4 Best US Visa Assistance Travel Agencies


Traveling to the US for the first time or for a business venture may pose a challenge when it comes to visa rules. That is why a US visa assistance travel agency can be of value in the above-stated circumstances.

These agencies focus on ensuring the traveler acquires the appropriate visa for their journey to the US and doing this in as comfortable a manner as possible.

This article will address things that you need to know on how to apply for a US visa assistance travel agency and a list of them to help you concentrate on how you could enjoy your adventure instead of stressing out on paperwork.

US Visa Assistance Travel Agencies

If you are that person who has planned to travel to the United States for a very long time, or if you are that person who required to travel to US for business purposes, or if you are that person who want to travel to this country to go and meet his or her relative for a reunion, the US Visa Assistance Travel Agency is going to be of great help to you, whether it is your first time, They assist in payment of service using social techniques, and the Visa total pack has replaced guesswork, so you can have extra time to have fun on the Trip.

Let’s have a look at a few of them:

1. VisaHQ

With U.S.-based offices in Washington, DC and New York City, a U.K.-based office in London and a Canadian office in Ontario, VisaHQ is a heavyweight in the world of visa agencies.

Even though they’ve been around in the online travel visa business since just 2003, they have grown rapidly and have the cleanest, most user-friendly website that you will find.

If you go to the bottom of their homepage, where it says “VisaHQ widgets’, you will find a cool tool that quickly shows you if you need a visa for pretty much any country in the world.

Using Visa HQ is as easy as completing the secure online application, mailing the documents necessary to prove one’s identity, sitting back, relax and waiting for your passport or visa to arrive in the mail. It is that simple.

The customer can pick from a long list of country options. Including free passes and free passport cover for anyone who orders a new U. S. passport from Visa HQ.

Other than creating new passports, Visa HQ offers services that allow passport holders to request additional pages to be added to their existing passport, apply to have their name changed on the given passport and inform others about the loss or theft of the passport.

The basic package begins at $59 for passport copies. It costs $00 per host per month and the company emphasizes that there are no hidden or cancellation fees.

Now let’s review the actual prices for the visas offered by VisaHQ: Overall, VisaHQ is the most expensive visa service out of all the agencies listed here. That being said, however, they are also generally worth the price each and every time, but nevertheless, always ensure to compare all these sites for travel visa services.

2. TravelVisaPro

There are TravelVisaPro offices in San Francisco, Washington, New York, LA, Houston, Seattle, and they are simply amazing.

For instance, when applying for a passport, customers have the option to add the expedite service, which ensures delivery of the passport within two business days after the application.

As for the delivery of passports and visas, there is also the opportunity to take a rush delivery, which means a service minimum of one to three days for a visa and four for a passport at the embassy. The budget delivery option could allow customers to receive their visa in 3 or even a number of days more; passports within 2-3 weeks at the utmost.

Another service offered by Travel Visa Pro is Concierge, where the company can have an employee do the applicant’s application. For this reason, the availability of the opportunity to be involved in the company’s VIP Program, the ability to get the passport insured for free, and the ability to make free photocopies of the electronic photos at the Travel Visa Pro’s office—why the company’s concierge should be embraced sufficiently—need to be addressed.

The only complaint about Travel Visa Pro is that their website is cluttered with text around the edges. It is not as user-friendly as the VisaHQ website, which means they offer little incentive for users to search for something by offering that information at the helm.

To apply for a visa, when you are on their most popular web page, you need to pick the country you want from the sliced list that is located under “Visa Services”. It will simply state that you are required to follow the procedure outlined on the website to apply for the position.

3. PassportVisasExpress

PassportVisasExpress has been in business for longer than some of the travel visa services out there since the company started over 15 years ago, specializing in selling passports and visas.

Passport Visas Express offers rather fast passport services, with people being able to obtain a passport within 24 hours; however, the company also offers quite good services in the field of visas.

I’d like to commend the website because it’s well designed and that’s why you get tons of information about visas. You simply click on the visa button in the same way that you type in your Zip code and it takes you straight to the right visa information relevant to the consulate of your jurisdiction.

Also, PassportVisasExpress employees provide real-time customer support through an online live chat feature. The services include getting a new passport, a replacement passport, a passport for a child, or a passport for an individual who requires an update on the current one, has changed their name, lost the existing one or just needs another one.

4. TraVisa

TraVisa is an organization that deals with the issuance of passports and visas to travelers without much hassle. One of the services that many other similar companies do not offer is the ability to take and keep a picture of one’s passport or visa on the phone.

They have a mobile application for Android, iPhone and iPad, which enables people to receive all important information regarding their passport or Visa.

This company also assists its clients in registering their travel with the U. S. Embassy. They have even posted a video tutorial on their homepage that explains everything to people, or rather, teaches them what they want to know about them.

TraVisa has locations in Atlanta, Washington, New York City, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, Houston and Ottawa, United States; Canada and London, United Kingdom.

Regarding the countries that they offer visas to, they include China, Brazil, Russia, India, Australia, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, and many others. This company similarly offers authentication and legalization services to their clients.

There is also a travel shop on the company website, which enables customers to do shopping and buy accessories like phone cards, travel covers for passports, maps, and medicine to avoid body weakness per journey.

Most customers in TraVisa are applying for a visa to visit Brazil, China, India, Russia and Vietnam only, since these are the countries that US citizens require visas to go to.

There is an extra service that TraVisa offers: visa ‘pre-check’. What it means is that an employee of the specific TraVisa goes through the visa application that the customer has filled out and makes sure that all the answers have been given appropriately and that the customer has all the required paperwork to acquire the visa. After the customers have ordered their visa, they have to log on to the TraVisa web site and get the status of the application.

Several reviews show that TraVisa is not bad at all when it comes to the services they render, mostly in getting or renewing a passport or visa and although they may not go the extra length like other companies on this list, it is advisable to check them out if you are more concerned with the price.


Well, there you have it, folks, the best US visa assistance travel agencies. Before going with the visa service, make sure to visit all these websites and compare the prices. It is possible to vary the service fees to a considerable extent.

When applying for any visa, it can be demanding, especially if you are denied, so it is advisable if you employ the services of a good visa service for your visa. Yes, maybe the commission they get for doing this service is rather high, but these guys do this for a living and know where to find and whom to turn to for it, which can help you save time and avoid headaches in the future.

Anyway, all the best in ending your search for a visa and I hope you’ll have a safe journey!

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