How to Sell Items in Steam: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Sell Items in Steam

Steam is a video game platform and service distributed digitally by Valve Corporation. 

It was officially launched as a software client in September 2003. It was introduced to issue game-related updates, specifically for Valve games.

Steam Client offers features like game update automation and interaction with other game players. It also features a direct message and provides a virtual marketplace for players.

Steam has stood out as a player in the gaming world. It has changed the narrative of PC gaming since its inception.

Read on to learn more about this platform as well as an app that provides you with the opportunity to buy and play games, sell in-game items, and connect with other gamers. I will even teach you how to sell items in Steam.

That said, let’s get started!

Steam Community Market

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The Steam community is an extension of Steam where all buying and selling of items takes place. These items include Steam trading cards, in-game items, profile wallpapers, and emotes.

There are 5 interesting facts about using the Steam community market, which include:

  • All sales on the Steam community market go through your Steam wallet. This wallet is restricted to funding from PayPal and credit cards without granting the owner the privilege of withdrawing the funds. 
  • It operates a buy-and-sell system, where you tell the system the amount you are willing to accept for an item; and it then tries to match your price with that of an interested party.
  • Your account must be a non-limited Steam account  to use the Steam Market community comfortably
  • Your account must be protected by Steam Guard.
  • You must have at least one marketable item.

Safety Measures in Steam Community Market

The Steam community market also provides a safe and comfortable platform for buying and selling. Below are some of its safety measures:

  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Restriction on newly created accounts from accessing them.
  • Protection by Steam Guard, which has to be activated 15 days before an actual sale can take place. Steam Guard also verifies every request to sell an item to prevent scams. 

Features of Steam

Over time, Steam has come up with new features that are not well-known. These features have set Steam apart from every other platform in the realm of games.

  • Community Hub

Just like the word community implies, Steam consists of a highly active community, it features discussion groups, message boards, interaction with other people, sharing experiences, and exploring new things together.

  • Digital Storefront

This has to do with a digital storefront called the Steam Store, through which users can purchase games.

How to Sell Items in Steam

For you to sell items on Steam, you will have to go to the Steam Community Market. Also, to buy or sell in the Steam Community Market, you need to have a non-limited Steam account.

Aside from this, your account has to be protected by Steam Guard for at least 15 days with some available funds in your Steam Wallet.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sell items on Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go to Community > Market.
  3. Click on Sell an item.
  4. Check out the item you want to sell, and click Sell.
  5. Insert the price you’re willing to pay. Click the box as an indicator that you agree to the Steam agreement. Click OK, put it on sale.
  6. Do your verification and be sure you entered the right amount, then click OK.
  7. Having done the above, your item is ready to sell. For proper confirmation, you need to confirm through Steam Guard and then open your Steam Guard app or email.
  8. Go to your email or Steam Guard app and click on Confirm Selected. You will see this in a box close to the item you’ve selected.
  9. Successful! Your item will be listed on the Steam Community Market page. You will get an email whenever it sells, and the money will be added to your Steam Wallet.

Steam Market Graphs 

Having established that you can also buy and sell items on Steam through its community market, it is necessary to have an understanding of how the market graphs work.

Steam community market graphs are a graphical representation of the pricing history of items sold. The trends help prospective buyers and sellers know when to hold and when to make a purchase or sale.

An understanding of the graphs and what they stand for will help you make buying and selling decisions.

The importance of reading and understanding the steam market graphs is twofold:

  • It helps with speculation and making informed decisions.
  • It shows the impact of demand and supply and where the market is headed through its price history.
  • It is advisable to take time to study the graphs if you intend to do more buying and selling to prevent losses and maximize profits on Steam.

How Safe is the Steam Community Market?

The Steam community market has already been established as a very safe place for transactions. This community has multiple safety measures, one of which is that if you create a new account, you will need to obtain two-factor authentication.

Furthermore, all transactions must go through Valve’s system and users need to verify their intent to sell on Steam Guard. Your item can be taken for free or for less than you wanted to sell it if the price is mistakenly fixed. 

How to Sign Up for Steam

How to Sell Items in Steam
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Signing up on Steam is completely free. The sign-up process can be fully completed using a web browser and a working email address.

Let’s take you on the journey of how to sign up on Steam.

  • Go to and click on Login.
  • Select Join Stream.
  • Insert your email address on the next slide and re-enter to confirm your email. On the same screen, select your country of residence.
  • A robot check will be conducted on you, and you must respond accordingly. Insert the characters sent to you in a given box. 
  • A box or link will be provided for you to click, which will lead you to review the Steam subscriber agreement and Valve privacy policy. Click the OK box to agree to what you’ve read.
  • Select Continue.
  • Valve will send you a verification message. Open the email and select Verify My Email Address.
  • Go back to the Steam page you left open immediately after you’re done.
  • Enter a Steam account name for security purposes. Steam will check to ensure the name you chose is available.
  • You will be directed to the Choose Password box, where you can insert a password and re-enter it for proper confirmation.
  • Select Done. Now your Steam account is ready!

How Much Does It Take When Steam Sells an Item?

After selling an item on Steam, all the profits don’t go to you; there’s a percentage that Steam takes from each sale.

There is a 30% discount on every sale made on Steam. This entails that you will earn 70% interest on each sale. As a quick illustration, if your item is sold out at $30, you will make $27 while Steam will make $3.

How Long Does It Take to Get Money from Selling an Item on Steam?

After an item has been sold on Steam, you will get an email explaining how it went. At most times, money is released after one or two days.

Advantages of Selling Items in Steam 

The advantages of selling an item in Steam include: 

  • Convenience

The community marketplace provides a serene platform for buying and selling items.

  • Premium Security is Guaranteed

Every transaction in the Steam Community Market is thoroughly secured. The constant availability of Steam’s robot security measures doesn’t create room for fraud or fraudulent activities.

  • Good Pricing Information

The market price in the community marketplace provides good pricing information for in-game items.

How to Contact the Steam Platform

If you want to contact the Steam community, you can reach them at Do well to select the important options on the page or send a help request to reach out to the Steam Support team.

Conclusion for How to Sell Items in Steam

As we conclude on how to sell items in Steam, it is pertinent to note that Steam’s platform primarily sells games, while the Steam Community Marketplace can be used to sell other items.

Due to Steam’s rules and laid-out measures, it has provided a secure buying and selling process without fear of being scammed.

This alone will open the door for more users. People will feel free and confident to buy and sell on Steam. Game playing has also proved to be fun and interactive on Stream.

Having made it a community hub, people come together to have good times, share experiences, and source out new things.

You certainly will not get this information about Steam and selling items on Steam and you won’t want to try it out.

We look forward to knowing what you think about Steam, including the selling procedures in Steam, in the comment section.

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