Hoboken Terminal

This multi-modal station serves PATH, local bus, ferry, New Jersey Transit Commuter Rail and HBLR Light Rail. It is a historic structure and is being restored to original appearance and design.


Has three tracks, a wall platform serving track 1, two island platform serving tracks 1 -3. Trains on tracks 1 and 2 can open doors on both sides but there is no wall platform for track 3

New Jersey Transit Commuter Rail

The commuter rail station once also served long distance trains. It has a ferry terminal to the south and local buses outside to the north. NJT has restored the station building to the original condition and has plans to restore the ferry terminal. There are currently 17 active tracks. Track 1 is at the North End and is short. The track ends at a bump block it shares a wall platform and an island with track 2 (which is a wall platform at the East end. Island platforms now Feature the odd track toward the geographic North. Till we get to track 14 which also shares an island with track 15. Tracks 16 and 17 share the last island platform while Tracks 18 and 19 are short and to the South of the HBLR tracks the station building features an operable (by a pushbutton) miniature train layout setup by New Jersey Transit employees

Hudson Bergen Light Rail (HBLR)

Has three tracks and two platforms. A wall platform serves track H4 and an Island Serves tracks H1 and H2, There is no evidence of Track H3 leading to a theory of being added later making the wall platform a second island. Track H4 serves trains headed north.

Artwork is a rail theme entitled “Hoboken Transfer “by George Mossman Greenamyer (2002). It features the Montclair steam boat, and the DL&W steam train. 

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