10 Leading Nepalese Travel Agencies in the US


Nepal, a South Asian country known for its natural beauty, ecology, and culture, has long been a dream tourist and holiday destination for many people throughout the world.

Whether you’re looking for an adventurous trip or a tranquil and relaxing stay, this country is the ideal location for many tourists. Nepal’s features include the natural grandeur of the Himalayas, historical sites like temples, and modern buildings like cities.

However, visiting Nepal necessitates expert assistance, which is provided through recommended organizations. Then comes the point: There are several Nepalese travel agencies in the US that are likely to provide foreign travelers with a pleasurable, smooth and safe travel experience. Let’s find out below!

Nepalese Travel Agencies in the US

1. Ya’lla Tours US

The first Nepalese travel agency on our list, Ya’lla Tours US, is driven by the notion that travel should and can change people’s lives. Since 1993, they have provided travel services to six exotic Mediterranean nations: Egypt, Morocco, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and Greece. They recognize the enormous responsibility of directing visitors to locations noted for their cultural, historical, religious and memorial significance.

Ya’lla Tours US specializes in carefully planned worldwide custom and premium-class travel services tailored for travelers in the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean countries seeking escorted, active and luxurious vacations.

This market comprises private excursions, group travel, history and culture travel, religion travel with pilgrimage, luxury travel, adventure and special occasions travel, and multiple destination travel.

Website: https://www.yallatours.com

Phone: +1-503-977-3700

Email: info@yallatours.com

2. Nepal Travels

They are travel agents in a broad sense, offering anything one might need when traveling so that the trip would be as smooth as possible. There are specific season’s planned codes for number one trekking destinations, such as EVEREST BASE CAMP and ANNAPURNA CIRCUIT. They have vast experience handling cultural and heritage tour delights and packages, covering areas like Kathmandu Valley, Pokhara and the Lumbini region.

The services they offer includes: Flight booking, hotels, trekking and other hiking tours, civilization and history tours, wildlife and wildlife viewing, other sports and activities such as white water rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and other packages and services.

Website: https://www.nepaltravels.com

Phone Number: +977-1-4431260

Email: info@nepaltravels.com

3. Blue Lake Travels & Tours Pvt Ltd

One of the best travel agencies in the Nepalese travel industry is Blue Lake Travels & Tours, with a focus on customer satisfaction and trust-building over one and a half decades.

The agency provides qualified and experienced teams to guide and customize itineraries, ensuring hassle-free and memorable trips for visitors in Nepal.

They manage short-term vacations and long-day trips, guaranteeing guest safety and security, especially during high-altitude treks, with a knowledgeable field staff well-trained in handling acute mountain sickness.

The agency also conducts guided nature tours and bird-watching tours, aiding visitors in identifying various bird species and experiencing the beauty of the surrounding landscapes.

Email: bluelaketravels@gmail.com

Website: https://travelagencyinnepal.com

Phone Number: 977-014701207

4. Nepal Hiking Team

Being a professional tour company, Nepal Hiking Team is among the best travel companies in Nepal since it offers the best services in trekking, mountaineering and cultural tours.

They are one of the best companies that have provided over ten years of service and well-equipped guides and itineraries for the journey. This includes trekking & travel, mountain climbing & tours, and adventure tours in Nepal.

The organization stands out in terms of offering a more individual approach and attention to hikers is Nepal Hiking Team, which offers treks in the Annapurna and Langtang areas. They underline the specifics of safety, comfortable accommodation and possessing cultural experiences.

Since participants’ safety is always paramount in any insight travel arrangements to specific destinations, insight ensures that the participants are always safe because of the following reasons: carefully prepared itineraries, qualified guides and first aid necessities.

Website: www.nepalhikingteam.com

Email: info@nepalhikingteam.com

Phone: +977-9851087389

5. Himalayan Glacier Adventure and Travel Company

Owing to the company’s commitment towards sustainable tourism, Himalayan Glacier Adventure and Travel Company is among the best travel agents in Nepal. Adventures are not only for exploration but also for sustainable tourism and concerning these ideas, they provide a number of trekking expeditions according to the interests of the clients.

Covering trekking in the Himalayas, visiting heritage sites, Himalayan Glacier Adventure provides a wide range of packages available for single travelers, couples, friends, family & groups.

What sets Himalayan Glacier Adventure apart from its competition is that dedicated destination specialists help with planning and are always accessible and available around the trip. You get a response within 12 hours according to your preferences, wallet depth, and location. They offer better programmes for the same value without sacrificing quality or adequate attractions.

Website: www.himalayanglacier.com

Email: info@himalayanglacier.com

Phone: +977-1-4701198

6. Ace the Himalaya

Ace the Himalaya Treks and Travels is a professional trekking agency located in the historical city of Kathmandu that has been in operation for many years, providing safety-guided tours. Established in 2006; the company specializes in customer satisfaction, especially in trekking, peak climbing and expeditions in Nepal.

Besides offering safari products like tours, it also offers trekking, biking and wildlife watching services in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. They are exceptional for providing organized and customized guided travel services, able to accommodate a large number of visitors, but most importantly, they operate sustainable tourism. They invest a lot of effort in searching for new and exciting locations and also select staff who prioritize clients.

Website: www.acethehimalaya.com

Email: info@acethehimalaya.com

Phone: +977-9851023126

7. Nepal Eco Adventure

As a Nepalese tour operator with its origins dating back to the year 2013, Nepal Eco Adventure has paved its agenda to work as conservationists and lovers of the environment and culture of Nepal.

Implementation of professional guides and, most importantly, commitment to responsible tourism coupled with environmentally sustainable treks, tours and expeditions are some of the features that have placed this company among the best travel agents in Nepal.

One of Nepal Eco Adventure’s biggest selling points is the team behind the services, where all the members are professionals who want to provide safe trekking and tours in Nepal while respecting Nepalese traditions and culture.

It stands out from other similar businesses by organizing a large number of trekking services, adventure, and city tours, which will meet the different demands and expectations.

Website: www.nepalecoadventure.com

Email: info@nepalecoadventure.com

Phone: +977-9851058702

8. Third Rock Adventures

Third Rock Adventures is an adventure-traveling company that offers its clients the unique and exotic experiences of different non-tourist areas of culture.

They specialize in trekking, tours, peak climbing and adventure activities in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. They include specific day-to-day timings with professionally trained guides.

They have small groups tours, scheduled independent and custom journeys, homestays or soft adventures such as trekking to the most isolated and beautiful places in the world.

Other features include actual interaction with the local cultures, exploring off-beaten paths, hiring destination experts, promoting environmentally friendly policies, and giving back to society.

Website: www.thirdrockadventures.com

Email: info@thirdrockadventures.com

Phone: +977-9851055684

9. Amigo Treks & Expedition Services

Amigo Treks & Expedition Services is a Nepalese owned trekking and Adventure travel Company with specialization for trekking and expeditions service in the Himalayan range of Nepal.

The company specializes in providing trekking and mountaineering services in the form of a guided trekking tour Annapurna Circuit, Everest Base Camp, Langtang Valley and other types of tours containing mountaineering tours, climbing tours, cultural tours combining trekking and visiting different villages, monasteries and so on.

Website: www.amigotrekking.com

Email: info@amigotrekking.com

Phone: +977-1-4417031

10. Third Rock Adventures

Third Rock Adventures is an adventure travel operating company that was established in 2002 in Santa Rosa, California. EST Travel is part of a small group tour and tailor-made off-the-beaten-track cultural adventures that offer homestays, villages and ceremonies.

It is something completely different from organizing mass tours for pre-planned experiences that do not encourage meaningful interactions between cultures and can sometimes negatively impact the environments they take place in and the people living in them. Based on employing professional travel guides from each visited country, Third Rock Adventures is focused on revolutionizing travel through an experience which erases cultural differences but cherishes traditions.

Website: www.thirdrockadventures.com

Email: info@thirdrockadventures.com

Phone: +977-9851055684

Embracing the Spirit of Adventures

For those who wish to have a glance at the beauty of Nepal, there are Nepalese Travel Agencies in the US that can help the traveler have an eye opener. From climbing to the roof of the world to exploring the significant historical and religious paths, these agencies give one a connection to the earth that has been tempting wanderers for ages.

It can be the excitement of climbing the Himalayas, meditation in the monasteries or the enthusiasm of dancing to the festive beats. All Nepalese travel companies in US guarantee that every tour is filled with spirit of adventurous journey, historical and cultural exploration, and respect for the graceful presence of the country’s landscape and legacy.

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