Instagram Cheats: Simple Tips to Gain More Likes and Followers on Instagram


Do you know that your business can thrive because you have a good number of followers? Instagram did reach a total of over one billion monthly active users way back in 2021. And that means more people tend to know about you and your portfolio when you have a large number of followers. You can share your experiences, connect with others, and even use that medium to promote your brands.

However, there is an increase in competition on the social media app every day. And so it has become challenging to stand out, be known and grow your followers naturally and easily.

But before we talk about it, you need to know what Instagram cheats really mean. In this article, we hope to talk about Instagram cheats, how they work, and how you can easily use them to grow your account.

What are Instagram Cheats?

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Instagram cheats are those techniques or strategies that are not officially endorsed by Instagram. But these strategies can still help you gain more followers, likes and even more engagements on the platform.

These cheats might be considered to go against the spirit of Instagram’s organic growth principles. Even though they are not necessarily against Instagram’s terms of service. Some of these popular Instagram cheats include:

1. Buying Followers and Likes

One of the most popular Instagram cheats that many inexperienced users use is buying inorganic followers. And of course, there are numerous websites and plugs that offer to sell you followers and likes for a fee.

This can also result in your account being flagged by Instagram’s algorithms someday. And this can certainly have a negative impact on your fan base and visibility.

This may seem like an easy way to grow your profile account but it is not a lasting strategy. And because the majority of the followers are fake or inactive accounts, buying followers and likes always leads to a low engagement rate.

2. Using Bots and Tools

Another Instagram cheat is the use of  bots and unauthentic tools to increase the number of followers and engagement you get.

This can also result in your account being red-mapped by Instagram’s algorithms. These tools can automatically like, comment on, and follow other users’ accounts, which can result in them following you back.

3. Using Hashtags Strategically

While following a hashtag trend is not bad, using hashtags strategically is a legitimate way to grow your account on Instagram. But if a user takes it to the extreme by using too many irrelevant hashtags or using the same set of hashtags on every post.

Then your account might be marked if these posts are being flagged by Instagram’s algorithms because the algorithm might perceive them as spam. So it is essential that you use relevant and specific hashtags that should be used to describe your post.

4. Collaborating with Other Users

Although collaborating and working with other users on Instagram is a legitimate way to grow your account. However, you can misuse this cheat by collaborating with other users who have a larger number of followers.

And your account can be flagged red by Instagram because it can be seen as cheating. But to avoid this, it is good to work with users who have a similar number of followers.

5. Posting Consistently

Posting consistently is the most legitimate way you can grow your account on Instagram. It helps you stay up-to-date with your followers and attract new ones as well.

But a recurring post can be marked and flagged by Instagram’s algorithms. But you can use this cheat without repeating the same words again and again.

How to Use Instagram Cheats Responsibly

It is important to use these cheats responsibly because, while Instagram cheats can be tempting, they still negatively impact the growth of your account. Here are some simple tips on how to use Instagram cheats responsibly:

1. Post Only Quality Content

By posting only quality content, you automatically attract genuine followers. Followers who are interested in your niche or brand.

Note that this is the most important factor in growing your Instagram account. When you keep producing high-quality content that your intended audience finds interesting, your profile grows.

2. Always Use Relevant and Specific Hashtags

Using relevant and specific hashtags has always been a good way to grow your account on Instagram. Because it does not only keep you on trend but also allows you to reach new audiences and gain more followers.

Hence, it is good that you use hashtags that accurately describe your post and target your intended audience properly. Because it will always result in your posts being shown to users who are really interested in your kind of post.

3. Collaborate with Other Users

You can also collaborate with other users, which is a legitimate way to grow your account on Instagram. But it has to be other users that have the same number of followers as you.

When you maintain your collaboration to be within the range of users who have the same amount of followers, Instagram’s algorithm will not see any reason to red flag your account.

4. Post Consistently but Not Excessively

Check out some users on Instagram and see how many followers and likes they have. Also, check how frequently they make posts on their account. These people post consistently but not excessively.

Furthermore, consistency makes your target audience perceive you as serious and worthy of their attention. Some users post as frequently as one post in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening for a start. As the day goes by, it should increase by a proportion.

5. Avoid Buying Followers and Likes

Now, here is where the temptation lies; many users have fallen victim to this. Buying followers and likes is not a sustainable strategy for growing your Instagram account. Because even though it is a quick way to success, it is also a failed attempt.

Avoid buying these followers, no matter what you perceive them to stand to gain. Inorganic accounts and followers can not be hidden from the Instagram algorithm.


Finally, Instagram cheats can be tempting and look promising; nevertheless, you can use them responsibly to avoid negatively affecting the growth and visibility of your account.

And always remember that it is far more important to grow your account genuinely. The confidence you have increases when you know you gained a massive amount of followers by yourself and not through cheats.

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