Gabriel Miranda vs Shane Young


The featherweight fight between Shane Young and Gabriel Miranda at UFC 293 is expected to be a fascinating one. This encounter is expected to be a thrilling and entertaining battle between a skilled striker and a powerful grappler.

This battle, scheduled as the second of twelve preliminary fights at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, Australia, promises to be exciting.

Shane Young has recently experienced three losses in three years, whereas Gabriel Miranda’s most recent fight was 11 months ago. Both combatants are highly driven and ready to impress fans and UFC decision-makers with their abilities and performances in the octagon.

Gabriel Miranda vs Shane young

In one of the fights on the card, Shane “Smokin'” Diamond will face Gabriel “Fly” Miranda in the featherweight division. You can view the entire UFC 293 card.

Diamond has a unique orthodox fighting stance with a 72″ reach. Miranda, an orthodox fighter, has a 71″reach. These differences in style can have a tremendous impact on the Octagon.

Diamond’s 40% hitting accuracy demonstrates his precision in landing important strikes, averaging roughly 5.24 per minute. Miranda, on the other hand, has 54% strike accuracy and averages 3.8 significant strikes per minute.

In this essay, we will analyze the Shane Young vs. Gabriel Miranda clash. Check out the fighters’ ages, heights, records, reach, battle data and more below.

Shane Young, 30, is coming in with a 13-7-0 record. Diamond will fight for the first time since losing by unanimous decision to Blake Bilder at UFC 284: Makhachev vs. Volkanovski in February.

Miranda, meanwhile, has a 16-6-0 record after losing via KO/TKO to Benoit Saint-Denis on February 11, 2023, at UFC Fight Night: Gane vs. Tuivasa.

Shane Young uses an orthodox fighting posture with a 72″ reach. Gabriel Miranda is a 33-year-old orthodox fighter with a 71-inch reach.

An orthodox boxer stands with their left side forward, jabbing with their left hand. Southpaw fighters are the opposite. Southpaws stand with their right side front, jabbing with their right hand. Most orthodox fighters are right-handed, while left-handed fighters fight southpaw.

Shane Young seeks redemption

Shane Young is determined to end his three-fight losing run. He suffered two devastating defeats at the hands of Ludovit Klein and Omar Morales, losing by knockout and decision, respectively.

Young has faced high-quality opponents throughout his career and proved his ability on several occasions. He suffered defeats at UFC Fight Night 121, including a knockout by Alexander Volkanovski and a decision loss to Guan Wang.

However, his victory over Rolando Dy was a standout, with a sensational knockout in the second round earning him the UFC Fight Night 132 Fight of the Night title. He also competed for the vacant FC Lightweight Championship but was defeated by Damien Brown via decision.

Shane Young stats

  • Diamond’s striking accuracy is 40%.
  • Diamond lands 5.24 significant strikes per minute.
  • Diamond’s takedown accuracy is 18%.
  • Diamond’s takedown average is 0.63 per 15 minutes.
  • Diamond’s takedown defense is 65%.

Diamond has 40% striking accuracy, with 5.24 meaningful strikes per minute. Miranda, on the other hand, fires at 54% accuracy and averages 3.8 major strikes per minute.

Shane Young also has 18% takedown accuracy and averages 0.63 takedowns every 15 minutes, while Miranda has 2.85 takedowns and 0% takedown accuracy.

Gabriel Miranda – aiming for glory

Gabriel Miranda has a remarkable record of 16 victories and 6 defeats, with 13 wins coming by submission.

He wants to show that he can compete against the greatest and win. Miranda’s UFC debut ended in defeat, as he was knocked out by Benoit Saint-Denis in the second round, but he showed unyielding tenacity and spirit throughout the fight.

Before joining the UFC, Miranda demonstrated his fighting abilities and versatility by defeating famous opponents such as Diego Siqueira, Jefferson Morais, and Jon Zarate. These victories were won through a combination of submissions and decisions, bolstering his reputation as a very competent and resilient fighter.

Gabriel Miranda stats

  • Miranda’s striking accuracy is 54%.
  • Miranda lands 3.8 significant strikes per minute.
  • Miranda’s takedown accuracy is 33%.
  • Miranda’s takedown average is 2.85 per 15 minutes.
  • Miranda’s takedown defense is 0%.

Gabriel spent an average of 5:16 minutes in the Octagon, while Shane had an average fight time of 11:49 minutes.


Shane Young is currently on a three-fight losing streak and has not been very active in the octagon. His striking game has been ineffective, and he struggles with takedowns. He is in a crucial position to salvage his UFC career with this upcoming bout.

Gabriel Miranda, on the other hand, has had a difficult debut in the UFC due to a lack of tough competition. However, he boasts solid abilities. Both boxers have a recent history of fights not ending in finishes, so it is unlikely that the contest will end that way for either.

Both Young and Miranda had the opportunity to secure victory. Notably, Gabriel Miranda has struggled to defend strikes, while Shane Young’s ground game has not been very impressive. Given the conditions, betting that the battle will not reach that distance appears to be a safe option.


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