16 Types of House Music


House music is a genre of electronic dance music that is characterized by the repetition of four rhythms, including bass drums, snare drums, claps and snaps, at a beat between 120 and 130 beats per minute. It is the oldest genre of dance music and it is the best pillar that is leading today.

House music has been seen to rise out of the moon since it started existing in the year 1980 in Chicago, where it was birthed and it has burst into making if pop music is taking massive influences all over the world.

In this article, we will discuss the type of house music.

Types Of House Music

  • Acid house
  • Deep house
  • Microhouse
  • Electro house
  • Big room house
  • Chicago house
  • Afro house
  • Garage house
  • French house music
  • Latin house
  • Minimal house
  • Tropical house
  • Amapiano
  • Diva house
  • Ghetto house
  • Jazz house

1. Acid house

Acid house called just ‘acid’ is more than a genre, as it is said. It could be tracked down to the roots of Chicago in the late 1980s. It came into being through the DJs living in Chicago and the goal is to squelch sounds and basslines.

Acid house music gained popularity in the late 1980s in the United Kingdom, marking the Second Summer of Love. Acid House is named after a piece of gear—the Roland TB-303 bass line synthesizer.

2. Deep House Music

Deep house music is described as having a slower tempo. Its slower pace gives more room between the bassline and the vocals. Deep house music is likely to involve more lyrics than average house.

It originated in the early 1990s under the subgenre of Chicago house music. It emerges the classic four-on-the floor house beats with elements that are more associated with soul music and jazz.

3. Microhouse

This is known as buftech. This house music is influenced by techno, and one can go as far as thinking of it as a more house-focused version of it. Its major characteristic is the use of unique samples in place of more conventional drum sounds.

4. Electro House

This is identified by its heavy bass. The tempo of this house music is between 125 and 135 per minute.

This electro house came in 1955 and was formed by Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1. Not just that, the first track that passed through this house was labelled “The Rhythm Divine” by Groove Chronicles and since then, the term has been maintained.

5. Big Room House

This is one of the house music that was recognized the most as the subgenres house during the 2010s. But today, it is no longer the same because it has gone out of style and many have this hatred for it because it is so easy to predict.

6. Chicago House

They own the first production of house music. When people talk about classic house and its music, they are referring to what came out of Chicago in the mid-80s. Chicago house music mixes disco, European synth must and DJ made beats.

7. Afro House

This is African music that is mixed with deep house. It is made of African vocals and their sound effects, which are mixed into a classic house beat. Afro-house originated in South Africa. Its existence began in the 1990s

8. Garage House

Originally, it is known as “garage.” Garage House is known for its dance music style that was built alongside Chicago house music.

It was in the year 1980 that the genre became popular in the United States. Garage includes more gospel-influenced female vocals and piano riffs. The popularity of the house across the Atlantic led British music producers to start combining sounds with some jungle influence in order to create United Kingdom Garage.

9. French House Music

This particular house music is a subgenre that combines disco, house components and funk. They displayed their features of funky basslines and filtered vocals and as result of this effects, they were knows as the ‘filter house.’

10. Latin House

This is an electronic dance music genre that merges Latin American and house music. The subgenre came into existence with Spanish samples in the 1980s.

The patterns of this house music are being combined with different drums and different time signatures in the Latin house genre.

11. Minimal House

An electronic dance music with a few instruments and a very simple rhythm. The genre of this house music originated in the United Kingdom rave scene in the 1990s.

12. Tropical House

When you talk about tropical house music, look into “What Do You Mean” by Justin Bieber, which is a perfect example of this genre. It is relaxing music that can be used or considered during a beach vacation. Since the year 2010, Tropical House has been paving the way for pop through songs. Not just that, it also has a more contemporary sound.

13. Amapiano

This subgenre of house music comes from South Africa. It is melodic, jazzy and a chill, real version of Afro-music.

14. Diva House

From the name of this house music, you do not need to be told that it is classy house music. It is rich with strong female vocals and sassy lyrics. It is known to be a ‘handbag house.’ The natural flow of this house comes with rich rhythm, basslines and vocals.

15. Ghetto House

From the name alone, the meaning is already clear. This house music has been around since the 1990s and is a fun and sexual subgenre. It was later spread to the extent of getting multiplied on a daily basis.

16. Jazz House

Jazz house represents a great genre all around. It has all the classic four-over-house beat mixed with samples, horns and jazzy sax.

The Jazz house music has made its way to the top but the ad music has made it sound like a cliché now.


House music, its meaning, types and everything that might be used to make it up is a wide range of subgenre. It is more complex than you think. There is no sign or atom of going down because almost every year, there is a new genre to write about and new generation producers coming up and ready to break music boundaries with styles and creativity like no one else has ever done.


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