12 Popular Southern Boy Names


There are lots of popular southern boy names that have been in existence from the bible days till now. You may have heard about the unique naming culture of the South, and you’re looking for a list of southern boy names so you can pick one for your child.

Many of the southern boys names have a rich history that can be traced to the bible and also some historical southern culture. The Southern naming culture has a unique style of naming their children after important figures and characters. Names like Luke, Jackson, Levi, and Matthew are very popular in the South because they come from the Bible and they have also been widely used in the South. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the popular southern boys’ names and their meanings.

12 popular Southern Boys Names

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When children are given any of the southern names, it is seen as an opportunity for parents to honor, express and show their pride in the heritage and culture of the Southerners. It can also be used to honor dead family members or relatives who played a very important role. Many Southern families name their boy child after important ancestors because they see it as a way to connect the child to his roots and remind him of the family’s history. Let’s look at some of the popular southern boys names.

1. Luke

The first on our list of Southern boys name is Luke. It is a very popular name for male children in the South and is linked to the cultural history of the South. It means “light” in Greek, and it is a name given to a boy child who would bring light to his community and the world.

If you’re familiar with the stories of the Bible, the man named Luke in the Bible was a physician and one of the four gospel writers. Luke is a popular name that is often given to boys in honor of important family members or biblical figures.

2. Matthew

Matthew is another Southern name for male children that has its roots in the Bible. Going back to the Bible, Matthew was one of the twelve apostles and the author of the Gospel of Matthew. The name translates to “gift of God” in Hebrew; it is given to children who are considered a gift from God to their parents.

3. Williams

Williams is another timeless southern boy’s name. It means “strong-willed warrior” in English and it is popularly used as a family name that’s being passed down to generations. It  is given to children who are seen as being very resilient, determined and courageous.  It is a very popular name and it can be traced back to the history of the Southerners. Many famous Southerners throughout history have given their male children this name, including President Andrew Jackson, who had the middle name “Williams.”

4. Jackson

Jackson is a very popular name that has its roots in southern culture. The name “Jackson” comes from the English word “jack,” which means “a lad” or “a man,” and it is often used as a family name in the South. In Southern history, Jackson is a name that is often associated with a lot of elites and important personalities, like Confederate General Thomas Stonewall Jackson, who played a significant role in the American Civil War. It is also a popular middle name for boys in the South, and they are often paired with a first name like John, James or William.

5. Levi

Levi is another name on our list of  southern boys’ names that can be traced to Bible history. Back in the Bible days, the name Levi came from the third son of Jacob and Leah, and it was also the ancestor of the Israelite tribe that became known as the Levites. In the Bible, Levi was known as a righteous and noble man, which has made the name popular in the South. It is given to boys in the South as a tribute to their religious heritage or as a way to honor a loved one who is no longer alive.

6. John

The next Southern boy’s name is John. John is a very popular name in the south and it is the name of some important figures in the Bible, like John the Baptist, John the Apostle and John the Evangelist. In Hebrew, it means “God is gracious” or “God is merciful.” In Greek, it  means “God’s gift.” In Latin, it means “God is gracious.” Looking into the historical heritage of the South, it is a name that is used to remember and honor important figures in history, like John F. Kennedy and John C. Calhoun. It is often associated with strength, wisdom and nobility.

7. Noah

Noah is a popular name in the South that also has its roots in the Bible. The man named Noah in the Bible was the man who built the ark to save himself, his family and the animals from the great flood. In Hebrew, it means “rest” or “comfort.” It has now become one of the most popular southern boys’ names due to its biblical origins and its association with nature.

8. Michael

Michael is a popular name in the South that can also be traced to Bible history. In the Bible, Michael is one of the archangels and is often seen by Bible scholars as the protector and defender of Israel. In Hebrew, it means “who is like God?”. The name “Michael” is given to children by parents in honor of their religious heritage to remember an important relative.

9. Sawyer

The next name on our list of southern boys’ names is Sawyer.  Sawyer is believed to have originated from the Old English word “sawier,” which means “sawer of wood.” The name became popular in the South due to the character Sawyer from the novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” by Mark Twain. The novel talked about a young boy named Sawyer who became friends with Huck Finn and went on a journey down the Mississippi River. Sawyer is a name that is often associated with nature. In Southern culture, it is given to boys by parents who love the outdoors and  nature.

10. Beau

The next name on our list of southern boy names is Beau. Beau is a French word that means “handsome” or “beautiful.” It is a name given to boys who are handsome and have beautiful souls. The name Beau is linked to Southern history and culture. It became popular in the South due to the character Beau Wilkes from the novel “Gone with the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell. In the novel, Beau Wilkes was a Southern gentleman who was romantically attracted to Scarlett O’Hara. The name “Beau” is a good option for parents who would like to add some charm and spice to their naming culture.

11. Travis

Travis is another popular name for southern boys that is derived from a French word. The name Travis means  “travers,” which means “to cross over.” In Southern history, the name  Travis is often linked with the Battle of the Alamo, where a famous Texas hero named William Barret Travis fought and died in 1836. Since his death, the man , Travis, has been remembered for his courage and strength. It is a symbol of strength, determination and resilience.

12. Reese

The  name Reese is a southern boy name that has its roots in Welsh culture. It comes from the Welsh word “Rhys,” which means “ardor” or “passion.” In Welsh culture, it is often associated with King Rhys ap Tewdwr, who was a 12th-century Welsh ruler who fought for Welsh independence from England. Due to his remarkable achievement even after his death, the name Reese has been given to male children in the South as a way to honor and remember him.


In conclusion, in this article, we’ve looked at 12 popular southern boys’ names and their meanings. If you’re looking for a southern boy’s name for your boy child, you would have no trouble picking one out of the twelve names listed above.

The Southern naming culture is unique. Most of the names given to children are names that have strong historical and biblical connections. Children are being named after important family members or important figures or personalities who have achieved great things.



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