Real Estate Closing Agent Salary and How to Become a Real Estate Closing Agent


What is the average real estate closing agent salary ? The average yearly real estate closing agent salary in the US is $48,248 as of March 28, 2024.

That comes out to about $23.20 an hour, just in case you need a basic pay calculator. This works out to $927 per week or $4,020 per month.

Average real estate closing agent salary currently range from $39,500 (25th percentile) to $57,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $60,500 annually across the United States. While ZipRecruiter reports annual salaries as high as $63,000 and as low as $21,000, the majority of real estate closing agent salaries currently fall between these two ranges. A real estate closing agent’s typical salary can vary significantly (up to $17,500), indicating that there may be several prospects for growth and higher compensation contingent on region, years of experience, and skill level.

Use ZipRecruiter to find your next high-paying position as a closing agent for real estate.

Which cities have the highest real estate closing agent salary?

10 locations have been selected where the average pay for a real estate closing agent position is higher than the national average. Berkeley, California, is at the top of the list, followed closely by Daly City, California, and San Mateo, California, in second and third place, respectively. San Mateo, California, is above the national average by $9,379 (19.4%), and Berkeley, California, surpasses the $48,248 average by an additional $14,607 (30.3%).

Given that the average salary in these ten cities is greater than the national average, there seems to be a great deal of financial potential to be gained by moving to work as a real estate closing agent.

The average pay for these top ten cities differs relatively little (15%) between Berkeley, California and Pasadena, California, which further emphasizes the little opportunity for significant wage development. The greatest consideration when deciding on a Real Estate Closing agent’s location and compensation is the prospect of a lower cost of living.

Which US jobs are the Top 5 Highest Paying for Jobs Related to Real Estate Closing Agents?

At least five positions in the Real Estate Closing Agent job category that pay more annually than the average Real Estate Closing Agent salary were located by us. Real estate partners, work-from home commercial real estate agents, and work-from home real estate agents are a few of the best examples of these positions.

Notably, the pay for all of these positions ranges from $48,825 (101.2%) to $64,857 (134.4%) more than the $48,248 average compensation for real estate closing agents. If you meet the requirements, you might be able to earn more money than the typical Real Estate Closing Agent by being recruited for one of these related positions.

Becoming a real estate closing agent: How Long Does It Take To Become A Closing Agent?

Becoming a closing agent requires one to two years of training.

Year 1: Generally, a high school certificate or its equivalent suffices as sufficient schooling. – Usually, no prior experience is required. – In-person instruction often lasts one to three months.

Year 2: – The duration of on-the-job training may reach six or twelve months.

Step by step process on how to become a real estate closing agent

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1. Examine the Requirements for Closing Agent Education

If you want to work as a closing agent, you should think about the level of schooling required. A bachelor’s degree is held by 45.7% of closing agents, according to actual agent resumes. In terms of advanced education, master’s degree holders make up 3.7% of closing agents. Despite the fact that most closing agents hold college degrees, one can still work in the field with just a GED or high school diploma.

2. Begin to Develop Particular Skills for Closing Agents

Closing agents make sure that numerous loan packages are coordinated and prioritized in a timely manner. They oversee the safe transfer of stock transactions and check the correctness of the closing documentation.

In addition, they establish and maintain corporate databases, collaborate with real estate brokers and financial institutions to ensure a smooth closure, and reconcile incoming wire transfers for payouts.

To guarantee a clear title, closing agents obtain and examine title work, land surveys, homeowner associations, payoffs and unpaid water bills. In addition, they write warranty deeds, transmit paperwork for recording and help with loan closings by guiding clients through the necessary signatures on paperwork.

3. Complete Relevant Internships and Training for Closing Agents

Accountants often get on-the-job training for six to twelve months after being hired. During this period, new closing agents pick up the abilities and methods needed for both their employer and their position. Based on information from actual closing agent resumes and data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the chart below illustrates how long it takes to become competent as a closing agent.

4. Examine the responsibilities and duties of a closing agent

Closing agents verify that names and addresses are correct, organize and prioritize several loan packages, and examine title research to resolve any issues with titles. In addition, they oversee database management, make requests for title work, land surveys and other relevant paperwork, and assist with loan closings by guiding clients through the process and getting the appropriate signatures. They also get previous title insurance, carry out title searches, issue final title insurance policies, and get in touch with people to request required paperwork.

5. Oversee the escrow division of a title insurance provider

Serve as a mobile notary for a variety of mortgage lenders, banks, title firms, and signature agencies.

Plan, coordinate, execute, conclude, and distribute real estate auction sale transactions within the state of Wisconsin.

Accredit signing agent/public commission notary – Oregon.

6. Get Your Resume Ready for Closing Agents

Once you have sufficient experience, you may begin drafting your closing agent resume.

In addition to making the resume writing process simpler, Zippia’s AI resume creator ensures that you include important details that hiring managers look for on a closing agent resume. Your professional companion, Zippi, has supplied resume advice as well as examples of abilities, responsibilities, and summaries.

7. Apply for Jobs As Closing Agents


It’s time to look for a job as a closing agent. Think about the following advice for a fruitful job search:

  • Look for appropriate posts on employment boards.
  • Speak with your contacts in the industry.
  • Make direct contact with organizations that you are interested in working with.
  • Be wary of employment frauds.



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