serve alcohol? Alcohol policy

Even though Qatar Airways serves alcohol on its flights, it has what some may consider a strict alcohol policy. Its alcohol policy does not exclude any passengers; it is expected to be obeyed by all passengers, irrespective of whether it is a first- or business-class flight.

  1. Consumption of alcohol is prohibited at the Doha airport lounge.
  2. It has the right to limit the alcohol consumption of any of its passengers to avoid excessive consumption.
  3. The airline only serves alcohol on flights departing from Doha.
  4. It restricts the bringing of alcohol on a flight if the flight destination prohibits alcohol importation.
  5. Alcohol will not be served if the destination of the flight prohibits alcohol consumption.
  6. Passengers under the age of 18 are not served alcohol.
  7. The airlines may adjust their policies during special events. Passengers are advised to check any updates on the airline’s official website.
  8. Some flights may limit alcohol consumption due to operational rescheduling.
  9. Qatar Airways does not serve alcohol during takeoff and landing.
  10. Passengers will be responsible for their actions if they exhibit disruptive behavior after consuming alcohol on board.
  11. These policies were put in place to ensure satisfaction for all passengers. It is expected for passengers to know all these policies before their trip to avoid any inconvenience.


To show how it holds all its customers in high regard, it has made available a variety of alcoholic beverages from different ranges of popular brands.

It offers beers from different brands, such as Budweiser and Hieneken. The airlines also offer wines of different types, which include both red and white wines from well-known brands. Spirit is also not left out of the options. Spirits such as gins, rum, and vodka also come from different unique brands.

Cocktails are also part of the long list of alcoholic beverages served. The amount of alcohol served also depends on the time of day and the distance of the flight.

To make sure passengers who don’t drink non-alcoholic drinks are not left out of these fun services, they also offer sodas, juices, teas, and coffees of different varieties to suit the unique tastes of their passengers.

Things Passengers Should Know Before Traveling with Alcohol on Qatar Airways

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Qatar Airways does not only serve alcohol on its flights but also allows passengers to bring alcohol with them when traveling. So if you will be traveling with alcohol, you should be aware that there are certain things to know so as not to go against Qatar Airways alcohol policy.

Passengers are only allowed to bring a fair quantity of alcohol on board. It is allowed to bring beverages with an alcohol content ranging from 24% to 70%. Anything more than these will not be allowed on board.

The airline only offers 5 liters of alcoholic beverages per passenger. Passengers are not allowed to exceed this quota.

Passengers are expected to know the alcohol laws of their destinations before bringing alcohol on board. This is because Qatar Airlines will not allow passengers to travel with alcohol if the laws of their destination prohibit it.

If alcohol in your luggage is not properly declared, Qatar Airlines reserves the right to confiscate it. It is expected that passengers declare them before checking in.

It is against Qatari law for a passenger to import alcohol. Beware of this to avoid facing the law. The airline has the right to inspect every passenger’s luggage and items inside it before boarding. The airlines do not permit passengers on board to drink any alcoholic beverages they are traveling with.

In some cases, you may be asked to provide a valid means of dentification before you are allowed to travel with alcohol. This is done so passengers under the age of 18 cannot travel with alcohol.

The airline advises passengers to travel with alcoholic beverages in their original packs. To avoid being accused of smuggling prohibited substances on the aircraft.


In spite of being owned by a Muslim-conservative country, one of the things that makes Qatar Airways stand out as one of the world’s leading airlines in aviation is their willingness not to mix religious beliefs with passenger satisfaction.

They are committed to ensuring passenger satisfaction, as long as they obey their It is also advisable that passengers check their policy on their official website from time to time to stay updated in the event of any changes in their policy.


Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol to passengers under 18?

No, it does not serve alcoholic beverages to passengers under the age of 18, as this goes against their policy.

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol on economy flights?

Yes, it serves alcohol on the economy, but with a limited list to choose from.

Is alcohol free on Qatar Airways?

Yes, it is free!

Does Qatar Airways serve alcohol during Ramadan?

Yes, but passengers that will be arriving at the Doha airport won’t be served alcohol during the holy month.











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