I’m an orgasm expert — men, here’s how to tell if your woman is faking it

She’s the real deal — and she can spot a fake from a mile away.

A self-described orgasm expert is sharing the signs men should watch out for, if they’re worried their lady isn’t legitimately getting off in the sack.

Katie Flowers — who works as a model and relationship coach — says counterfeit climaxing is extremely common among women, but believes it can be a death knell for relationships.

“At the core of every meaningful relationship lies a foundation of honesty and vulnerability,” Flowers declared. “Fake orgasms not only erode this foundation but also perpetuate a cycle of misunderstanding and dissatisfaction.”

A whopping 46% of women claim they regularly fake an orgasm with their fella, but Flowers says there are several ways for savvy men to work out when it’s the real deal.

First, ignore the animated moans or screams, with the expert alleging that flushed cheeks and smiles are much more subtle and genuine indications of an authentic orgasm.

“Genuine pleasure is marked by authenticity and spontaneity,” she explained. “Look for [these signs] that signal a natural and unscripted experience.”

Additionally, Flowers says, eye contact is key.

The relationship coach claims a climaxing bed buddy is more likely to give non-verbal cues through her eyes than any kind of verbal feedback, which could be false.

Finally, Flowers believes that if a man has a hunch that his lady isn’t actually orgasming, he’s probably correct.

“Don’t underestimate the power of your intuition,” the beauty explained. “If something feels off, it probably is. Trust your gut instincts to guide you toward genuine moments of pleasure.”

However, if a fella feels his female is phoning it in, it’s important for him not be disheartened.

Photo credit : X / Katie Flowers Modeling

Instead, Flowers says addressing the issue could lead to increased communication with a partner, which will pay dividends in the bedroom.

“True intimacy is about connection, not performance,” the expert asserted. “Focus on building a deeper connection with your partner and savoring the shared experience.

“Knowledge is power, and understanding the complexities of human sexuality can help you navigate
intimate encounters with confidence,” she added.

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