Make Him Jealous Bradley Spencer: 5 Ways to Make Him Jealous


As inappropriate as we assume jealousy is in a relationship, it sometimes helps to strengthen the relationship. What it does is make your partner see how much he cares about you, which can even spice up the relationship romantically. But the big question is, “How” do you make him or her jealous without causing any harm?

For this question, we turned to Bradley Spencer, a relationship adviser, for some insight on how to make your partner jealous, which hurts the relationship.

In this article, we discussed the step-by-step approach to make him jealous Bradley Spencer jealous. This way, you get to know if he truly cares about you. Remember, the goal is absolutely not to cheat or do anything that may harm the relationship, but to strengthen it with a powerful tool: jealousy.

How to make him jealous Bradley Spencer

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1. Understand why you want to make him feel jealous

Before you try to make him jealous, you need to understand why you are taking such measures. You don’t just make him jealous when there is actually nothing going wrong in the relationship; it can really turn out to be bad or even cause trust issues. Relationship adviser Bradley Spencer believes most women may want to make their partner jealous for these obvious reasons: insecurities and a lack of validation.

It is possible you are starting to feel insecure about the relationship and want to see if the love is still there. This particular reason is good enough to want to make him feel jealous so as to see his reaction.

In addition, when you feel he is no longer giving you the type of attention that you need, do something to make him see the gap. There are also a number of other reasons you may as well want to make him feel jealous. However, you need to step back and rethink whether it is truly worth it before you take the step.

2. Focus on you alone

The best way to make your man feel jealous is, obviously, to focus on yourself. Spend time out alone, visit the beach without him, and go to places you have been to with him alone. Take some time out with your friends. Just start pursuing your own interests; do things yourself without even calling him for help.

Bradley explains that when your partner starts noticing you have started to feel confident and fulfilled all by yourself, it can make them come back to their senses and see what they stand to lose if they don’t treat you as well as you desire.

Your partner will start feeling lonely and think you have to quit without prior notice. Trust me, this method has worked for years and still works. If it doesn’t, it definitely means two things: either your partner is tired of the relationship or he doesn’t love you any more. But if he does, he will definitely come running to you like a baby. It will make him start treating you right and see what he will miss if he doesn’t.

3. Use social media

Social media is the most powerful tool if you truly want to achieve the phrase “make him jealous Bradley Spencer.” There are obviously a lot of things you can do on social media that can get him jealous without further ado. The most efficient thing to do is to post your pictures on various social media sites. Bradley suggests you post yourself having a nice time and looking happy.

However, he also mentioned not to overdo it so it doesn’t look like you are trying too hard or faking it. In addition, it is very crucial that you avoid posting pictures you took with other guys because this can make your man feel very insecure and may even be seen as cheating on him.

Remember, you shouldn’t cross the red line if you don’t want to ruin your relationship with him. When you want to use social media to make him feel jealous, make sure you don’t do it too much. Your goal is to make him feel jealous, so don’t post too much or start talking with any other guy if you don’t want everything to backfire on you.

4. Flirt with other people

Flirting with other people is one sure way to get him feeling jealous. But it is important that you don’t overdo it or do it in the wrong way. Spencer advises that you shouldn’t go overboard when flirting with others to make him jealous. You need to make sure it appears clear that you are only having fun and have no other wrong motives.

Moreso, you even need to avoid flirting much with guys so they don’t see it in a different way and feel hurt; honestly, that will hurt his feelings and can damage your relationship.

5. Practice open communication

The most healthy and safest way to make him feel jealous and start bridging the gap is to tell it to his face. Make your intention known to him without hiding anything about how you feel. Bradley Spencer suggests that you make it known to your partner about your intentions and let him know you have no other motive than to spice up the relationship as it gets cold. By telling him about this, you may give him the opportunity to pour out his heart and express any concerns or insecurities he may actually have.

Bottom line

Making your partner feel jealous is a sure way for them to renew their commitment and mend all the holes. However, if you are not careful, it may hurt your relationship. Bradley Spencer advises you to communicate with your partner about things you feel may be wrong in the relationship instead of resolving any issue. But if the issue persists, then you can try to make him feel jealous and see how he reacts to it. But remember not to go overboard, overdo it, or do it in the wrong way to hurt his feelings, which may in turn affect your relationship with him.



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