50 Beautiful Jamaica Female Names


Jamaica, located in the Caribbean Sea, is recognized for its vibrant people and culture. As a result, while selecting names for infant girls, they must be culturally appropriate.

These Jamaican female names, both new and classic, will make parents happy and proud as their little princess grows up.

Jamaica Female Names

Here is a list of Jamaican female names you might wish to consider for your female child:

1. Aayla

Aayla is a lovely Arabic baby girl name that means “top of the mountain.”

2. Africa

The term Africa is derived from Latin and signifies sunny or not chilly. This name is popular in several countries, including Jamaica and the United Kingdom.

3. Afton

Afton derives from English and means “From Afton” or “England.”

4. Agape

This Jamaican name means “love and affection.” This name will undoubtedly add to the joy in your home.

5. Aiida

This is a common Jamaican baby girl name that means “noble and serene.” This will be an adorable name for your baby girl.

6. Alvina

Although the name Alvina is of English origin, it is common in Jamaica and means “friend of the elves” or “friend of all.”

7. Amancia

Amancia is a lovely name for baby girls. It signifies a lover or someone who loves unconditionally.

8. Amelia

Amelia sounds quite impressive. It is an Islamic name that refers to someone who is hardworking and diligent.

9. Audree

This name comes from English and implies noble strength. It’s a great name to choose for your daughter.

10. Beryl

This name seems lovely and will be perfect for your little princess. Beryl refers to a sea-green jewel.

11. Benedicta

This is a name derived from Latin. Benedicta means “blessed.” It’s a wonderful name for your young one.

12. Brianna

Brianna is a Celtic name. It represents a powerful, ascending lady, and you undoubtedly want your daughter to be one.

13. Brighton

This baby girl name comes from English and means “bright town.” Brighton is a stunning name for your precious baby girl.

14. Cara

Cara is a popular name for girls, meaning “dear one or friend.” It derives from Latin.

15. Clementine

This name has its roots in Latin. Clementine means merciful, and it is a beautiful name for your child.

16. Cherry

Cherry comes from a variety of origins, each with its own meaning. In Jamaica, the term cherry translates to “darling.”

17. Chevelle

Chevelle is an American baby name that means “bold and beautiful.” It has a distinct meaning in Jamaica, where it means “My God is a vow.”

18. Chandice

Chandice is of Jamaican heritage. It translates to “one who is smart and talented.” Such a lovely name for your daughter.

19. Dalena

This is a common English name for girls, and it has a lovely sound. It means “valley.”

20. Dana

This is an Indian name, which means “God is my judge.” Everyone will enjoy this baby name.

21. Duette

This is a stunning English name. It translates to “two of a kind.” You might want to consider this name for your baby.

22. Dymond

This is a name you should choose for your baby because it not only sounds sweet but also has a great connotation. Dymond derives from Latin. It means “precious gem.”

23. Edwina

Edwina is an English name that translates to “prosperous friend.” It’s a name that’s perfect for your baby girl.

24. Essence

This is a popular English name in Jamaica and the United States. It signifies “life” or “essence.”

25. Ervina

This is a popular English name for baby girls. The name Erwina translates to “sea friend.”

26. Fiorel

The name Fiorel is derived from Latin, meaning “flower.” It’s a lovely name for your baby girl.

27. Felicity

This is a feminine name whose meaning is “fortunate or happy.” You consequently wish to present it to your baby girl.

28. Garyn

Garyn is a popular English name for baby girls in Jamaica. It translates to “spear-carrier.”

29. Goldie

Goldie is a beautiful English baby girl’s name. The name “Goldie” means “golden.”

30. Gayana

This is another lovely name to give your daughter. It means “white phantom.”

31. Henna

Henna is a popular English name for females, meaning “ruler of the household.” It would make an excellent name for your child.

32. Heaven

This English name would be a lovely choice for your baby. It signifies “eternal happiness.”

33. Iria

Iria is a feminine English name that means “lady.” It’s a name that’s perfect for your baby girl.

34. Ivy

This is an English name that comes from the ivy tree. It’s a lovely name for your precious little baby.

35. Joann

Joann is a lovely English name to give your child. It means, “God is gracious.” It’s a name that everyone will enjoy hearing.

36. Jo

When choosing names for your baby girl, the name Jo should not be overlooked because it is a charming name for females. It is an English name that translates to “God will add.”

37. Jamie

This is a Christian baby’s given name. Jamie denotes “one who supplants.”

38. Jannah

The Arabic name Jannah means “heaven or garden of paradise.” This name will undoubtedly suit your daughter.

39. Jennifer

This Jamaican name means “fair and smooth.” This is a lovely name for your adorable baby.

40. Jada

Jada is a popular Arabic name for infant girls in Jamaica. It means, “She is God’s gift.” Your baby girl.

41. Kayla

This is a feminine Jamaican name that translates to “crown of laurels.” It’s not a terrible idea to consider this name for your baby girl.

42. Kyler

This is the female version of the given name “Tyler.” The word Kyler translates to “a narrow piece of land.”

43. Kady

This is a female given name intended to indicate purity. It translates to “a rhythmic flow of sounds.”

44. Kaida

This is a Jamaican name given to women. Kaida means “little dragon.”

45. Lela

Lela is another feminine name that means “black beauty.” This moniker is given to female babies that are born at night.

46. Liliana

This is a lovely baby name to give your child. Liliana is a feminine baby name originating from the lily flower, which also represents innocence.

47. Lisa

This is a name you might want to consider for your child. Lisa translates as “the oath of God,” which refers to a kid who has been devoted to God.

48. Ronica

This is a feminine Jamaican name that translates to “true counsel or strong image.” It would be a good option for your baby girl.

49. Raeni

This is an Arabic name that means “queen” and is a good choice for your child.

50. Rosalie

This is an English feminine name. It means “fair rose.” This name has a pleasant tone, which is why you should consider giving it to your child.


With this, we have simplified your process by providing some cool Jamaican names for your baby girl.

Some names are hilarious, while others have a specific meaning. We propose that you choose a name that reflects your daughter’s appearance and personality.

Using this method, you will discover Jamaica Female Names that will not only suit your daughter but will also be admired by family and friends for the rest of her life.


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