12 Delicious Types of Mexican Meat


Have you ever tasted Mexican meat? How does it taste? Good or just okay? Mexico is popularly known as the centre of good food; it is one of the amazing places every tourist desires to visit. Mexico is a very traditional country, their cuisines are deeply rooted in the nature of their culture. It is so much that it reflects their identity.

Mexican meats are so different from what most people think; they are so unique that they represent foods that are entirely out of the ordinary. The different  types of Mexican meats are Carnitas, Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Cochinta Pibil, Tinga, Barbacoa, Chorizo, Birria, Buche, Lengua, Tripas and many others.

Mexican meats have been grossly mistaken for just tacos and fajitas but they’re more than that. Mexican meats are garnished and prepared in such a way that they’re not just enticing but very attractive to the eyes. Let’s dive straight into some of the types of Mexican meats and how they are prepared.

Types Of Mexican Meats

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There are several types of Mexican meats; some are grilled to achieve certain tastes, while others are boiled or fried. Let’s talk about them one after the other.

1. Carnitas

Carnitas is one of the types of Mexican meats that is made primarily from pork. Carnitas has endless possibilities, as it is not limited to pork but can be made from other types of meats like chicken, lamb and beef. The name Carnitas comes from Spanish language, which means little meats. Carnitas are traditionally prepared in large metallic drums and they are eaten with corn tortillas.

Carnitas are best cooked over low heat; this might be time-consuming but if you want to enjoy your carnitas, its best to cook them slowly. For garnishing, use different condiments like lard, oregano, marjoram, bay leaves, garlic and even orange fruit.

For breakfast, carnitas can be used as filling for tacos, burritos, tamales and other Mexican meat breakfasts. You can find out ways to prepare and enjoy carnitas.

2. Carne Asada (al Carbon)

Carne Asada is one of the best meats prepared through al carbon out of the types of Mexican meats. Al Carbon is actually any type of meat that is grilled with charcoal fire. It gives carne asada its unique smoky flavour that just makes you salivate.

Carne asada is traditionally made from flank steak and skirt steak. They both are very similar but have their own unique characteristics that make them distinct from each other.

Skirt steak has meat fibers that are tough and have a very strong, meaty flavor. Although flank steak has a very strong meaty flavor, skirt steak it is a more of a leaner option. This means that it doesn’t have tough fibres like skirt steak. They both have unique ways with which they are made to get the best results. Carne asada is marinated with so many delicious flavors to give it a very unique flavor. It can be either be eaten alone or with anything you can think of.

3. Chorizo

Chorizo is one of the types of Mexican meats with Spanish origin. It is basically made from pork meat or ground beef. Chorizos are made with enough chilli pepper so if you are a fan of spicy food, chorizo is for you. Chorizo is often served with eggs as breakfast but it doesn’t stop there. Chorizo sausages can be served for lunch and dinner as well. Find out how to prepare chorizo.

4. Al Pastor

Al pastor is one of the types of Mexican meats that has transformed and upgraded from one form to the next. It all started with the arrival of Lebanese immigrants in the 20th century. They brought shawarma along with them and that one shawarma has evolved over time into tacos arabes and now al pastor.

Al pastor is traditionally made from lamb but these days, it is often made with pork. It is marinated with Middle Eastern flavors like garlic, charred onions, achiote paste, allspice, cumin, cinnamon and cloves. The pork is allowed to marinate overnight and spread on a vertical spit to cook for hours until the meat is tender and its colour is now golden brown.

5. Tinga

Tinga is one meat you can’t just wait to taste; it is a type of Mexican meat that is made from chicken. This chicken is shredded and stewed in tomato sauce, onions and, most importantly, chipotle chiles.

The most popular rendition of tinga is Tostadas de tingas, which is layered with beans that have been refried and topped with avocado, cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa and sour cream. Tinga is from Puebla and is known to have a very sweet and uniquely flavorful taste.

6. Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil is a delicious kind of meat that is made from whole suckling pigs or pork shoulder. It is made in a distinct way; for marination, it is marinated with achiote in citrus liquid. It doesn’t end there; it is wrapped securely with banana leaves and roasted. Cochinita Pibil originates from the Yucatan region of Mexico.

In Yucatan, cochinita pibil is traditionally made by keeping a pig fully immersed in a stone-lined pot, where it is left to steam and smoulder slowly for hours. Cochinita pibil is marinated with bitter orange juice and achiote to make the pork very tender and exceptionally juicy.

Interestingly, cochinita means baby pig and pibil means buried. Its name was formed by the kind of meat and its method of preparation.

7. Birria

Birria is one of the most common types of Mexican meat eaten during the holidays. It is made from goat meat stewed in many wonderful Mexican spices. It is often referred to as birria de chivo or birria de res in Mexico.

8. Barbacoa

Barbacoa is a type of Mexican meat that can be prepared in many different ways. It’s ways of preparation vary from one part of Mexico to the next; even a country like America makes barbacoa differently from Mexico.

Barbacoa is traditionally made from lamb but different varieties are made from goat and beef. It is wrapped securely in aka agave (maguey) leaves and roasted slowly in an underground oven lined with hot stones. The meat is left to cook overnight and can be served either as tacos or consomme. Most people eat their barbacoa mixed with garbanzo beans and rice.

One fun fact about barbacoa is one of the techniques used to prepare it. This technique involved the making or digging of pits in volcanic soils. Mind blowing, right?

9. Tripas

Tripas is a one-of-a kind type of Mexican meat. It is made from the insides (guts) of a cow, which includes the intestines or stomach of a cow.  Tripas is originally from Portugal and is known as “chitterlings”. Tripas is prepared in an intricate manner that is quite exquisite.

It is prepared in a disco; this involves the use of two discs connected by an iron pole right through their centres. The first disc is used to cook the tripas, while the second disc, i.e the one underneath, is where the heat source is located. The  heat source in the second disc could be chopped wood or charcoal.

Tripas is basically cooked in three ways, depending on how you want the tripas to be. To make soft tripas, you just have to cook until it is soft and tender. To make tripas that is mildly crispy, all you have to do is cook the tripas until it has a crunchy exterior. The last type of tripas is the extra crispy tripas and to make it, you just have to cook the tripas till it is very crunchy. Tripas can be garnished with onions, cilantro and chilli sauce.

10. Lengua

Lengua is one of the exceptional type of Mexican meat. It is so exotic that you can’t guess what is made from by just tasting it. It is made from beef tongue and it is also named after its make-up. This means that lengua means beef tongue in Spanish. Although the name might sound gross, lengua tastes extremely exquisite with its buttery, chewy nature after being prepared. Find out how to eat lengua.

11. Arrachera

Arrachera is one type of Mexican meat that is made from roast ribs. Arrachera is translated to mean hitched-up meat in English. It is rather fatty than tender and it melts readily in your mouth, giving all the meaty goodness it provides.

12. Buche

Buche is one Mexican meat that is similar to tripas, only that it is made from the stomach of a pig. And just like tripas, its cooking length determines how tender or crispy it would be. It is often found in stews with other spices and chillies. You can find out how to eat buche.


Mexico is very well known for its abundance of cuisines and these cuisines have been transported to many other places. Not at all losing its relevance, Mexico has left a mark in the international food industry. Many people today want to have not just an idea of what Mexican food entails but also to have a taste of it. Increase the memories on your palate by trying Mexican meats today.





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