People Laughing at Her, Not with Her”: SNL Skit with JoJo Siwa Raises Concerns About Bullying


An SNL skit that parodied JoJo Siwa’s transition into her “bad girl” image sparked varied responses online. Some criticized the appropriateness of adults making fun of a young queer artist who came from a difficult background.

“Wow, JoJo!” Colin exclaimed when he saw Chloe’s impression of her.

“That’s it, Colin; I’m embracing my bad girl side now!” Chloe responded, covered in glitter, dressed in leather, and sporting black lipstick.

Yeah, it’s quite a change. I used to be all about sparkles, and now, I’m all about black sparkles,” the 35-year-old comedian remarked. At one point, Chloe joked, “I look like a figure skater who joined a street gang,” while the 41-year-old host quipped, “You look like Mad Max on Broadway.”

Chloe then asked Colin, “Does it scare you?” and added, “Does it scare you to see a former child star looking like this?”

Photo credit:Instagram @JoJo Siwa


Photo credit:instagram@Jojo siwa

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The actress from “Father of the Bride” then pulled out a pack of candy cigarettes, jokingly claiming she now smokes. She also made a reference to JoJo’s interview where she mentioned inventing “gay pop,” a statement she later apologized for.”JoJo, you said you invented a new music genre,” Colin said. The comedian responded, “That’s right, gay pop!” Colin commented, “That’s maybe just ‘pop.'”

The skit, now viral on social media, received mixed reactions, with some seeing it as bullying. “SNL still bothers me,” one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter), adding, “I can’t fully explain why, but this? It’s a bit awful considering JoJo Siwa grew up in a tough environment, is very sheltered, and doesn’t really know what a normal life is. Then she gets picked on for things like having an annoying dance style.”

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